116 Samuel 1789 NC

58 William 1812 Elizabeth Gillespie NC-Rowan

29 Lydia 1800 1855 John Van Eaton NC-Rowan

According to February 2000 “Under Construction” in Search for Irish Origins, Lowrys are found in Tyrone County


Salibury NC Library

Mocksville NC Library


[OTLo] Old Times: The Lowry (Lowrie, Lowrey) of Rowan County by LSB-2 pp- Lowry

[RCCR] Rowan Co (NC) Cemetery Records: Third Creek Presbyterian Church- Lowry

[RCDe] Rowan County Abstracts of Deeds-Lowry

[RCGI] Rowan County: Granlee Index to Rendlem on Maps of Rowan County- Lowry

[RCLE] Rowan County Land Entries 1788-1795-Lowry

[RCMR] Rowan Co (NC) Marriage Bonds-Lowry

[RCTa] Rowan County Taxable Property 1778-Lowry

[RCTL] Rowan County Tax Lists 1790-Lowry

[RCT2] Rowan County Tax Lists 1815-Lowry

[RCVL] Rowan County Vacant Land Entries 1778-1779-Lowry

[RCW1] Rowan Co NC Wills-Lowry

[RCW2] Rowan Co NC Wills-Lowry

NOTE [OTLo] Lowry family tied to “Lost Colony” in Robeson Co, first English settlement in America (unclear why Lynn Beedle said this, his secretary, named Lowry,  apparently has some ties to Indians there)

116-Samuel LOWRY [OTLo]

d. aft. 5 May 1789 [OTLo], will dated 5 May 1789

ch. m *William

m John [OTLo] (see [RCMR]-several marriages of Johns)

NOTE 116-Samuel

[OTLo] received a grant of 395 acres from State of North Carolina on 25 October 1786, “in the 11th year of our Independence” for                                                                                        50 shillings/hundred acres. Samuel identified himself as a Planter. Sold and to son William on 5 May 1789.

[OTLo] State Grant of 395 acres on S side Fourth Creek 25 October 1786 [RCDe, p11], deeded to his son 58-William 5 May 1789 [RCDep35/p38], part of which was sold to Isaac Cowan 11 November 1796  [RCDe p159], and subsequently deeded/sold to 58/59-Richard. Maps of property are shown in [RCGI]. Also owned land on Third Creek in 1778 [RCVL p11/p42], 640 and 250 acres on North Yadkin River in 1778 [RCVL  p72], 300 acres Fourth Creek in 1778 [RCVL  p99], 263  acres on Hunting Creek in 1778 [RCVL p107].

[RCTL] paid for militia of Captain Conrod Michael’s Scout in 1759

[RCVL] in 1778 Owned land on N side Third Crk, 640 A on S side of North Yadkin, 250 A on S side of North Yadkin, 300 A on S side Fourth  Crk (land on fourth Creek also noted in 1779 [RCVL, RCLE]), 263 A on E side Hunting Crk

[RCTL] taxed 1758-1772 area south of Salisbury; 1768 Matthew Locke South of Salisbury-1 male, no negros; 1778 Capt. Armstrong’s District-taxes 868.10.2; 1778 Capt. Purviance’s District-poll tax [RCTL]

QUER 232/233

[RCMR] Could John and Charles Lowry, both m. 10 March 1780 in Rowan Co, NC and who were bondsmen for each other, be brothers or nephews of 116-Samuel. Also Edmund Lowry,

m. 2 November 1786, and Thomas Lowry, m. 178?.

58-William LOWRY [OTLo]

Son of 116-Samuel LOWRY

b. ca. 1765 (based on age and date of death)

m. 31 December 1789 [RCMR, FBLM] in Rowan Co, NC [RCMR, FBLM] 59- Elizabeth [OTLo, RCMR, RCTL] GILLESPIE ([RCMR] Richard GILLESPIE was Bondsman- ? brother)- see GILLESPIE

dau. of 119-Jean GILLESPIE

d. 10 July 1812 [RCCR], age 47 [RCCR], bur. at Third Creek Presbyterian Church, West of Cleveland NC [RCCR] (not confirmed that this is 58-William, but seems likely), will dated 14 March 1811 [RCW2], probated 1812 [RCW2, RCW1, WiRC] ([RCW2] Will names wife Elizabeth and nine ch. not named)

ch. m Richard, m. [OTLo] or unmarried [OTLo], will dated 1853 [OTLo]

f Margaret, m. HALL [OTLo]

f Isabala, m. MARLEN [OTLo] ([RCW1, RCW2] Isabel named in will of 119-Jean Gillespie as granddaughter; none of her siblings were mentioned-does this make Isabala/Isabel the oldest?, or was                there an older Isabel who died?)

f *Lydia

f Elizabeth, m. PATTERSON [OTLo]

f Nancy, m. DAVIDSON [OTLo]

m James, d. 6 February 1829 [RCCR], age 34 years, 4 mo, 7d [RCCR]

m Samuel, d. 10 May 1811 [RCCR], age 15 yr, 9 mo, 26d [RCCR]

f Jane, d. 23 June 1804 [RCCR], age 5 yr, 2 mo, 3 d [RCCR]

