[AECR] Early Records of the City and County of Albany-Westbrook, Teunissen

[AlHx] History of Albany-Westbrook, Tuenisen

[ARSC] Minutes of Court of Albany, Rensselaerwyck and Schenectady 1668-73

[EASc] Jacobus Jansen Van Etten by Eva Alice Scott

[FOMC] Minutes of Court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck-Westbrook and others

[KBMR] Baptismal and Marriage Registers of Kingston-Westbrook, others

[KiHx] History of Kingston-Westbrook, Van Etten, Roosa, Pels

[MNSK] The Minisink

[NYNo] Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York-Westbrook

[OU06] Olde Ulster: Lineage of the Decker Family

[SCHx] History of Sussex Coumty, NJ-Westbrook, Van Etten, Westfael, Decker

[UCBR] Biographical Record of Ulster Co NY-Westbrook, Van Etten, Roosa

[UCHx] History of Ulster County NY-Westbrook, Roosa, Van Etten, Decker, Pels

[UCNY] History of Ulster County NY-Westbrook, Roosa, Van Etten, Decker

[UCPR] Ulster County Probate Records-Westbrook, Roosa

[WeFH] Westbrook Family History

[We64] The Record and Family of Nehemiah Westbrook

[We66] The Westbrook Family of New York, an earlier edition of [WE71]

[We71] The Westbrook Family of New York


[OU06] need pages 246-

[MNSK] get entire book


History of the Westbrook Family, Ernest R Rowe, Heritage Books 8/97 on CD Rom-probably not direct relatives

Source Name for Westbrook from New York State Library

      Betty Montgomery, 7000 ?By Brook Dr., Charleston WV 25312



Netherlands -900 1593-aft.1618

NY 1800-225 bef. 1641-


1800 JanTuenisen 1593 Holland;NY

900 AnthonyJansen 1618 1727 Orseltie Dyrcks Holland;NY-Ulster

450 Johannes 1662 1725 Magdelena Decker NY

225 Anna 1700 1779 Jacob Van Eaton NY;NJ

Map Locations

Westbroeck, Utrecht, Holland


Name from residence in Westbroek, Utrecht, Netherlands


[We71] Persons from the village of Westbroek contracted with Kiliaen van Rensselaer for employment in the colony of Rensselaerswyck, now Albany, NY, one of whom was Jan Teunisen, a carpenter, and that Jan Teunisen may properly name his son Anthony Jansen in keeping with the Dutch custom of family naming. Anthony Jansen was the only person who adopted the surname “Westbroek” when he was required to distinguish himself from other contemporary Anthony Jansens when the British controlled the colonies. {In various records he is referred to as only Anthony Jansen in Albany but as Anthony Jansen Westbroeck in Kingston}

3600-Theunis REYERSZOON [WE64]

?Son of 7200-Reyer (based on name)

m. 3601-Jannichje JANSDOCHTER [WE64]

dau. of 7202-Jan (based on name)

ch. m *Jan

3 others [WE64]

NOTE 3600-Theunis Reyerszoon

[WE64] resided with wife at Westbroek, Holland, parents of 4 children


Son of 3600-Theunis REYERSZOON and 3601-Jannichje JANSDOCHTER

b. est. 1593 in Westbroek, Utrecht, Netherlands [LDSC]

m. 1801-Eychgan BOSCH [WE64]

d. in New York [LDSC]

ch. m *Anthony Jansen

1 other [WE64]

NOTE 1800-Jan Tuenisen

[FOMC] Court of Fort Orange

p 91-93, 95-96 accused in in 1658 of selling brandy to the savages on 30 December 1657, found guilty on 15 January 1658

p 121 sued in Court 19 June 1658 for debt

p 123 sued in court 2 July 1658 for rent owed

p 130 sued in court 9 July 1658 for rent owed

p 142 acussed on 23 July 1658 of selling brandy to the Indians

p 177 sued in court 18 March 1659 for debt

p 236 condemed to pay fine of fl. 500 on 9 December 1659

[ACER] I: 288 Jan Teunissen, alius de Paep (the priest)

I: 247 21 June Jacob Teunise De Looper, schout, see below

III: 83 Jan Theunise 18 February 1659

IV: 57 inventory of property of Jan Teunissen 25 July 1658:

one blue and one red jug of large size

nine earthern mugs and small jugs

a pewter pint

a copper kettle and an iron pan

eleven wine galsses, a 1/2 mutsjen [a small gin measute,

containing about 1/16 of a pint] and a pewter plate

two earthern dishes, three chairs

the remainder of a box of sugar, about 50 pounds

two round boxes, a gun a horn, a rapier

five blue earthern saucers and a white one

in the cellar were found a remnant of mead, a remnant of

alsemwijn [either absinth or vermuth], four half aams of Spanish

wine and a small keg of pipes

IV: 60-61 Conditions of public sale of house and lot of Jan

Teunissen, alias de paep (the papist, not the priest)

IV: 94-95 Conditions of public sale of garden in Beverwyck of Jan Teunissen

IV: 95-96 acknowledgement of payment 4 January 1659

IV p 95-96 Deed to Willem Fredericksen Bout for garden at Beverwyck

[AlHx] III: 91 Key to names of Persons in Early Albany Records:

Jan Teunise De Paep 1660

Cornelis Teunise Van Westbroeck or Bos 1663-1666

III: 247 Albany County Records 21 June:

