ABOUT 1658 – 6/2/1734

NATHANIEL2 HEALY (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 16581  Christened: February 06, 1657/581, and died June 02, 1734 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts1.  He married REBECCA HAGAR July 14, 1681, daughter of WILLIAM HAGAR and MARY BEMIS.  She was born October 29, 1661 of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and died January 06, 1733/34.  They were charter members of the West Roxbury church and are buried in West Roxbury. He was made a Freeman in 1690. Nathaniel Healy was a soldier of Capt. Nathan Davenport’s Company in King  Philip’s Indian War, and was wounded in the Narragansett Fight December 19, 1675.  He settled in Newton in 1688 at the age of 30 years, where he purchased of Jonathan Jackson, Sr., 26 1/2 acres of land near Watertown. The soldiers of the Narragansett Fight, or their heirs, were promised a gratuity of land besides their wages for driving the Indians out of the Narragansett area, but this promise was not carried out until many years later. The grant finally alloted the heirs of Nathaniel Healy, called Narragansett Grant No. 4, was in Chesterfield, Mass. and in 1764 his grandson Joshua 4 Healy, son of Joshua 3 of Dudley, took possession of the crown land granted to his grandfather.

Philip White and 6 of his neighbors became involved in a long standing controversy regarding their membership at the church in Newton.  According to the town records, Philip and his neighbors complained that they lived four and a half to five miles from Newton meeting house and attending the church there was a hardship.  In 1705 he and six neighbors (William Ward, Edward Ward, Nathaniel Healy, Daniel Colburn, Benjamin Wilson, and Elizabeth Bacon) petitioned the town to move the meeting house to a more central location because otherwise they chose to attend the Roxbury church since it was closer to them.  Their petition was not accepted.  Eight years later in 1713, the above neighbors with the exception of Benjamin Wilson, again petitioned to divide the town into two precincts so that another meeting house could be built closer to them.  The outcome of this petition was that the Court saw no cause to divide the town nor to move the meeting house, but in recognition of the petitioners hardship, advised Newton to allow the petitioners to worship in Roxbury.  Eleven years later, in 1722, Newton sued Philip White and his neighbors for refusing to support the Newton church, and incarcerated some of them.  The petitioners again brought the issue before the Court.  In December of that year, Newton petitioned the Court to have the six families come back to Newton because they had built a new meeting house much closer to them.

Nathaniel’s will, made 5/4/1731, names his wife Rebecca; sons Ebenezer, John, and Joshua; daughters Rebecca Thwing, Abigail Brackett, Mary Mayo, Martha Baboock, Lydia Avery, Hannah Young, and the children of his deceased son Samuel. He appointed his sons Ebenezer and John executors. He was a wheelwright and his estate was inventoried at 1233# 4s 9d.


