FAMILY PHOTOS: 1970 - 1990


From Dorothy and Dick Beedle on August 21st, 2003:


"We found these snapshots in our "shed" when we were sorting things.  Could

you use them on your website?"  Here they are and thanks!!!! 


GinCarolJaneDorothyDon.jpg (146079 bytes) Gin, Carol, Jane Dorothy and Don


                                        Cleo and Dick   Cleo and Dick.jpg (62714 bytes)


                                  Monique, Nadine, Myrtle, Gin and Dick Stickle    MoniqueNadineMyrtleGinDickStickle.jpg (96159 bytes)




                                     wpeC.jpg (19892 bytes)    wpeE.jpg (21845 bytes)

                      MomandDad2.JPG (170755 bytes)     MomDad2.JPG (71877 bytes)     MoniqueXMAS.JPG (630026 bytes)  

                                 XMASLGAlTerMonique.JPG (1010464 bytes)     FamDinnerLG.JPG (217243 bytes)