Jacob Teunise [De Looper] ,schout, saw an Indian by night go in and out at Thomas Paulus (Powell’s); he said he had in the house of said Thomas wine, beer or brandy in presence of Wynter, Jan Teunise and Bastiaen Pieterse

III: 288 Cornelis Teunissen Bosch conveyed a lot being taken for public use for a street adjoining to the south of the house of Jan Teunissen, alias de Paep (the priest) on 10 December 1660, recorded by clerk at Fort Orange

[UCHx] I: 192 Conveyances 1688-1700 Kingston

6 February 1688-trustees to children of Hendrick Aertse, a lot in Kingston west of Jurian Teunisse

[EASC] first found Albany, Colony of New York 1659

NOTE 1800-Jan Theuniszoon

[WE64] and 1801-Eychgan Bosch probable parents of 900-Anthony Jansen resided at Westbroek, Holland, parents of 2 children

900-Anthony Jansen [OTGe, We64, We71, EASC] WESTBROOK (Anthony Janz VAN WESTBROOK [EASc])

Possible [VEAL] son of 1800-Jan and Eychgan (BOSCH) TUENISEN

b. 1618 in probably [VEAL] Westbroek, Utrecht, Netherlands [LDSC, VEAL]

m. ca. [We71, VEAL] 1658 [VEAL]/1658-1659 [LDSC, We71] in Albany [LDSC] or

Flatbush NY [LDSC] 901-Orrseltie [We71, WeFH, WE64, EASC, VEAL] “Ursal”

[VEAL] DIRCKS [OTGe, We71, WE64, EASC] from Holstein [We71, VEAL]

(dates and places of m. listed for 901-Orselter,

not for 900-Anthony Jansen, as m1. and m4. [LDSC])

b. 1620 in Holland [LDSC]

m1. 25 October 1653 [We71, VEAL] in Hillegersberg [We71, LDSC, VEAL], near Rotterdam [We71, VEAL], Zuid [LDSC], Holland (first publication of intended marriage 21 September 1653 [We71, VEAL]) Jan HENDRICKSEN, young man (d. bef. 1655 [We71]) (chm1. f Anna (sometimes indicated as Anna WESTBROECK/WESTBROOK-apparently came to America with mother and considered step daughter of 900-Anthony Jansen, m. Michael DE MODT)

m2. September 1655 [LDSC] in Netherlands [LDSC] Tuenis JACOBS [WE71, VEAL] of Beeckum [WE71, VEAL] living at the Pannekoestratt [VEAL] (publication of intended marriage 29 August 1655 [We71, VEAL]) ([VEAL Orsul DIRCKS living at Nieuwe Gogelsang attime of m2.)

(chm2. ? age 10 months on 1 May 1658 [We71]/on disembarking for NY

[VEAL]; ? age 2 years on 1 May 1658 [We71]/on disembarking for NY


m3. Anthony Jansen above

d. prob. in Kingston NY [LDSC, WeFH]

d. 1727 in New York [LDSC]

ch. f Ante [LDSC]/Ann [WeFH], b. 1656 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC],

m. 1676 [LDSC]/1678 [WeFH] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] Michael DE

MOTTE (came from Holland in 1665 or earlier [WeFH]) (probably same as

chm1. of

901-Orselter DIRCKS and Jan HENDRICKSEN) (see [We71, WeFH] for details)

m Dirch [LDSC]/Dirck [We71, WeFH]/Dirrick [We71]/Kirch [LDSC], b. ca. 1660 [LDSC] in Albany, Albany Co, NY [LDSC], m. 25 August 1693

[LDSC]/1695 [We71] in Kingston NY [LDSC] Catherine [LDSC]/ Cathatina


(see [We71 page 4 for details of life and children)

m *Johannes [We71, WeFH]

[WE64] 3 children

NOTE 900-Anthony Jansen

Name is often listed as only Anthony Jansen in early records, took name Westbrook/Westbroeck later, perhaps after moving to Ulster Co, NY

[We64] resided at Albany, and at Flatbush, New York, parents of 3 children; with wife appear in over 125 colonial records between 3 April 1652 and 22 December 1678, many never published 

[We71] m. Orrseltie Dircks, had a tavern and resided in Flatbush, Long Island, and at Albany NY, names appear in over 125 colonial records during period from 23 April 1658 and 22 December 1678.

Only person to adopt surname of Westbroeck 

Site of Tavern in Albany described as a house, lot and garden located on the South side of State Street, East of Broadway

[FOMC] appeared as plaintiff in Court of Fort Orange 21 December 1660 owes a tavern bill of 31 guilders, ordered to pay fl. 2.5


I: 86 Goods of Stoffel Janse sold on behalf of the poor:

Antony Janse, a black coat (toerse, coarse cloth f 127.00

Antony Janse, a ditto cloak f 34.00

f 161.00

I: 273 public sale 15 August 1659:

Anthony Janse, 3 ditto plates and 1 ditto pan f 6.00

I: 393 Anthony Janse burgher and inhabitant here (Albany Co) accepted house, lot and garden of Jariaen Theunisse 26/6 September/October 1665

