1666 – ?

From “Van Eaton & Allied Families”, by Steven Earl Coulter.

Jan Van Etten, eldest of the five sons of Jacob Jansen Van Etten and Annetje Arians; born at Hurley, New York, baptized on January 3, 1666, at Marbletown, New York; elder in the Dutch Church of Kingston, New York; freeholder of the town of Hurley in 1728; first marriage 1690 or 1692, Jannetje Roosa, daughter of Captain Arie Roosa and Marie Pels (see page 76). Second marriage, June 22, 1731, Cornelia Van Aaken, widow of Jan Chammers. Jan Van Etten’s children settled in the Delaware Valley, some in northern New Jersey and others in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. They moved southwestward from Kingston and settled along the Minisink Road (Old Mine Road) — now U.S. 209. This 100-mile long road was the first long wagon road built in America. Maps over 300 years old show this road beginning at Kingston and extending through Hurley, Stone Ridge, Westbrookville, Port Jervis, Montague and Flatbrookville to the Delaware Water Gap. Dutch miners worked mines along the road before 1664; but the mining stopped when the Dutch surrendered their colony to England. Minisink was a name originally applied to a mining settlement by the Dutch and Swedes, on both banks of the Delaware River, prior to 1700, extending from the Water Gap in a northerly direction about 40 miles. The Minisink region also included a considerable portion of western and northern New Jersey and the southern sections of Orange and Sullivan Counties, New York.

Children of Jan Van Etten and Jannetje Roosa:

1. Arien “Adrian” Van Etten, bpt August 15, 1693; m. May 19, 1729, Sytjen


2. Aaltje Van Etten, bpt November 1, 1694; m. April 30, 1714, Anthony


3. Jacobus “Jacob” Van Etten, bpt December 25, 1696; d. 1779 (see


4. Marytje “Mary” Van Etten, bpt January 8, 1699; m.1) October 9, 1719,

Cornelius Ennis; m.2) April 21, 1728, Johannes Bosch.

5. Annetje Van Etten, bpt September 21, 1701; m. November 20, 1724,

Broer Decker.

6. Arriantje Van Etten, bpt November 7, 1703; “Adrianna” m. Arthur


7. Rebecca Van Etten, bpt March 17, 1706; m. November 7, 1733,

Hendrick Bont.

8. Rachel Van Etten, bpt June 20, 1708; m. December 23, 1724, Richard

Kittel or Kettel.

9. Lea Van Etten, bpt April 29, 1711; m. April 20, 1729, Thomas Keeter or


10. Catrina Van Etten, bpt August 28, 1715; m. Frans Kool according to

one source; another source says she m. Jan Alderse Roose.


Information gathered by Lynn Beedle on September 8, 1972:

Jan Van Etten was born in Hurley, New York ( and that place is now so small that it is not even on my map). He married Jannetje Roosa in 1690. Most of his family settled in Northampton County, Pennsylvania ( Ironically, that is the same county that Lynn Beedle lives in.) although probably these were the children of the second marriage. Anyway a bunch of Dutch or religious-sounding-named children issued from the first union, the third of which was our forebearer.

Hurley, PA is the red star in the center of the map.
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