? – After 5/5/1789

From the notes of Jim Tillotson:

116-Samuel LOWRY [OTLo]

d. aft. 5 May 1789 [OTLo], will dated 5 May 1789

ch. m *William

m John [OTLo] (see [RCMR]-several marriages of Johns)

NOTE 116-Samuel [OTLo] received a grant of 395 acres from State of North Carolina on 25 October 1786, “in the 11th year of our Independence” for 50 shillings/hundred acres. Samuel identified himself as a Planter.

Sold land to son William on 5 May 1789.

[OTLo] State Grant of 395 acres on S side Fourth Creek 25 October 1786

[RCDe, p11], deeded to his son 58-William 5 May 1789 [RCDe p35/p38], part of which was sold to Isaac Cowan 11 November 1796 [RCDe p159], and subsequently deeded/sold to 58/59-Richard. Maps of property are shown in [RCGI]. Also owned land on Third Creek in 1778 [RCVL p11/p42], 640 and 250 acres on North Yadkin River in 1778 [RCVL p72], 300 acres Fourth Creek in 1778 [RCVL p99], 263 acres on Hunting Creek in 1778 [RCVL p107].

[RCTL] paid for militia of Captain Conrod Michael’s Scout in 1759

[RCVL] in 1778 Owned land on N side Third Crk, 640 A on S side of North Yadkin, 250 A on S side of North Yadkin, 300 A on S side Fourth Crk (land on fourth Creek also noted in 1779 [RCVL, RCLE]), 263 A on E side Hunting Crk 

[RCTL] taxed 1758-1772 area south of Salisbury; 1768 Matthew Locke South of Salisbury-1 male, no negros; 1778 Capt. Armstrong’s District-taxes

868.10.2; 1778 Capt. Purviance’s District-poll tax [RCTL]

QUER 232/233

[RCMR] Could John and Charles Lowry, both m. 10 March 1780 in Rowan Co, NC and who were bondsmen for each other, be brothers or nephews of 116-Samuel. Also Edmund Lowry,

m. 2 November 1786, and Thomas Lowry, m. 178?.

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