[OTLo] Order of births unknown, order of 5 females listed as per 58/59-Richard’s will

[RCW1, RCW2] 9 children-see QUER below

NOTE 58-Willaim Lowry

[OTLo] Deed of sale of land dated 5th May 1789 for 10 pounds and in consideration of the love and good will that we share” from 116-Samuel to 58- William. Apparently same land as indicated under Samuel. see [RCGI]

[RCVL] owned land in 1778 on Rockey Crk

[RCTL] taxed 1784 Iridell County Area Capt. George Reed’ Co 150A, 1WP

1787 Capt. James Huggins 1 WM>18, 2 WM<15, 2 WF, 0 BL

1787 Jacob Nichols 1 WM 21-60, 2 WM<21/>60, 2 WF, 0 BL

1798 315A, 1 white poll, 2 black polls

1800 325A, 2 polls

NOTE 59-Elizabeth

[OTLo] When she died the estate was settled (1882). Rebecca D (? 29- Lydia’s daughter) was named. Family had spread to Tennessee, Texas and California.  These same settlement papers list heirs of Lydia Van Eaton-Annie V. Finley, John H. Van Eaton, Sallie S. Call, Willie D. Van Eaton,  John D. Van Eaton , Rebecca D. Van Eaton, Eugene R. Mason, &  Lawrence M Mason, Charles C. Van Eaton. According to the records, these received $658.38 out of a total of $3286.90 in the estate

NOTE 58/59-Richard

[OTLo] 1833-1836 deed of sale of land (originally from their father William) from 5 sisters to Richard. Apparently same land as indicated under Samuel and William. Five sisters asked to separately certify as independent of their husbands that they were under no pressure from their husbands to sell.

[OTLo] will of Richard 1853 (LSB has a copy): “It is my will that all property belonging to me not mentioned or willed to my wife be put to sale and the net proceeds be devided betwean my five sisters Margaret Hall, Isabala Marlen, Lydia VaEtan, Elizabeth Patterson and Nancy Davidson.”

[OTLo] “Richard Lowry must not have married because when his mother, Elizabeth, died the estate was settled (1882)” {Contadicts above}

QUER 58/59

[RCCR] Were the three Lowrys bur. with 59-William and 59-Elizabeth at Third Creek Presbyterian Church, West of Cleveland NC the other 3 ch.

James, d. 6 February 1829, age 34 yrs 4 mo, 7 d

Samuel, d. 10 May 1811, age 15 yrs 9 mo 26 da

Jane, d. 23 June 1804, age 5 yrs 2 mo 3 da

29-Lydia LOWRY from Rowan Co, NC [OTLo]

Dau. of 58-William and Elizabeth (GILLESPIE) LOWRY

b. 9 September [OTLo, JVEF, BRVE, VEBR, STBV, KBVR] 1802 [MH]

m. 1820 in Salibury NC [OtLo] 28-John Van Eaton-see VAN EATON

son of 56-Samuel and Ruth (NEELY) VAN ETTEN

d. 11 [BRVE, VEBR, STBV]/17 [MH, STBV, KBVR] March 1855, age 52 years,  6 mo 8 days [STBV] (Will names: son, John Dick Van Eaton; daughter,  Rebecca D. Van Eaton; nephews, John H. Van Eaton, Eugene R. Mason, Lawrence R. Mason;  neices, Annie V. Finley, Sally S. Call)

ch. See 28-John Van Etten

A&E All n. Lowry is usual spelling, also Laury, Lowrey, Lowery, Lowrie

59 Elizabeth                                               n. Elisabeth [FBLM]

29 Lydia                                                      n. Liddy [FBLM]

From Robeson Co [OTLo]

b. 1800, est. 1804 [LDSC]


[RCMR] last five entries-? nephews of 58-William (? sons of John,  Charles) Lowry, John, m. 11 Aug. 1798 in Rowan Co, NC

Lowry, Samuel, m. 27 Sept. 1802 in Rowan Co, NC Susanna Gallaher, S(aml.) Lowrie bondsman

Lowry, George, m. 3 Nov. in Rowan Co, NC 1808 Mary Arile

Lowry, John, m. 12 April 1821 in Rowan Co, NC Sally Sainer

Lowry, John, m. 6 Jan. 1824 in Rowan Co, NC Margret Ward

[RCW2] Isabella Lowry, named in will as dau. of Margaret Young dated 1 March 1831

Property and residence

John Lowry

1778 borders Gray (Roony, S Loury, McBroom, Thompson, Marlin) [RCVL]

1779 50 A adj Culbertson, Marlin junr, Marlin senr [RCVL]

no date 150 A on waters of Coddle and Buffelow Crks, adj his own,

James Lowrey, Junr., Barkley; Charles Lowrey Made to William Lowrey, [RCVL]

