10/3/1666 – ?

From the Notes of Jim Tillotson:

451-Maddelin [LDSC, OU06]/Magdelena [OTGe]/Magdalena

[We64, We71, KBMR]/Magdalina [LDSC]/Maddelen

[OU06]/Maddalen [EASc]/Lena [WE71] Jans

[We71]/Janse [LDSC, We64] DECKER

[We71]/DEKKER [We64, KBMR]

Dau. of Jan Broersen and Heiltie (JACOBS) DEKKER

b. 3 October 1666 [LDSC], chr. 3 October 1666

[LDSC, We71, OU06, EASc] in Kingston NY [LDSC]

m. 450-Johannes WESTBROOK-see WESTBROOK

son of 900-Anthony Jansen and Orselter (DYRCK)


d. in Hurley NY [OTGe]

NOTE 451-Magdelena

[KBMR] born and resided in Kingston

[WeFH] Came to Minisink with rest of her family

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