1585 – 1653

From the Notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson’s Notes on Roosa, Pels, De Jongh, Du Truy and Groot:

DE TRUY: DU TRIEUX, TRAUX; GROOT [NAIP] De Truy was what Dutch called him


7198 Phillip DU TRUY1585 1653 Susanna DU CHESNE Holland;NY

3599 Rebecca TRIEUX 16?? Symon Symorse GROAT NY-New York,Schenectady

1799 Janet SIMONS 1623 1683 Everet PELS NY-Ulster

Map Locations

Roubaix-City of Northern France, Northeast of Lille, near Belgium border Walloon = of a French speaking people of Celtic descent inhabiting Southern and Southeastern Belgium and adjaacent regions of France.

HX 7198-Phillip DE TRUY/DU TRIEUX came to New Amsterdam from Roubaix, France during Minuit’s Administration (1624-1629), was a land owner in New Amsterdam as early as 1638, appointed court messenger or marshall in 1638 or 1639 and received a patent for land in Smit’s Valley (Pearl St) in Schenectady in 1640. His daughter, Rebecca, married 3598-Symon Symorse GROOT who came to New Netherlands in 1645 and to Albany about 1654. He owned land in Albany in 1655 and 1663 and owner of Fonda Island in Schencectady in 1694

History of Albany NY

[AANY] Although French traders were in the area in the mid 1500’s, it wasn’t until 1609 that Dutch fur traders arrived and established a trading center and a fort. The first permanent settlement was founded in 1624 by 18 Walloon families, French Protestants who left the Spanish Netherlands seeking religeous freedom. The settlement was called Beverwyck until it was transferred to the English and renamed in honor of the Duke of York and Albany.

History of Rensselear

[AANY] Rensselaer was founded in 1631 by Dutch settlers

7198-Phillip DE TRUY [ScFS]/DU TRIEUX [ScFS, SPHx]/TRUAX [ScFS], a Walloon

[ScFS, SPHx] of New Amsterdam [SPHx]

b. 1585 [LDSC, ScFS, SPHx] in Robey (Roubaix), France [LDSC]

m1. 11 April 1615 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands [LDSC] Jacqueline/Jacquelyne [LDSC] NOIRET/NOIRETT [LDSC]

m2. 17 July 1621 [LDSC] in Leiden, Zuid, Netherlands [LDSC] 7199-Susanna DU CHESNE [LDSC]/DE SCHEENE [ScFS, SPHx] b. 1600 in France [LDSC] d. aft. 1654 [ScFS] in New York [LDSC]

d. sometime bef. [NAIP] or in [LDSC] 1653 in New Amsterdam, Netherlands

[LDSC] {undoubtedly means New Netherlands}

chm1 m Phillippe, b. 1616 [LDSC], chr. 3 January 1616 [LDSC] in Amsterdam, North Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland

f Mary, b. 1617 [LDSC], chr. 5 April 1617 [LDSC] in Amsterdam, North Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland 

m Phillippe, b. 1619 [LDSC], chr. 10 February 1619 [LDSC] in Amsterdam, North Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland, d. 8 September 1653 [LDSC]

f Madeline, b. 1620 [LDSC], chr. 9 February 1620 [LDSC] in Amsterdam, North Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland

chm2 f *Rebecca (DE TRIEUX)

f Sara, b. 1623-1625 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC], m. 9 [LDSC] June [ScFS] 1641 in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, NY [LDSC] or in New Amsterdam [ScFS] Isaac DE FORREST, d. 9 November 1692 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, NY [LDSC]

f Susanna, b. 1626 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC], m. 31 July 1644 [LDSC, ScFS] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC] Evert Janse WENDEL [LDSC, SPHx] of Beverwyck [ScFS, SPHx], d. 1660


f Rachel, b. aft. 1626 [LDSC] or 1635 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC], m. [LDSC] or m1. [ScFS] 3 [ScFS]/30 [LDSC] September 1656 in New Netherlands [LDSC] or New Amsterdam [ScFS] NY Hendrick VAN BOMMEL, m2. 8 August 1677 [ScFS] Dirk Janse DE GROOT