1798 180A, 1 poll [RCTL]

Property and residence

1787 Capt. James Huggins [RCTL]

WM50+               WM18+          WM-15           WF           BL

?    s Lowrey               1                             1                     2                     2              0

?      Lowrey               0                            1                     2                      2              0

? as Lowrey               0                            1                      0                     3              0

Property and residence

Samuel Lowry

1785 Fourth Creek, Iredell County Area Capt Able Armstrong’s Co

1000A, 1WP [RCTL]

1815 Capt. Armstong’s District (“Cleveland”) ca. 1095A+Poll Tax[RCTa]

1815 Capt. Purviance’s District Poll tax, listed by 2 names [RCTa] double listing = property in 2 places

Robert Lowry

1778 Capt. Armstrong’s District-taxes 158.1.0 [RCTL]

1778 400 A on S side of Third Creek [RCVL]

1815 Capt. Armstong’s District (“Cleveland”) ca. 200A [RCTa]

[RCMR] Rowan County Marriage Bonds Vol 1 Page 271-272

GROOM                        BRIDE    DATE OF BOND            BONDSMAN         &            WITNESS

Lowrey, John    Eleanor Lowry  10 Mar. 1780          Charles Lowry (w) B. Booth          Boote

Lowry, Charles x Sarah Lowry   10 Mar. 1780           John Lowrey (w) B. Booth           Boote

Lowry, John   Mary Railsback   24 Aug. 1786      Henry Nalsback (w) John Macay

Lowry, Edmund   Elizabeth Wilkey   2 Nov. 1786   Thomas Lowrey  (w) Jno.              Macay

58 Lowry, William   Elizabeth Gillespie  31 Dec. 1789   Richard Gillespie

(w) Evan Alexander

Lowrey, Thomas  Sarah Richardson    178_     John Lowrey    (w) Jno. Macay

Lowry, John                                             11 Aug. 1798    Andrew Gray

(w) Ed.J.OsbornD.C.

Lowry, Samuel   Susanna Gallaher   27 Sept. 1802    S(aml.) Lowrie

Lowry, George   Mary Arile                3 Nov. 1808      Morgan McMachan

(w) A.L. Osborn

Lowry, John       Sally Sainer              12 April 1821       Thos. Hampton

Lowry, John     Margret Ward          6 Jan. 1824         Evan Ellis

(w) Joseph Adams,JP

[RCCR] Rowan Co Cemetery Records Vol 5 p119

Third Creek Presbyterian Church, Third Creek Rd, West of Cleveland NC

William Lowry age: 47 d. 10 July 1812 ? 58-William

James Lowry age: 34 yrs 4 mo 7 da d. 6 February 1829 ? 58/59

Samuel Lowry age: 15 yrs 9 mo 26 da d. 10 May 1811 ? 58/59

Jane Lowry age: 5 yrs 2 mo 3 da d. 23 June 1804 ? 58/59

ElizabethLowry age: 68 yrs d. 18 July 1835 ? 59-Elizabeth

[RCW1] Rowan County Wills

58 p 138 William Lowry in Will Book 6 pp 241, 242, probated 1812 Rowan Co, NC 14 March 1811

Beneficiary: Wife, Elizabeth Lowry; 9 children-not named

Executors: Wife, Richard Gillespie, William Gray

Witness: Samuel Roberson, Samuel M. Thrift

[RCW2] Rowan County Wills

58         p 20 William Lowry G 241, probated 1812 Rowan Co, NC 14 March 1811

Wife Elizabeth; 9 children-not named

Exec: wife, Richard Gillespie, William Gray

Wit: Samuel Roberson, Samuel M. Thrift

p 288 Margaret Young-will dated 1 March 1831

Isabella Lowry listed as daughter of Margaret Young

other children (all Youngs): Jonathan, Nancy, Jane McKnight,

Elizabeth, Sarah W.; Grandson: John D. Young

p 88: Will of Townsend Burroughes, dated 15 March 1822, probated

August 1822 lists Margaret (and Jonathan, William, Nancy, widow, and

John) Young along with Thos. Burrough’s two sons, Duffy and Jonathan,

as beneficiaries

[RCTL] Rowan County Tax Lists

p 16 1759 County Militia List: Captain Conrod Michael’s Scout

Sam Lewery 7 Days @ 2/8 0.18.8 ? 116

p 36 A Memorandum of Tithables 1758-1772-area south of Salisbury

Samuel Lowery ? 116

p 91 Matthew Locke 1768-South of Salisbury

Samuel Lowry 1 male, no negros ? 116

p 126 1778 Rowan County Tax lists: Capt. Armstrong’s District

Robert Lowry 158.1.0

Samuel Lowry 868.10.2 ? 116

p 127 Poles 1778: Capt. Armstrong’ s District

Samuel Lowry ? 116

p 154 Polls 1778: Capt. Purviance’s District

Saml Lowry ? 116

p 234 Iridell County Area 1784: Capt. George Reed’ Company

William Lohrey 150A, 1WP ? 58

p. 243 Fourth Creek, Iredell County Area 1785: Capt Able Armstrong’s Co

Saml Lowry 1000A, 1WP ? 116

p 276-277 Rowan County Tax List 1787: Capt. James Huggins

WM50+                         WM18+                 WM-15               WF       BL

? s Lowrey        1                                      1                             2                         2           0