I: 397 Anthony Janse accepted lot in Beverwyck (now Albany) 11/21 November 1665

I: 403 Anthony Janse agrees he is indepted to Jan Van Aecken on 9/16 August 1666

I: 442 Sold house, lot and garden on 5/15 July 1668

NOTE 900-Anthony Jansen (c0ntinued)

[ACER]III: 131 lease of house 26 October 1661 previously occupied by Anthony Jansz incolony of Rensselaerswyck

III: 148 Anthony Jansen/Jansz, court messenger of colony of

Rensselaerswyck as witness

III: 87 lease of house, lot and garden in Beverwyck from Hendrick Jockemsen to Anthony Jansen/Jancz, court messenger of colony of Rensselaerswyck, on 16 August 1661 (Anthony Jensen, who was an innkeeper at beverwyck, is occasionly referred to as Anthony Jansen Westbroeck; his descendents appear under the name of Westbroeck in the records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston)

III: 140 Contract of sale of a house, lot and garden from Juriaen Teunissen to Anthony Jansen/Jancz in village of Beverwyck, bounded on the north and east by the streets, south by the kill and west by Jochem Wessels the baker on 14 January 1662

III: 171 Bond of Dirck Jansen, smith, to Anthony Jansen/Jancz (Anthony Jansen Westbroeck) on 7 August 1662 in court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck

III 177-178 power of attorney on 18 August 1662 from Anthony

Jansen/Janssz, court messenger of colony of rensselaerswyck, husband and guardian of Orsseltie Dircks, his wife, to collect items from Holland from Freedericxsz van Gordingh, her cousin, and Myndert Dircxsz, her brother

III: 185 Power of Attorney from Anthony Jansen/Jancz, court messenger of colony of Rensselaerswyck, to Hans Steyn on 2 September 1662

III: 200 Bond of Anthony Jansen/Jancz, court messenger of colony of Rensselaerswyck, to Philip Pietersen Schuyler 19 December 1662

III: 302 Bond of Anthony Jansen/Jancz, court messenger of colony of Rensselaerswyck, to Gerrit Hendricksen van Rys 3/13 October 1664

III: 304-305 List of debts:

Anthony Jancz, per obligation in seawan gl. 430

[AlHx] same as [AECR]

III: 84-91-Key to Names in Early Albany Records:

No Anthony Janse/Janz/Jansen/Jensen/Westbroeck

III: 136 Genealogies of First settlers of Albany:

Janse, Anthony 1662 court messenger of colony Rensselaerswyck; 1662-68 an innkeeper in Beverwyck; his house and lot on south side of State Street east of Broadway; wife Orseltie Dirkse, probably from Rotterdam

III: 196 patented 1653 to Jochem Wesselse; 1658 Wouter Albertse Van Den Uythoff; 1660-1 Juriaen Theunise, the glazier; 1665 Anthony Janse;

1668 Jan Hendrickse Bruyns; 1769 Wessel Van Schaick -east side of Broadway, State to Hudson to River (Patents 412, 446; Albany County Records 262, 308, 370, 393, 442)

III: 273 sale at public auction on 15 August 1659:

Anthony Janse bought 3 peuter plates and 1 peuter pans

III: 365-366 auction held at house of Anthony Janse, innkeeper on 24 October 1664

III: 393 On 26 September/6 October 1665 Juriaen Theunisse

[Glassmaker] and Anthony Janse burghers and inhabitants here appeared before the commissaries of Albny, colony Rensselaerwyck and Schanectede and the former grants and transfers to the latter the former’s garden, lot and house lying in Albany (formerly Beverwyck) currently occupied by the latter. Identified as that conveyed on 2 February 1660 from Wouter Albertse Vander Uythoff and a little piece of a lot purchased from the commissaries 1659 or 1660

III: 397 On 11/21 November 1665 Anthony Janse accepted lot from trustees of estate of AndriesHerbertse (part of a larger lot granted to him 25 October 1653) for a garden, allotment No. 18 adjoining to the south Pieter Hartgers, breadth 4 rods and a half rods, length seven lying in fence in the village of Beverwyck now called Albany

III: 403 On 9/19 August 1666 Anthony Janse, innkeeper, appeared before the commissaries and acknowledged debt of 100 beavers due for money lent to him on 2 September 1662 which he used for first payment for the house he occupied and which was transferred to him by Jurriaen Theunisse

NOTE 900-Anthony Jansen (continued)


IV p 7 Disbursements to poor March 1665:

6 small measures of brandy which was used when the old captain was laid out

IV p 20 Receipts by the Deaconry in December 1665:

Antonni Jannsen 4 12

IV p 24 Anthony debet for a coat and petticoat 158 15 from Karsten Norman’s wife, deceased

IV p 27 September. Receipts Antony Janssen paid 158:15

[ARSC] Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck Schencectady

I: 35 on 12 November 1668 Mr Jan appeared as attorney for Anthony Jansz requesting D. v. Shelluyne be ordered to render an account of what he claims

I: 216 on 19 January 1670/1671 Jan Becker, attorney for Anthony Jansz, appeared to demand payment from Juffrouw Curler of fl. 232:10 in seawan for wine and beer received by her husband, deceased

NOTE 901-Orrseltie Dircks

[We71] from Holstein, with two children (ages 2 years and 10 months), was a passenger to New Netherland in De Moesman (The Market Gardener) arriving 1 May 1658. Widow for second time

[ARSC] I: 25 Ursel, wife of Anthony Jansz defaulted in Court of Albany 29 October 1668