 i. REBECCA3 HEALY, b. May 19, 1682, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. January 05, 1717/18; m. BENJAMIN THWING (son of John 2, Benjamin 1 Thwing), December 14, 1710; b. October 16, 1679, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
 ii. ABIGAIL HEALY, b. September 21, 1683, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. January 23, 1772; m. EBENEZER BRACKETT, January 21, 1711/12; b. October 19, 1677, Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts; d. December 07, 1750.  The church records of Dedham say their children were bapt. February 3, 1727, the same date their parents were received into membership. Children include; EBENEZER BRACKETT d. 5/12/1792, aged 78 years, AARON BRACKETT, SAMUEL BRACKETT and ABIGAIL BRACKETT.
iii. NATHANIEL HEALY, b. September 28, 1686; d. July 21, 1706, Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts,when waylaid by Indians on his way to church. His father petitioned for and was granted 20 shillings from the town of Newton to pay for the gun carried away by the enemy.
iv. MARY HEALY, b. November 25, 1688; m. MAYO.
v. SAMUEL HEALY, b. May 09, 1690; d. November 25, 1721 (smallpox?); m. MARGARET TUCKER, October 06, 1715; d. June 04, 1745. Joined the First Church of Roxbury.  May 1716 Probate Records of Suffolk County, V. 65, p. 178, show that his widow petitioned for guardianship of the two children as of that date.  Had SAMUEL HEALEY, b. 5/1717, d. before 1756. HANNAH HEALEY the records say, was alive in 1754, probably longer.
3. vi. JOSHUA HEALY, b. January 20, 1700/01, of Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. September 25, 1772, Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts – age 71.
 vii. RANNAH HEALY, b. April 04, 1705, Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. October 13, 1790; she married WILLIAM YOUNG January 27, 1724/25.  He died 1747 in Hopkinton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. WILLIAM YOUNG: first heard of in Barrington and Nottingham, Mass. and was one  of the original proprietors of those places. William Young had a number of freeholds in these towns, and bought  others….. He resided in later years in Boston; moved to Hopkinton and died there  in 1747. In his will he left about $10,000. to his wife, daughter, and minor son,  and names Rev. S. Barrett as the guardian of the latter. He speaks of himself as a “cordwainer” or shoemaker. The will was probated in Middlesex County in May, 1747 but his estate was not settled until 1772, three years after the death of his son Joseph.  Their children include; i. ELIZABETH YOUNG, b. Abt. 1725; m. ELISHA HALL, June 22, 1743. ii. DR. JOSEPH YOUNG, b. Abt. 1730; d. 1769; m. ELIZABETH HAYDEN, August 27, 1759. He was a physician and surgeon in the French and Indian Wars. In the letters of administration filed by his widow, November 14, 1769, his estate was valued at 70 lbs. personal property and 22 lbs. cash.
 viii. EBENEZER HEALY, b. November 14, 1691, Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. June 14, 1750; m. RACHEL WHITING, April 20, 1715; b. September 27, 1690, Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, of Dedham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Probably these three children belonged to Ebenezer; REBECCA HEALEY b. 1/25/1721, d. suddenly Jan. ye 27th, 1798; m. BARNABAS METCALF March 5, 1745, who was b. July 20, 1720 in the town now Franklin, then Wrentham. He d. 11/2/1799.  NATHANIEL HEALEY b. about 1725, a glazier late of Wrentham, d. in 1749 and his father petitioned to administer his estate. JONATHAN HEALEY b. about 1726, a wheelwright, d. in Dedham; married June 3, 1751, SARA JACKSON. Jonathan Healey was one of the Roxbury men who had a claim of the Oxford Gore.
ix. MARTHA HEALY, b. September 25, 1694; d. 1735; m. (1) SAMUEL BABCOCK, March 18, 1717/18, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; b. October 1691; d. October 24, 1721; m. (2) GEORGE COLLINS, June 04, 1727.
 x. LYDIA HEALY, b. February 16, 1696/97, Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; m. JONATHAN AVERY, April 04, 1722, Dedham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Received into the church February 25, 1734. On October 27, 1745 they were dismissed to the church in Ashford,
 xi. JOHN HEALY, b. January 08, 1697/98; d. May 29, 1783, Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; m. (1) HANNAH DAVIS, July 29, 1725; b. November 20, 1701, of Roxbury, Massachusetts; d. September 23, 1751; m. (2) SUSANNAH, April 12, 1753; b. 1706; d. November 05, 1760; m. (3) JEMIMA DAVIS, August 10, 1761; b. September 21, 1739, of Roxbury, Massachusetts.  In 1721 the large land holdings of Joseph and William Dudley, 50 miles west of Roxbury and just north of the Connecticut State Line, was brought into the market. John Healy received the first deed issued in the town called Dudley, for a parcel of land. However, he resided all his life upon the old homestead in Newton where his father had lived and where he and his children were born. This old homestead fronted on the Dedham Road, and to the west was the Brook Farm property which in later years became quite noted. John was a Selectman in Newton for two years. He and his first wife Hannah are buried in West Roxbury Cemetery on Center Street, about a mile from the old homestead. Children by 1st marriage: JOHN HEALY b. July 23, 1727 and JOHN HEALY b. December 21, 1728 both d. at 2 months; NATHANIEL HEALY b. April 1, 1730, d. in 1734; HANNAH HEALY b. January 26, 1731, m. 1st MR. THRASHER of Winchester, N.H. and second, SAMUEL HAMMOND and moved to Pennsylvania; JOHN HEALY b. January 6, 1733 in Newton, d. 8/10/1810 in Washington, N.H., married MARY WIGHT, dau. of Ebenezer and Sabiah (Hall) Wight, May 13, 1762 in Newton, who was b. February 2, 1743 in Dedham and d. August 18, 1827, in 1778 they moved to Washington, N.H. with their nine children, and in Washington four more were born. Here John was an influential citizen and held different offices in the town; a man of great respectability, highly esteemed by his townsmen. “John Healy, Newton, Private Capt. Phenias Cook’s Reg. which marched on the Alarm of April 19, 1775 to headquarters at Cambridge under Command of Capt. John Moreau, 4 days. Also Capt. Edward Fuller’s Co., Col. William Mcintosh’s Regt., entered Camp March 18, 1778, discharged March 28, 1778, service 10 days. Company stationed at Roxbury.”


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Nathaniel HEALY

Ancestral File

Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies by George S. Brown. Page 130. Nathaniel Healy’s will, made 4th May, 1734, appointed his sons Ebenezer and John executors. He was by trade a wheelright, and his estate was inventoried at 1233 pounds 4.0. Note: After 1686, Nathaniel resided near Brook Farm in Newton. He was a soldier wounded in the Narragansett fight, Dec. 1675.

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