? Lowrey          0                                     1                              2                         2           0

? as Lowrey      0                                     1                              0                         3           0

William Lowrey    0                                     1                              1                           2           0       ? 58

p 284 Jacob Nichols 1787

WM 21-60                     WM-21/60+               WF                    BL 12-50   BL-12/50+

William Loughry     1                                       2                             2                             0              0    ? 58

p 370 Account of Delinquent Land and Poles for 1798

William Lowry 315A, 1 white poll, 2 black polls ? 58

John Lowry 180A, 1 poll

p 374 1800 Delinquents

William Low 325A, 2 polls ? 58

[RCTa] 1815, district named for militia captain


p 3 Capt. Armstong’s District (“Cleveland” penned in): Property tax $0.08/100 acres;

Lowry, Robert                                  158-1

Lowry, Samuel                                 868-10-2              ? 116

p 4 Capt. Armstong’s District:               Poll tax (i.e. tax on people)

free whites taxed at $0.20, blacks $0.20

Lowery, Samuel ? 116

p 28 Capt. Purviance’s District: Poll tax

Lowry, Samuel                                                                                 ? 116

Double listing of poll tax may indicate resided in 1 district, owned land in another

[RCLE]: Land Entries of Rowan Co., NC Dec. 1778 to Feb 1795

p 5 #1934 31-December 1778 Joseph Wilson enters 100 ac in Rowan Co on Third Cr; border: Marice Roney’s conditional line, his own improvement, & Samuel Lowry ? 116

p 27 #2219-claim set up by Thos Loyal made to Jas Marlen jr. May 28, 1779 James Rutherford enters 90 ac in Rowan Co on Fourth Cr; borders: James Marlen, James Culbertson, & Samuel Lowry            ? 116

p 27 #2227-Jun. 4, 1779 John Lowry enters 50 ac in Rowan Co; borders on E of John Culbertson on N of James Marlin jr, W of James Marlin sr, & S of James Marlin jr ? 232/233

[RCVL] Vacant Land entries 1778-1779

p 11      5 Feb 1778 #154-Joseph Wilson 300 A on N side of Third Crk adj Samuel Lowry, William Cowen & Roberts & sd Crk on S side including his Improovments ? 116

p 36 4 Mar 1778 #508-Maurice Roney 200 A adj Joseph Wilson, Samuel Loury & James Gray including his improovment       ? 116

p 36 4 Mar 1778 #510-Robert Loury 400 A on S side of Third Creek beginning at Shoals of sd crk and running W, including his own improovment [9:97]

p 42 11 Mar 1778 #595-James Marlin 300 A on N side of Third Crk adj Samuel Lowry, John Culbertson’s conditional line, James Marlin, Peter Lewis & Third Crk                             for Compliment [9:278]               ? 116

p 43 20 Mar 1778 #611 James Gray 250 A between Maurice Roony’s conditional line, Samuel Loury, John McBroom, James Thompson, George Marlin & John                              Loury, including his own improovment [10:221] ? 116, ? 116/117

p 72 29 Jun 1778 #987-Samuel Lowry 640 A on S side of North Yadkin, incl. Phil & Samuel Williams’ Improovment ? 116

p 72 #988-Samuel Lowry 250 A on S side of North Yadkin R, including Asa Martin’s Improovment ? 116

p 99 13 August 1778 #1373-Samuel Loury 300 A on S side Fourth Crk adj William Cowen, Joseph Wilson, Maurice Roney, James Gray, & to sd crk, then to                                       the beginning [11:112] ? 116

p 107 11 September 1778 #1496 Samuel Loury 263 A on E side Hunting Crk & W of William Frohock’s line beginning at his corner of sd crk & running E for same ? 116

p 137 31 December 1778 #1931 Joseph Lovelace 120 A on Rockey Crk and adj James Swinford, Aarom Luman, Willm Lothery, William Dobbins, James McCrary, &                          George Lock so as to include the Improovment he now lives on

? 58

p 138 31 December 1778 #1934-Joseph Wilson 100 A on Third Crk adj Maurice Roney’s conditional line and his own Improovment and adj Samuel Lowry, dec. ? 116

p 159 28 May 1779 James Rutherford 90 A on Fourth Crk adj James Marlin, John Culbertson, & Samuel Lowry. A claim sett up by Thomas Loyal.  Made to James [illegible] ? 116

p 159 4 Jun 1779 #2227-John Loury 50 A on E of John Culbertson; N of James Marlin junr; W of James Marlin senr; & S of James Marlin junr., beginning at corner of sd Culbertson’s NS line &                running E & the other points for compliment  ? 232/233

p 224 no date #3089-John Lowrey 150 A on waters of Coddle and Buffelow Crks, adj his former survey; James Lowrey, Junr.; Barkley; Charles Lowrey; etc. Made to William Lowrey, [by him] to               Mich. [Utzman?]