I: 26 Urseltie, wife of Anthony Jansz, sued Jacob Jansz Flodder in Court of Albany 29 October 1668 for fl. 537:9 in seawain (Anthony Jansen Westbroeck, tavern keeper. In 1661 and 1662 he was court messenger in Rensselaerwyck-see Early Records of Albany 3: 87, 140)

[AlHx] there are a number of Dirkse’ in III:86 several with name Van Vechten

[UCHx] p 62 24 June 1661-members received witness

Maddeleen Dircks Hilletje Hendricks

450-Johannes, Sr. [EASc, KBVR]] WESTBROOK [EASc]/WESTBROEK [VINK, WE64] of

Knightsfield (Warwarsing) near Kingston [EASc, KBVR]

Son of 900-Anthony Jansen and Orrseltie (DIRCKS) WESTBROOK

b. ca. 1658/ca. 1662 [We71]/1662-1667 [LDSC, WeFH]/1667 [EASc]/bef. [VEAL]

1668 [FBLM, EASc] in Albany, Albany Co, NY [LDSC, FBLM, WeFH, KBMR,

EASc, VEAL], chr. 3 October 1666 [LDSC, VEAL] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY


m. 12 May [FBLM, LDSC, We71, WeFH, EASc] 1687 [KBMR] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [FBLM, LDSC, EASc] 451-Magdalena [VEAL]/Lena Jans DECKER

[We71, EASc, WE64, KMBR] (Banns recorded 12 May [EASc, VEAL])-see


dau. of Jan Broersen and Heyltie (JACOBS) DEKKER [VEAL]

d. betw. 25 January 1725 and 10 April 1727 [WeFH] or in 1727 [EASc] in Knightsfield [WeFH] (now Warwarsing [WeFH]) NY [WeFH], will dated 25 January 1725/26 [EASc, NYGB 2/202-3, VEAL], probated 10 April 1727 [We71, WeFH, EASc, NYGB, VEAL](farmer [KBVR])

ch. f Orseltjen [LDSC, KBMR]/Osseltje [We71, KMBR, VEAL] “Ursulla” [VEAL],

b. 6 November 1687 [LDSC, KMBR] in Kingston NY [LDSC, KBMR], chr. 6

November 1687 [LDSC, We71, VEAL] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. [KBMR]

j.d.[KBMR] or m1. [LDSC] 1716 [KBMR] Johannes HOORENBECK


(b. in Horley/Hurley NY [KBMR], j.m. [KBMR]) (Banns registered 12 August [KBMR]), d. 25 January 1725 [LDSC] or bef. 1726 [VEAL] (ch. Benjamin [VEAL], bap. 28 June1724 [We71]) ([KBMR] resid. with husband in Raysester/Rochester)

f Heyltjen [LDSC]/Heyltie [We71]/Heyltje [KBMR, VEAL], b. 1690 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], chr. 25 May 1690 [LDSC, KBMR, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC, We71], m. 30 May 1718 [LDSC] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] Enock VREELAND [We71] ([VEAL] not mentioned in father’s will)

m Anthony [LDSC, WeFH, WE64, VEAL]/Antoni [We71, KBMR], b. ca. 1692 [LDSC, WeFH] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC, WeFH], chr. 17 April 1692 [LDSC, We71, WeFH, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC], m. 30 April 1714 [LDSC, We71, WeFH, EASc, VEAL] in Kingston NY [LDSC] Aaltie LDSC]/Aaltjen [We64, We71, EASc]/Alice [WeFH, EASc]/Aeltie [WeFH] VAN EATON [LDSC]/ VAN ETTEN [We64, WeFH, We71] (chr. 11 November 1694, dau. of Jan VAN ETTEN and Jannetje ROOSA [EASc, VEAL]), d. 1579 [VEAL] in Minisink [EASc], Sussex Co [LDSC, EASc, VEAL], NJ, will dated 25 June 1755 [EASc], probated 24 February 1757 at Trenton NJ [EASc] (see [We71 page 5] for details) (ch. Johannes, chr. 24 February 1717 [KBMR] in Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [KBMR], m. Magdelena WESTBROECK [WE64] {see [WE64] for details}) ([WE64] resided at Minisink, Sussex Co, NJ; 8 children) ([EASc] justice and elder in Dutch Reformed Church; court messenger and inn keeper in Albany; officer in Cromwell’s army; took oath of allegiance in 1689)

f Sarah [LDSC]/Sara [We71, KBMR, VEAL], b. 10 June 1694 in Kingston NY [LDSC], chr. 10 June 1694 [LDSC, We71, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 30 April 1714 [LDSC, EASc, VEAL] in Kingston NY [LDSC] Cornelius VAN AKEN, d. 20 December 1766 [LDSC, VEAL] in Port Jervis, Orange Co, NY [LDSC] (see [We71 page 5] for details)

m Johannes, b. 1696 [LDSC], chr. 19 July 1696 [LDSC, We71, KBMR, VEAL, EASc] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC] (probably younger brother of other Johannes, probably died early bef. 1698/ in infancy


m Johannes (5th ch. [EASc]), b. ca. 1695 [LDSC] in Kingston [LDSC,

KBMR]/Kingstowne [KMBR] NY, chr. 9 January 1698 [LDSC, We71, KBMR,

VEAL, EASc] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC], m. (j.m.

