1620 – ?

From the Notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson’s files on Westbroek, Tunisen and Decker.

NOTE 901-Orrseltie Dircks

[We71] from Holstein, with two children (ages 2 years and 10

months), was a passenger to New Netherland in De Moesman (The

Market Gardener) arriving 1 May 1658. Widow for second time

[ARSC] I: 25 Ursel, wife of Anthony Jansz defaulted in Court of Albany 29 October 1668

I: 26 Urseltie, wife of Anthony Jansz, sued Jacob Jansz Flodder in Court of Albany 29 October 1668 for fl. 537:9 in seawain (Anthony Jansen Westbroeck, tavern keeper. In 1661 and 1662 he was court messenger in Rensselaerwyck-see Early Records of Albany 3: 87, 140)

[AlHx] there are a number of Dirkse’ in III:86 several with name Van Vechten

[UCHx] p 62 24 June 1661-members received witness

Maddeleen Dircks Hilletje Hendricks

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