See Prolegomenon and Forward for details of history, maps included

[RCGI] Maps of Lowry land

11-656 1789 Samuel to son William Lowry: 116, 58

b s 4 c, beg s s c, William Cowen corner; whl S 69; E 36; N 16; E 30; N 40 E

24 1/2 N 16 to creek; with c to beg.

52-99 1833: The following tract of William Lowry on 4th creek:

beg s s c, Wm Hall corner; whl S 2 E 80 1/2; E 5 1/2 to Cowan’s corner; S 1

W 24 1/2 E 5 to Robert S. Fleming line; whl N 4 W 24 1/2 thc; whl E 37 thc

and Lowry corner; N 5 E 16; E 2 N 31 to William Gray corner; N 40 E 26 1/2

thc; N 1 1/2 W 17 1/2 to s bank c; up creek to beg.

? 58

This includes the East part of Cowan land {apparently this is land from William to Richard Lowry} 58, 58/59

18-162 John Loury 180 acres beg n s 4 c, Andrew Shields corner; N 45; N 55; E 8; N 10; E 31 1/2; S 64 to cree ,; up creek to beg

[RCDe] Abstracts of Deeds

p 11 #258 p172 25 October 1786 State Grant #1078 @ 50 sh per 100 A to Samuel Lowrey, 395 A on S side of Fourth Crk adj William Cowan 116

p 35 #821 p656 5 May 1789 Samuel Lowry to his son William Lowry for 10 pounds, love, and goodwill; 395 A on S side of Fourth Crk adj William  Cohen, originally a state grant dated 25 October 1786 [11:172]. Wit: William Brown, John Tate. Prvd by Tate at May Ct 1789 116, 58

p 38 #890 p715 5 May 1789 Articles of Agreement Samuel Lowry to his son William Lowry for 10 pounds, love, and goodwill; all his land on S side of Fourth Crk of South Yadkin R [area not stated], “all my Improvements for husbandry”, one wagon and accessories, all his horses and cattle, and all household furniture (except one feather bed, a large Bible, and one chest).  William Lowry is to provide him with a good saddle horse and pay 12 pounds a year on 16 October to his father during Samuel’s natural life. Under 600 pounds bond. Wit: Will Brown, John Tate. Prvd by Tate at May Ct 1789 1 16, 58

p 39 #901 p724 17 June 1788 John Luckey/Luckie to Isaac Anderson for 656 pounds, three tracts of land on Fourth Creek and Beaverdam Br of South Yadkin R, containing a total of 656 A; (1) 300 A adj Robert Tate where John Luckey lived, being a Granville grant on 29 January 1755 [03:511] to Robert Tate and conveyed by him to William Eslavin who sold it to John Luckey on 20 and 21 April 1756; (2) 160 A joining John Culbertson, Andrew Shields, John Luckey, Robert Johnson, and James Marlin, being a state grant to John Luckey dated 21 March 1780 [09:234] ; and (3) 196 A on both sides of Beaverdam Br on S  side of South Yadkin R “it being the Land Originally Granted to the Said John Luckey part of these presents, Saml Luckey & Joseph Luckey, Dec’d, by the            Earl – Granville” on 21 December 1761 [04:786], and from Joseph Luckey, dec’d, to John Luckey 1 May 1787. Wit: Saml Lowry and Will Brown.  Prvd by Brown at May Ct 1789.

p 111 #2277 p630 27 Nov 1793 State Grant #2189 @ sh per 100 A to Robert Love, 109 A on N side of Third Crk adj Joseph Wilson, William Lowry, and James Gray ? 58

p 115 #2361 p723 27 Nov 1793 State Grant #2197 @ 50 sh per 100A to Joseph Wilson, 215 A on N side of Third Crk adj William Lowry, William Cowan and John Tate ? 58

p 159 #3152 p735 11 Nov 1796 William Lowry to Isaac Cowen for 80 pounds, 80 A on S side of Fourth Crk adj this Grantee, and being part of a 395 State Grant to Samuel Lowry [11:172], who conveyed it to this Grantor [11:656]. Wit: Robt Love, Heny Robison. Prvd by Love at Nov Ct 1796 116, 58

Includes a map of Rowan Co with creeks and rivers

OTLo: Old Times: Lowry (Lowrie, Lowrey) of Rowan County by LSB Lowry family have a tie with “Lost Colony” in Robeson County

No records in census microfilms in NC State library

58/9 Will of Richard Lowry (brother of Lydia) in archives-1853

5 sisters including Lydia VaEtan

” It is my will that all the property belonging to me not mentioned or willed to my wife be put to sale and the neat proceads to be devided betwean my five sisters Margaret Hall, Isabella Marlen, Lydia VaEtan, Elizabeth Paterson, & Nancy Davidson.”