[KBMR])19 December 1715 [LDSC, We71, KMBR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY [LDSC, KMBR] Annetje [LDSC]/Antgen [LDSC]/Annetie [LDSC]/Antjen[KBMR, We71, EASc, VEAL] ROOSA (b. in Horly [KBMR]/Horley [KBMR]/Hurley [KBMR], j.d. [KBMR], dau. of Capt. Arie ROOSA and Maria PELS [EASc])

([KBMR] Banns registered 11 December), d. 21 January 1769 in Sandyston, Sussex Co, NY [LDSC] (4th child [EASc] ch. Benjamin, bap. 10 March 1723

[EASc], m. Catherine WESTBROOK [EASc]) (see [We71 page 6] for details)([EASc] settled in Minisink, Sussex Co, NJ ca. 1726)

f *Anna

m Cornelius [LDSC, EASc]/Cornelis [We71, KBMR] (8th ch. [EASc], b. 1703 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC], chr. 14 March 1703 [LDSC, We71, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston, Ulster Co, NY

[LDSC], m. 10 [We71, EASc, VEAL]/17 [LDSC] April 1724 in Kingston NY

[LDSC] Antje/Annetje/Annatjen [EASc, Veal]/Antjen [EASc] ROOSA

[EASc]/ROOS, d. aft.1772 [LDSC] (2nd [EASc]

ch. Catrina/Catharine, bap. 25 September 1726 [EASc], m. Benjamin WESTBROOK [EASc] {bap. 1723 [EASc}) ([EASc] killed by Indians 8/9 June 1758 [VEAL], res. opposite Namenoch Island in Sussex Co, NJ)

m Dirk [LDSC, EASc, VEAL]/Dirck [KBMR] (Richard [EASc, VEAL], b. 15 December 1706 in Kingston NY [LDSC], chr. 15 December 1706 [LDSC, We71, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston NY

[LDSC], m. 12 May 1728[LDSC, EASc, VEAL] in Kingston NY [LDSC]

Jannetje [LDSC]/ Janneken [EASc, VEAL] VAN

KUREN [LDSC]/KEUREN [EASc, VEAL], d. 8 December 1757 [LDSC]

[WE64, VEAL] 9 children

NOTE 450-Johannes

[OTNC, EASc] Farmer

[We64] m. Magdelena Janse Dekker, resided at Kingston NY, 9 children

[We71] Served as trustee at Kingston NY 1694; one of 6 white founders of Minisink Village; took oath of allegience in Ulster Co, NY 1 September 1689; member of the Company of Fott in Kingston 1686 or 1687; taxed 1 schilling in 1709-1710 and 1718-1719 for one fyre place

[KBMR] Johannes Westbroeck, born in Albany, resided here in Kingston,

m. [date not given] Magdalena Dekker, born and resid in Kingstoun. Banns recorded 12 May

[BWMe] an “Associator” and Captain in Militia in Revolutionary War

[WeFH] Trustee in Kingston 1690-1700 period;owner of Tan vats; moved prob. ca. 1715 or later to Kinghtsfield (now Warwarsing) NY where he died

[EASc] Will names “my eldest son Anthony”

[UCPR] Will dated 25 January 1725/26 Johannes Westbrook of Knightfield written in Dutch, translated: “My dear wife shall remain in possession of my whole estate during her natural life. To my youngest son Dirck when he marries a good horse and a cow similiar to what my other children has received. To my eldest son Anthony three schillings, in advance, as his right of primeogeniture. To my youngest son after his mother’s death a good horse, and a good mare, and a ?grazing cow. To my six children by name:

Anthony, Johanes, Cornelius, Dirck, Sarah, wife of Cornelius Van Aken and

Antie, wife of Jacob Van Etten my whole estate each one of my children shall pay equally to the little son of my deceased daughter Ursulla, called Benjamin. Wife and sons Anthony and Johanis appointed executors.

Witnessed by Jacob Rutsen, Jr. Nicholas Roosa, Jan Hardenbergh William

Nottingham. Probated 10 April 1727

[NYBG 2/201-202] Abstract of will of Johannes Westbroeck, of Knightsfield, Ulster Co, dated 20 January 1725-1726. Proved 10 April 1727 (New York Wills, Lib. 10, p 314) Gives his wife Magdelene the usufruct of his estate during her life. After her deathit is to be divided equally among his six living children, viz., Anthony, Johannes, Cornelius, Dirck, Sarah, wife if Cornelius Van Aken, and Antie, wife od Jacob Van Eaton,and Benjamin, son of his disceased daughter Ursala.