m Abraham, b 1632 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC], m. 1711 [LDSC] Christina DE LA GRANGE, d. in Fort Orange (now Albany) NY [LDSC] ([ScFS] in Beverwyck in 1656)

m Isaac, b. 21 April 1642 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC], chr. 21 [ScFS]/24 [LDSC] April 1642 in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC, ScFS], m. 1670 [ScFS, SPHx] Maria Williamse [LDSC]/Willems [LDSC] BROWER [LDSC]/BRONWER [LDSC] (dau. of Willem BROUWER [ScFS, SPHx]), d. prob. ca. 1705 [SPHx] or 1706 [LDSC] (ch. Abraham [ScFS] {see [ScFS p 198] for details}; Eva, m. Dirk STOUWT

[ScFS]; Sarah, m. Gillis TRAUX [ScFS]; Isaac, bap. 2 March 1690 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS] {see [ScFS p 198] for details}; Lysbeth, bap. 3 July 1692 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS], m. Evert VAN EPS [ScFS]; Jacob, bap. 9 October 1694 [ScFS] {see [ScFS p 198] for details}; Johannes, bap. 11 December 1696 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS])

m Jacob, bap. 7 December 1645 [LDSC, ScFS] in New Amsterdam [LDSC, ScFS], New York Co, NY [LDSC], m. 26 September 1674 [LDSC, ScFS] in New Orange, New York Co [LDSC], NY [ScFS] Lysbet [LDSC]/ Lysbeth [ScFS] PORET [LDSC]/POST [ScFS], d. 1709 in New Castle, New Castle Co, DE [LDSC]

f Sara, b. est. 1649 [LDSC]

[SPHx] m2. 3 sons and 4 daughters

NOTE 7198-Phillip de Truy/du Trieux [NAIP] p 301 had a sister or daughter known as “Long Mary” who married Cornelis VOLCKERSEN, one of the oldest settlers, and after his death, she married Jan PEECK (page 301 contains stories of Mary and Jan PEECK) p 326 As early as 1638 owned a parcel of land {in New Amsterdam}; one of the older residents and seems to have been one of the first if not the first to build on Bever Graft or the modern Beaver Street where for a number of years had a house; long the court “Messenger” or marshall at New Amsterdam; in 1640 received ground-brief or patent for land adjoining Secretary Van TIENHOVES’s farm and seems to have resided on it; seems to have leased or contracted to sell his place to Nicholas STILWEL

p 334-335 sold a piece of land (a narrow strip lying between the road and the East River Shore) to Isaac ALLERTON (of Plymouth MA) who as early as 1646 or 1647 made arrangements to establish a pemanent trading post in New Amsterdam

[ScFS] was in New Amsterdam during Minuit’s administration 1624-1629; was appointed court messenger in 1639; in 1640 received a patent for land in Smit’s valley”

[SPHx] came to New Amsterdam during the administration of Gov. Minuit

1624-1629; appointed court messenger or marshall in 1638; in 1640 received a patent for a lot in Smit’s valey” [Pearl Street], New Amsterdam

NOTE 7199-Susanna [ScFS] living as late as 1654

NOTE 7198/7199-6-Isaac [ScFS] settled on the “second flat”, on the south side of the Mohawk, in the present town of Rotterdam; as early as 1670 with his ?cousin Jacobus PEEK as appears by to petition to, and grant from Gov. ANDROS) ([SPHx] about 1670 when 28 years old, came to Schenectady and settled upon the “Second flat” on the south side of the river, this flat consisting of 22 1/2 morgans with 10 morgans of woodland adjoing was granted to him and his cousin Jacobus PEEK in 1677 by patent of Gov. ANDROS; 4 sons and 3 daughters; the year after his death his widow sold eight morgans of her land to Jacobus PEEK)

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