1593 – ?

From the notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson’s Notes on Roosa, Pels, De Jongh, Du Truy and Groot:




3592 Heyman 1593 Holland

1796 Albert H 1610 1679 Wyntie de Jong


898 Arien H 1643 1700 Maria Pels Holland;NY-Ulster

449 Jannetje 1670 1731 Jan Van Eaton NY-Ulster


[GB41] Family fled on account of religeous persecution from the town of Roosa in Spain-this pedigree originated at a time when the majority of the Dutch families preferred a descent from foreign lands rather than acknowledge their less illustrious hard-working Dutch forebears who by their industry had made their more opulent descendents ancestor-conscious, and thus this must be questioned, and rather family possibly was originally named de Roos, which had lived for many generations at Herwynen.

[NYSo] Roosa: This is a very old Dutch family, early identified with the history of Southern New York, and still has numerous representatives scattered all over the region. It appears very early in the settlement of Kingston, and Ulster County owes much of its development and progress to the industry, intelligence and enterprise of this family.

[UCBR] Ancestry traced back to Gelderland, a province in Holland.

3592-Heyman ROOSA ([NYSo] name is Heyman, surnames unknown among Dutch people).

b. ca. 1593 in Gelderland, Netherlands [LDSC]

ch. m *Albert Heymans

m Aeldert, m. Metje Gysbrechtsdr. de ROOS

[GB41] (ch. Lysbeth, m. Jacob GROENE

[GB41]; Maria, m. 1630 [GB41] in Deyl. [GB41] Govert Hendricks van HOLTEN, bur. 23 July

1681 [GB41] Deyl. [GB41]; Geurt Aeldertsz, m. 3 June 1638 [GB41] Engeltien de  JONGH)

NOTE 3592-Heyman [GB41] may have been a brother of Aeldert ROOSA-Aeldert (Christian name) ROOSA lived in Herwynen in the first half of the seventeenth century; son Guert married in 1638 Engeltie Ariens de JONGH, the daughter of Burgonmaster Arien de JONGH; Engeltie was the sister of Wyntie Ariens de JONGH who m. 1796-Aeldert Heymans ROOSA

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