[UCPR] Notes: Johannes W., b. Albany (son of Johannes W. an army officer in Cromwell’s army, and later on, a resident of Rochester, whose sons Johannis and Derek took the oath of allegience in 1689), m. after 12 May 1687 Magdelena Jansen (Lena Dekker) and had:

Anthony, bap. 17 April 1691, m. 30 April 1714 Aaltjen Van Etten, b. Hurley

Sarah, bap. 10 June 1694, m. 30 April 1714 Cornelius Van Aken

Johannes, bap. 19 July 1696,

Johannes, bap. 9 January 1698, m. 19 December 1715

Antjen Roosa Ante, bap. 28 July 1700, m. 22 April 1719 Jacob Van Etten,

b. Hurley Cornelius, bap. 14 March 1703, m. 10 April 1724

Annatjen Roosa Dirk, bap. 15 December 1706, m. 12 May 1728 Janneken Van Keuren

NOTE 450/451:

Anthony m. Van Eaton, Johannes and Cornelius m. Roosa Anthony and brothers and sisters arrived at Minisink about 1730

[KMBR] Baptisms

29/532 Osseltje 6 November 1687

35/647 Heyltje 25 May 1690

37/706 Antoni 17 April 1692

43/810 Sara 10 June 1694

47/914 Johannes 19 July 1696

52/1013 Johannes 9 January 1698

59/1184 Ante 28 July 1700

68/1387 Cornelis 14 March 1703

78/1607 Dirck 15 December 1706

[OTMS] Westbrook house survives; Opposite Minisink Island; Marker on Old Mine Road near Milford NJ; Reportedly built in 1650’s; Sometimes called “Bell House”; Occupied by family for at least 9 generations. In the French and Indian wars these stone houses were also called “Forts” and served as such

225-Anna [OTGe, EASc]/Ante [We71, KBMR]/Antjen [We71, KBMR, VEAL]/Antje [BWMe]/”Anna” [VEAL] WESTBROOK Dau. of 450-Johannes and Madellina (DEKKER) WESTBROOK b. 28 July [KBVR] 1700 [VINK, MH, LDSC] in Namenock NJ [KBVR] or in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC, KBMR, NYSo], chr. 28 [VEAL] or 25/28 [FBLM, LDSC, We71, KBMR, EASc] July 1700 in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston, Ulster Co NY [FBLM, LDSC]

m. 224-Jacob/Jacobus/Jacob James VAN EATON/ETTEN-See VAN EATON son of Jan and Jannetje (ROOSA) VAN ETTEN

d. 1779 [LDSC]/1783 [EASc, KBVR, VEAL]/1787 [MH] in Hurley NY [EASc, KBVR, VEAL] or in Namenook NJ [LDSC]

ch. See 224-Jacobus Van Eaton


1800 Jan Tuenisen n. Theunissen [We71], Teunissen [FOMC], Theuiszoon [WE64]

900 Anthony Jansen n. Jenson [MH, LDSC], Janz [WeFH, EASC]; von Westbrook [EASC]

m. late 1650’s [LDSC]

901 Orrseltie Dircks n. Orreltie [MH], Orsel [We71], Orseltie,

Orselter [LDSC], Orsul [OTGe, We71], Ursel

[We71], Ursul; Diecks [MH], Dircxs [WeFH],

Dirxs [EASC], Dyrck [LDSC], Dyrcks

m1. 20 October 1653 [LDSC]

900/901-Eva (b. 1641 in Albany, Albany Co, NY [LDSC])

b. 15 years before m. of 900-901

450 Johannes d. 25 January 1725 [LDSC] in Nytesfield [LDSC]

(now Waroarsing [LDSC]) NY

451 Magdelena Dekker b. 28 July 1700 [OTGe]

d. 1783 [OTGe]

225 Anna Westbrook b. est. 1696 [LDSC]

Other Westbrook

[UCBR] p 451-452 bibliography of: Jacob Louis Westbrook

Jonathan Westbrook, officer in Cromwells Army, to America 1660 settled in Rochester township, Ulster Co, NY

ch. Derek

ch. Jonathan, m. 24 July 1748 Jannatje, dau. of Frederick Vandemark (4 ch.) [UCBR] continues descendents to 1885


Wessel B Westbrook 1785-1864

Jacob Hoornbeek Westbrook 1820-1885

[NYNo] Jonathan Westbrook, immigrant ancestor, was an officer in the army of the protector, Oliver Cromwell, and on the restoration of Charles II in 1660 he came to this country. He was one of the early settlers of Rochester, Ulster County, New York, and is the ancestor of the Westbroeck or Westbrook family of Kingston and vicinity. He probably married a Dutch wife, for the names of his children were Dutch, and his decendents continued for generations to attend the Dutch churches, speaking the language and using the Dutch baptismal names. Many of them were baptized in the Dutch church in Mackackemeck (Deer Park), near Kingston.

Jonathan may have had Dutch ancestry, but it is likely that he sought a Dutch rather than an English settlement for fear of the avenging hand of King Charles. He took the oath of allegiance to the King with the other settlers in 1689.

Children: 1. Derek, mentioned below; 2. Johannes, married Magdalena

Jansen(Lena Dekker). (His will with names of children is filed in Ulster County Records).

Derek, son of Jonathan Westbroeck, born about 1675-1680, lived in Ulster County, NY. The records reveal very little about him.- see pp 544-545 for details of descendents

Westbrookville NY, on Old Mine Road (NY 209), about 13 miles North of Port Jervis, was founded by Tjerck Van Keuren Westbrook. Pictures of signs and “Stone Fort”. Historical marker:

Westbrook Fort and house built about 1750-1760 by Tjerck Van Keuren Westbrook, village of Westbrookville named in his honor.


[UCNY] Freeholders, Inhabitants, Residents on tax roll 20 January 1714/15


Johannes Westbroeck 35 00-4-4+

Dirck Westbroeck 30 00-3-9

[UCHx] p 69-70 names of Male Inhabitants of Ulster Co in 1689

Westbrock Johannas

p 73-75 Signers in Troop of Horse at Kingston 9 June 1775

Mamaking (now in Sullivan Co, formerly spelled Mamacoting)

Westbrook T.K.

