9/3/1736 – 10/5/1817

NATHANIEL4 HEALY (JOSHUA3, NATHANIEL2, WILLIAM1)27 was born September 03, 1736 in Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts28, and died October 05, 1817 in Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts – age 81 y 1 m 2 d29.  He married (1) ABIGAIL CARTUR30 September 09, 1756 in Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts31, daughter of WILLIAM CARTUR and MARY.  He married (2) ABIGAIL PEPPER February 11, 1788 in Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts32.

West Roxbury Massachusetts. Nathaniel Healy Farm. The old gateway leading up from the road through the stone fence. The old house stood near where the new house now stands.

Nathaniel Healy owned a farm on the Healy Road in Dudley, built for him by his brother Josiah Healy in 1760. An old map shows that nearly all the farms along this road at that time were owned by Healys. The homestead was purchased by a descendant, Samuel Morris Conant and restored to its original Colonial splendor, thereby perpetuating the name of Major Nathaniel Healy who did his part for the cause of America in the Revolutionary War. Nathaniel Healy served in Dudley as road surveyor, constable, selectman, and on the school, and other committees, until 1791.

Plaque in front of the First Congregational Church of Dudley, MA, listing those who served in the  Revolutionary War.        

Otiginal Meeting House of the First Congregational Church in Dudley, MA.
Healy Road, Dudley, MA
Photograph of a photograph of Healy Road, Dudley, MA. Original in genealogical file cabinet in the Dudley Public Library; date of photo unknown.

1775; Captain Revolutionary War – answered call to Lexington with his minutemen April 19, 1775, regiment commanded by Ebenezer Learned.  Immediately after the battle they reported to Cambridge, and with Colonels Prescott and Warren were ordered to join General Thomas at Roxbury.   (History of Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts)

January 13, 1778 ; finds him in command of the 2nd company of Dudley.  Continental army 2nd company. (History of Worcester Co.)

1790 Census of Dudley, MA listing Nathaniel Healy.

Major Nathaniel Healy’s sword, carried by him in the Revolutionary War, was in the possession of his son, Deacon William Healy, who gave it to Daniel Lyon Healy, who took it to Iowa when he moved there in 1838.  In turn it descended to Abiel L. Healy, then to Mary Ellen Healy who married Mr. Samuel Wise of Wilton, Iowa.  In 1923 her son, George Chester Wise, owned the sword.


 i. REBECKAH5 HEALY, b. March 13, 1758, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts37; m. REUBEN CHAMBERLAIN, April 25, 1776, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts37. Their children; ABIGAIL CHAMBERLAIN, b. March 11, 1777. ALVAN CHAMBERLAIN, b. October 22, 1778. PHEBE CHAMBERLAIN, b. September 18, 1780. REBECCA CHAMBERLAIN, b. September 01, 1782.

12. ii. NATHANIEL HEALY, b. February 19, 1760, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts; d. June 12, 1812, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts – age 52.

13. iii. STEPHEN HEALY, b. August 23, 1762, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts; d. March 24, 1838, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts – 75 y 7 m 1 d.

14. iv. WILLIAM HEALY, b. August 09, 1764, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts; d. October 01, 1850.

v. SARAH HEALY, b. August 16, 1766, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts37; d. April 06, 1842; m. JOHN LAWTON, December 27, 1787, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts37.

 vi. EZRA HEALY, b. April 26, 1769, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts37; d. Vermont at an early age; m. BETSY HOLBROOK, January 18, 1791, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts37.  Ezra Healy was an inveterate practical joker and was known throuthout the Dudley  section for his many pranks. About the last prank he played was leaving home and having information sent back to his father that he  had died. When he returned and rapped on the door his father opened it and said:  “Ezra you are dead” and shut the door in his face.  He married at the age of 22 and settled in Vermont near Lake Champlain; died  at an early age. 

vii. JOSHUA HEALY, b. May 16, 1771, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts37.

The graves of many of the Healy Family are located in the Corbin Cemetery in Dudley, MA.  On the right are two photos of the headstone of Major Nathaniel Healy.

West Roxbury, Mass. 1912
Old church on Dudley Hill. See old Methodist church to right where the early Healys attended church.
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