58 Search back in microfilms revealed a deed of sale (1833-1836) of land from the 5 sisters to Richard for land from their father, William (Lydia’s father)

116 Another deed (5 May 1789) reveals sale of land by Samuel (Lydia’s 58 grandfather) to son William. Samuel got his land (395 acres) as a grant from the State of North Carolina on 25 October 1786 and he identifies himself as a planter.

58,9 William Lowry’s wife was Elizabeth Gillespie whose mother was Jean

116 Samuel Lowry got his land (395 acres) as a Grant from the State of North Carolina on 25 October 1786. “In the 11th year of our independence” for                                                      50 shillings/hundred acres. Samuel identifies himself as a Planter

116/ Samuel had at least one more son, John

58/9 Richard Lowry apparently was not married, because when the mother (Elizabeth) died, the estate was settled (1882 {probably Richard’s estate, not Elizabeth’s}). “Rebecca D.” is often named (I guess she would be the daughter of Lydia)  Heirs of Lydia: Annie V. Finley, John H. Van Eaton (her son), Sallie S. Call, Willie D. Van Eaton, John D. Van Eaton (her son and my grandfather), Rebecca D. Van Eaton, Eugene R. Matson & Lawrence M. Matson and Charles C. Van Eaton. Thes received $658.38 out of a total of $3286.90 in the estate

I have print of original signature of John D. Van Eaton

Infant Elizabeth A. Lowry keeps appearing

29 Lydia Lowry b. 9 September 1802, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Gilespie) Lowry; John Van Eaton, b. 7 December 1792 in NC, m. Lydia Lowry, son of Samuel Van Eaton (b. 19 November 1761) and Ruth Neely (b. 18 June 1763)

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Lowery           AA                                                X                                      DR 1922

Bessie Massey                           1893-1980


Mrs. Bob                                                                                                                    Gertude Collins

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DL c1839-1917                                      X                               DR 1917

Dabner Alexander                      1866-1943


Emma Mae (Dull)                                                                                                       Dull

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Gertude Collins                                     X


JoAnn                                                                                                                                Photos

John Robert              1881                     X                                                                       Professor,Photos

Mrs Henry                                                                                                                        Ruby Mae Brahen

Johnny N Jr                                          X

Lee            1887-1949                           X

Mary (Driver) (Langston)

X                                                                        Langston

Mary Tennison Blackwood      1852-1942


R Baity               c 1917-1955                   X                               DCE4/18/55

Richard Tennison       1884-1967


Mrs. Richard Tennison                                                                                                       Lowery,BessieMassey

Ruby Mae Bracken           1916-1990

X                                 DCE 6/7/90

Sallie Ellen                 c1856-1935

X                                   DR 4/17/1935

Viola Foster 1892-1980


William                    c1897-1921           X                                    DR 1921

William                    -1918                      X                                    DR 1918

Rowan County (NC) Herritage (Salisbury Library NC Row 71 PET)

The Herritage of Rowan County North Carolina

Vol 1, 1991, ed Katherine Sanford Petricelli

Genealogical Society of Rowan Co Inc.

Lowrey 400 Elizabeth Dorton

Lowrie L159 Williams File

Lowry 462 Henry Gough

L137 Jones File



According to February 2000 “Under Construction” in Search for Irish Origins, Gillespies are found in Down, Galway and Kilkenny Counties

?236-Thomas Gillespie (may be the Thomas Sr. in tax and property records)

b. 1719 [RCTL] in Cecil Co, MD [RCTL]

m. Naomi [RCTL]

d. 13 December 1797 [RCTL] (2 P.M., Tuesday [RCTL]) in Rowan Co, NC [RCTL], aged 69 [RCTL], bur. Thyatira Presbyterian Church [RCTL]                                                                        (same coffin as Thomas [RCTL])

d. 12 December 1797 [RCTL] in Rowan Co, NC [RCTL], aged 78 [RCTL], bur. Thyatira Presbyterian Church [RCTL] (same coffin as Naomi [RCTL]), will dated 15 Nov. 1796 [RCTL], probated 1797 [RCTL] ([RCTL] Will names: wife Naomi; sons James, Isaac, Robert, George, Thomas, David, and Alexander; Daughters Martha Allison, Lydia Knox; several grandsons)

ch. m James [RCTL]

m Isaac [RCTL]

m Robert [RCTL]

m George [RCTL]

m Thomas [RCTL] (may be the Thomas Jr. in tax and property records)

m David [RCTL]

m Alexander [RCTL]

f Martha, m. ALLISON [RCTL]

f Lydia, m. 4 November 1772 [RCTL] Capt. James KNOX (son of John KNOX and Jean GRACY [RCTL], imigrants, both bur. Thyatira Presbyterian Church  [RCTL]) ([RCTL] Grandparents of the 11th President of the United States, John Knox POLK)

Order of ch. unknown, listed here as per Will of Thomas Gillespie

May also be a son Richard and a daughter or daughter-in-law Jean {this may be Jean who m. 118-? Gillespie and 118 may be Richard}

NOTE ?236-Thomas/237-Naomi

[RCTL] Left Augusta Co, VA aft. September 1747 and was in the Rowan County area on Sills Creek adjoining the Catheys prior to 1752. May have been the first settlers on the West side of the Yadkin River. They were survived by sixty-five descendents, of whom six sons carried them to the place of internment. The tombstone says ?236-Thoas and ? 237-Naomi died on the 12 December 1797. The Gillespie tombstone is within ten feet of the graves of the immigrants John Knox  and his wife Jean Gracy, all of whom were great grandparents of the eleventh president of the United States, James Knox Polk.