Westfork Joseph

II: 186 Land Purchases Marbletown 1686: John Westbrook

I: 187 Trustees of Kingston: 1694-95 Johannes Westbrook

I: 192 Conveyances 1688-1700 Kingston

14 February 1694 Trustees to Johannis Westbrook, Johannis Terbush and Gerit Wynkoop, a small tract lying near Mill Creek, west of Kingtowne, to set Tann-Pits on. This indicates an early tannery

I: 194 General Notes Kingston: Trustee Meeting 16 February 1706

Land adjacent to Johannis Westbrook & Co sold

p 494 Jonathan Westbrook was an officer in the army of Oliver Cromwell, and came over to this country at the restoration and upon the accession, in 1660, of Charles the Second to the British Throne. He was one of the early residents of the town of Rochester, Ulster County.

He had two sons Derek Westbrook and Johannis Westbrook. They took the oath of Allegiance in 1689. see p494 for details of Derek’s family:

Derek->Jonathan->Derek (->Wessel, Helena), Jonathan (->Jonathan, Frederick, Jacob, Derek), Frederick (->Rev. Cornelius->12 ch.)

The Westbrook Family of NY: Minisink Town Meeting in (can’t be read)

Westbroek Abraham 216,224

Westbrook Anthony 196,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,210,211,213,


Antie 280

Aron 285

BenjaminVernoy 230,231,232

EvertRoosa 226,231,234,237,239,243,244,245,246,247,248,


Jacob 209,210,211,216,222,226,227,228,229,237,243,


Johannes 198,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,2,09,210,


Johannes, Jr 205,206,237

Joseph 224

Solomon 211,223,281

References from Westbrook Family Book

That American Trail 1942/52 Amelia Stickney Decker

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Paulinen Cengill

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Burial Records of First Dutch Reformed Church in Albany 1654-1862 pp 4,5

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Rensselaerswyck III 1918 p 140

Doc History of NY I 281, 1849

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1939, 2763, 2939, 3184, 3480, 3873, 4614

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Church Life 2/1892,2/1896,6/1899,2/1903,10/1840,8/1894,10-11/1899,4/1902

Olde Ulster II:244, 1906

Minisink Church p100

DAR Patriot Index 1966 p 700

DAR 7: 157, 17: 957, 127: 840

Daughters of Founders and Patriots 453

Van Etten Family of America 19?9 p5


902-Lieutenant [WeFH] Jan Broersen [We71, OU06, VEAL]/Broersse [KBMR] DECKER [KBMR, VEAL]/


b. ca. [EASc, VEAL] 1630 [We71]

m1. [OU06] Miss [WeFH] Heiltie [KBMR, VEAL]/Heyltie [LDSC, We71]/Heyltje


m1. Albert GERRETSEN [EASc] (Heyltje was a widow [EASc])

d. bef. 24 December 1679 [KBMR, VEAL]

m2. 24 December 1678 [EASc]/1679 [OU06, KBMR, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church

[KMBR],Kingston NY [KBMR, VEAL] 903-Willemtie JACOBS [EASc] ([KBMR] first publication of Banns 29 November; resided in Kingston) ([KMBR] 505/45)


m2. [VEAL] or m1. [OU06, KBMR, EASc] Jan CORNELISSE [OU06, KBMR, VEAL]/CORNELISSEN [EASc] of Gottenburgh, Sweden [OU06, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] (d. bef 24 December 1679, i.e. widow when m2. [EASc])

d. betw. 1709 and 1712 [VEAL

chm1 m Broer Jansen, b. ca. 1655 [VEAL, m. Cornelia TAPPEN [VEAL]

m Gaerliff/Gerrit Jansen [VEAL], b. in Kingston NY [OU06], bap. 26 February 1662 [VEAL, OUO6] in Kingston NY [OU06], m. 1684 [OU06, VEAL] (j.m. [OU06], first publication of Banns 2 April 1684 [QU06])

Magdalena Willemz SCHUT [VEAL, OUO6] (j.d. [OU06], b. in N. Albanien, i.e. Albany NY [OU06], dau. of Willem Jansen SCHUTT [VEAL] of Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY [VEAL] who d. 1722 [VEAL]), m2. 12 January 1696 [OU06] Rutsert WINVELD, i.e. Richard WINFELD, j.m.,

b. in Derby, England) ([OU06] residing in Marmur, i.e. Marbletown, at time of m.

m Jacob Janse/Jansen [VEAL], b. ca. 1654 [EASc], m. or m1. [VEAL]

Beltie [VEAL] Janse KORTRIGHT [EASc] or Belytie Bastiaansse [VEAL],

m2. {VEAL]Sara MINTHORNE [VEAL] (9th child was Broer DECKER [EASc], bap. 1 January 1701 [EASc], m. Annatje VAN ETTEN [EASc], d. 1777 [EASc])

f Grietje [OU06, VEAL]/Grietjen [EASc] Jansen [VEAL], bap. 31 August 1664

[OU06, EASc, VEAL],

m. Gerret [EASc]/Gerrit [VEAL] Janse [EASc]/Jansz [VEAL] DECKER


f *Maddelin

m Cornelis Jansen, m. 1695 [VEAL] Elsje TEN BROEK [VEAL], d. 4 March 1702


f Titje Janse, m. 1687 [VEAL] Jan Gerritzen VAN CAMPEN [VEAL]

f Fietie [OUO6]/Fietje [VEAL], bap. 18 June 1671 [OU06, VEAL], d. young

[VEAL] ([VEAL] this may be Titje)

chm2 none [OU06, EASc, VEAL]

