1500 –  ?

From the notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson’s Notes on Roosa, Pels, De Jongh, Du Truy and Groot:



     28752 Adrien   1500

     14376 Adrien   1530                          Holland

     7188 Meerten A 1560                          Holland

     3594 Adrian M  1600      Maria               Holland

     1797 Wyntie A  1623 1679 Albert H Roosa      Holland;NY-Ulster

NAME: [GB39] Although sometimes spelled de Jong or D’Jong, it is almost always spelled De Jongh in judicial archives and as signatures.  This is true in extracted documents from old family wills preserved in Gorinchem, a few miles from Herwijnen, where the family name was almost invariably spelled De Jongh.  The name Adrian is also found in practically all branches of the family, and records in Gorinchem reveal “Adrian De Jonghs” earlier even than Herwijnen.

HX: [GB39] I have tried in vain to trace the origin of this De Jongh family back to the De Jonghs of Ghent and Bruges, where the arms were registered as early as 1280, one of the patrician families in Flanders. It is my belief, however, that we do spring from that origin, where the letter “h” in our name had its origin.  The families of the name of Holland origin rarely used the letter “h”.  In Herwijnen, and elsewhere, these De Jonghs generally held official positions where they resided.

28752-Adrien [LDSC]/Adrian [GB39, EASc] De JONGH/DeJONGH [EASc]

       b. ca. [GB39] 1500 [EASc]/ca. 1506 [LDSC]

       ch.  m *Adrien

NOTE 28752-Adrien De Jongh

     [GB39] On 11 January 1631 Adriaen Evertsen GROOT, heir of Jan Adriensen GROOT, conveyed land in Herwijnen to Adrian Adriensen Joriszoon De JONGH-Adrian, son of 28572-Adrien, son of 57488-Joris, son of 114976-Adrian De JONGH, which again throws the De JONGH ancestry of that locality back to Adrian De JONGH born not later than 1500.

          On 26 April 1632 Joris Adriensen De JONGH made a conveyance of land in Herwijnen, and gave as security for the contract his interest in the estate of his grandfather, Joris Ariensen De JONGH; this document proves that the conveyor above was, as early as 1632, in Herwijnen, had a great grandfather Adrian De JONGH, who must have been born about 1500 or earlier, and who was probably the great great grandfather of Wilhelmina Ariens De JONGH

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