? Son of Thomas and Naomi GILLESPIE

m. 119-Jean

d., will dated 18 January 1817 [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL], probated November 1823 [RCW1, RCW2] ([RCW1, RCW2] will names sons Thomas and Richard; daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Lydia, Jean and Eleanor {apparently deceased} with their married names; and grandchildren Isabel {dau. of Elizabeth}, Joseph G. and Jean {ch. of Richard)

d. bef. 18 January 1817 (date of will of 119-Jean) and ? bef. 31 December 1789 (Reasoning: apparently son Richard acted as bondsman for his sister’s Elizabeth’s  marriage bond, and only Elizabeth’s mother is mentioned as parent at time of marriage)

ch m Thomas [RCW1, RCW2]

m Richard [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL] (ch. Joseph G. [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL]; Jean [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL])

f *Elizabeth

f Ann, m. ? BEELE [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL]

f Lydia, m. ? CULBERTSON [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL]

f Jean, m. ? KNOX [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL]

f Eleanor, m. Robert JOHNSON [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL], d. ? bef. 18 January 1817 [RCTL]([RCW1, RCW2; not included in mother’s will]) (4 ch. [RCW1, RCW2, RCTL])

Order of ch. unknown, listed here in order in will of Jean GILLESPIE

59-Elizabeth GILLESPIE

Dau. of ? and Jean GILLESPIE

b. ca. 1767 (based on age and date of death)

m. 58-William LOWRY-see LOWRY

Son of 116-Samuel LOWRY

d. aft. 58-William ([RCW2] lists her as “widow”) ?18 July 1835 [RCCR], age

68 yrs [RCCR]

ch. See 58-William LOWRY


[RCMR]: Rowan County Marriage Bonds Vol 2, p 441, Vol 1, p 154

GROOM                     BRIDE                              DATE OF BOND                   BONDSMAN & WITNESS

Gillespie, John       Margaret Kerr                       31 Jan 1786             David Flem(ing)? (w) W. Cupples

Gillaspie, Thomas Catherine Beard                    24 Aug 1796             Henry Giles Gillespie,

David                        Mary Luckey                         18 April 1785            Robert Luckey    (w) Hy Magoune

Gillespie, Isaac        Mary Anne McGuire           1 April 1791               John McGuire  (w) C. Caldwell, DC

Gillespie, John        Polly Brandon                       14 March 179-          R(ober)t Gillespie  (w) Edwin Osborn DC

Gillespie, David       Mary Marlin                          16 Feb 1814              Wm Kilpatrick   (w) Geo Dunn

Gillespie, George     Ann S. Cowen                        17 Nov 1830             Jn. Foster    (w) Hy Giles

Gillespie, Joseph F  Terisa Sloan                          1 March 1842            Theo(philu)s Gilles   (w) J H Hardie

Gillespie, John C     Jane S. Graham                    11 Oct 1843                Andrew Graham  (w) Jno H Hardie Jr

Gillespie, John C.    Harriet Marlin                      17 Jan 1849               Thos J Gillespie     (w) J H Hardie

[RCW1] Will of Jean Gillespie, Rowan County, North Carolina. Will Book H. pp 243-244. Will probated in November 1823

Testator: Jean Gillespie. Place: State of North Carolina and County of Rowan. Date: eighteenth day of January in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen

Beneficiaries: Son, Thomas Gillespie; Son, Richard Gillespie. Joseph G. Gillespie, son of sd Richard Gillespie. Daughter, Elizabeth Lowry, widow. Granddaughter, Isabel Lowery. Granddaughter, Jean – daughter of Richard. Daughter, Ann Beele. Daughter, Lydia Culbertson.

Daughter, Jean Knox. Robert Johnson’s four children which my daughter Eleanor had to him.

Execcutor: Richard Gillespie.

Witnesses: R. Gillespie, Matthew S. Steele

[RCW2] H: 243 Jean Gillespie. Jan 18, 1817. prb Nov. 1823. Widow. Sons: Thomas and Richard Gillespie. Joseph G. Gillespie, son of Richard Gillespie.  Daughters: Elizabeth Lowry (widow), Ann Beele, Lydia Culbertson and Jean Knox. Granddaughters: Isabel Lowery and Jean (daughter of Richard). Robert Johnson’s 4 children which my daughter Eleanor had to him: not named.