[EASc] lists 3 chm1. as Jacob Janse, Grietjen, Maddalen

NOTE 902-Jan Broersen

[KBMR] Jan Broersse DECKER, widower of Heiltie JACOBS, resid. in Marbleton [Marbletown] m. 24 December 1679 Willemtie JACOBS, widow of Jan CORNELISSE of Gottenburgh, resid. in Kingston. First publication of banns 29 November

[OU06] Among the earliest settlers of the Esopus was a man who is usually known as Jan Broersen. He was here as early as 1657 and in a complaint made by Thomas Chambers of a sale of brandy to the Indians, and of the first murderous attack of the savages, he appears as one of the signers [see Olde Ulster Vol. I p. 139-141]. When he immigrated from the Netherlands is not known; nor whether he was related to the Commissary, Johan DE DECKERE, but this is probable. The latter came to the Manhattans from Holland in 1655 and was immediately appointed Receiver-General. About this time Jan Broersen [DECKER] appeared in the Esopus. we find his name to the above protest on May 18, 1658; upon May 31, 1658, he signs the compact to remove into the stockade when it is built; on August 17, 1659, he signs the petition that Domine BLOM be sent as minister to the Esopus; in September of that year he joins with other citizens of the Esopus in a letter to Stuyvesant concerning the outrages by the savages in the First Esopus War; his name appears on the muster roll of the military company on March 28,1660; again on a like roll on June 15, 1661; he subscribed fifteen florins to the salary of Domine BLOM [Olde Ulster Vol. II: p. 17]; he had been in possession of lot #11 in Wiltwyck before the place was laid out and was one of the witnesses sworn in proceedings of inquiry into what is known as “The Esopus Mutiny” in 1667

NOTE 903-Heiltie Jacobs

[UCHx] p 62 24 June 1661-members received witness Heylje Jacobs Geertruy Andries

451-Maddelin [LDSC, OU06]/Magdelena [OTGe]/Magdalena [We64, We71, KBMR]/

Magdalina [LDSC]/Maddelen [OU06]/Maddalen [EASc]/Lena [WE71] Jans

[We71]/Janse [LDSC, We64] DECKER [We71]/DEKKER [We64, KBMR]

Dau. of Jan Broersen and Heiltie (JACOBS) DEKKER

b. 3 October 1666 [LDSC], chr. 3 October 1666 [LDSC, We71, OU06, EASc] in

Kingston NY [LDSC]

m. 450-Johannes WESTBROOK-see WESTBROOK

son of 900-Anthony Jansen and Orselter (DYRCK) WESTBROOK

d. in Hurley NY [OTGe]

NOTE 451-Magdelena

[KBMR] born and resided in Kingston

[WeFH] Came to Minisink with rest of her family


[UCHx] I: 184 Petition for Minister 1676 Kingston-Jacob Jansee Decker

p 54 Johan De Decker was witness to sherrif’s charge of being defamed on 29 July 1763

p 61-62 paid sums as free gifts or tax on household gl.

Jan Broersen (Decker) 10

p 69-70 names of Male Inhabitants of Ulster Co in 1689

Decker Gerrit Jansa


John Broerson

p 71-73 Signers of Articles of Association 29 April 1775: New Paltz

Daeker John


p 73-75 Signers in Troop of Horse at Kingston 9 June 1775

Decker Daniel

[UCNY] Freeholders, Inhabitants, Residents on tax roll 20 January 1714/15


Gerrit Decker 105 00-13-1+

Willem Decker 5 00-00-7+

Harmanus Decker 60 00-7-6


[EASc] see pages 138-140

[KBMR] Jacob Dekker [wife’s name not given]

ch. Cornelis, chr. 25 May 1690 in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY

“The Westbrook Family of NY”: Minisink Town Meeting in (can’t be read)

Decker Andres 209,210,215,225,229,230,232,254,255,278

Antje 196

Chrisofle 247,248,257

Daniel 227,234,259

Jacobus 197,202,204,205,206,218

Johannes 196,202,207,208,209,210,211,217,225,226.233,

234,235,239, 252,253, 267

Martynes 236,237,241,257

Peter 200, 203, 260

Stoffel 235

Thomas 204,208,224

[OTMS] Old Times, “The Van Eatons of The Minisink”-Lynn Beedle

Decker House-4th ancestral home, grave of Daniel Decker, b. 18xx in corner of field

Map of area enclosed in writings

There is a Decker Cemetery in Maybrook, Orange Co, NY (Half way between Newburgh and Middletown on Rte 208; about 20 miles west of Old Mine Road). We drove through Maybrook on our way from NYC to Oneonta in May 2000 and saw the cemetery on the road. In bad shape but has an Historical Marker.

(Pictures taken)

Decker Cemetery

of Cornelius Decker farm.

Deckers, of Dutch origin, arrived in Orange County from Ulster Co. in latter 1700’s.

Many family members held area farms and land.

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