Exr: Richard Gillespie. Wit: R. Gillespie, Matthew S. Steele

K: 38 John Gillespie was executor of Jacob Waggoner’s will 26 October 1845

[RCDe] Rowan County Deeds

p 86 #1803 p.66 25 October 1786. State Grant #1342 @ 50 sh per 100 A to Thomas Gillespie, 41 A on Second Crk adj his own land

p 104 #2151. 5 Dec 1792. State Grant # 191 @ 10 pounds per 100 A to Thomas Gillespie Jr., 1000 A in the Middle District [TN] on Flat Crk of Duck River adj Thomas Gillespie Sr

[RCTL] Rowan County Tax List

p 17 Capt, Alexander Osborn’s Militia List

Jon Gillespay

Josep Gilespey

p 91 South of Salisbury: Matthew Locke 1768

Thomas Gilaspey

Georg his son

Negro Harry

Negro Sanders

Negro Luse 5

James Gilaspie

Negro Peter

Negro Alex 3

p 155 1778 Capt. John Gowen’s District

James Gillespie 2551.?

Thomas Gillespie,jun 230.?

Thomas Gillespie 5529.?

p 302 1790: Captain Harvey’s Rowan County Company: Third Creek & Back Creek area of Northwestern Rowan bordering Davie County

Gillespie, Thomas Senr.* 368 A (remainder cut off)

Gillespie, Thomas Junr.: 191 A, 1 WP, 1 BP

In charge: 1 BP

Ditto, Robert: 225 A, 1WP, 3 BP

Ditto, Alexander: 440 A, 1 WP, 2 BP

Ditto, David: 150 A, 1 WP, 1 BP

Ditto, Isaac: 250 A, 1 WP, 1 BP

Ditto, Richard: 206 A, 1 WP, 3 BP

Ditto, Jean in charge 1 WP

footnote p 303

*Thomas Gillespie, b. 1719 in Cecil Co., MD, d. 12 December 1797 in Rowan County and is burried at Thyatira Presbyterian Church. The Augusta Co., VA Court Minutes for Sept. 1747 show that he was about to leave that colony. He can be identified in the Rowan County area on Sills Creek adjoining the Catheys prior to 1752 and was probably there earilier. His will, written 15 Nov. 1796, prb. Court 1797 recorded in Will Book G:2 names his wife Naomi, sons James, Isaac, Robert, George, Thomas, David, and Alexander. Daughters Martha Allison, Lydia Knox, as well as several grandsons. Naomi Gillespie died at 2 P.M. on Tuesday the 13th of December, aged 69. A notice printed in The North Carolina Journal said that they were the first settlers on the West side of the Yadkin River. They were buried in the same grave in the same coffin, survived by sixty-five descendents, of whom six sons carried them to the place of internment. See Raymond Parker Fouts, “Abstracts from the North Carolina Journal”, pp137-8. The tombstone says they both died on the 12th, Thomas aged 78, Naomi, 69. The Gillespie tombstone is within ten feet of the graves of the immigrants John Knox and his wife Jean Gracy, all of whom were great grandparents of the eleventh president of the United States, James Knox Polk, Thomas and Naomi’s daughter Lydia Gillespie having married Capt. James Knox, the Rowan County

Marriage Bond dated 4 November 1772-see KNOX below


Rowan County (NC) Herritage (Salisbury Library NC Row 71 PET)

The Heritage of Rowan County North Carolina

Vol 1, 1991, ed Katherine Sanford Petricelli

Genealogical Society of Rowan Co Inc.

Gillespie 325 Cathay Settlement of Rowan Co

333 Chambers Family

473 William Young Hair

482 Frances Owen Harrison

534 Thomas Irwin

540 Third Creek Johnstons

579 John Calvin Kluttz

653 Samuel Eusibius McCorkle

758 Elizabeth Hobbs Poston

L44 AL Post 107

L82 Thyatira Presbyterian Church

L121 Barr File

L155 Todd File


[RCCR] Cemetery Records: Third Creek Presbyterian Church, West of Cleveland

Row # 14

Catherine Knox, wife/Robert Knox b. 27 Sept 1812 d.17 July 1893

Robert Knox b. 12 Sept 1804 d. 2 July 1885

Ben Knox NC Regt Revolutionary War no dates


p 137 31 Dec 1778 # 1928 John Morton 640 A. on Mark’s Branch of Third Crk, adj James Knox & Patrick Graham, including the Improovment which he now lives on

[RCLE] p 27 partial entry mentions Absolom Knox as having property adjacent to Land Entry # 2215

[RCTL] Rowan County Tax List

p 155 1778 Capt. John Gowen’s District

Benjamin Knox 2479.2.6

Matgt Knox 924.19,0

Wm Knox’s orphans 799.0.0

John Knox jun 2056.16.6

Samuel Knox 2678.15.0

James Knox 2435.?

[RCTL] Rowan County Tax List

p 302 1790: Captain Harvey’s Rowan County Company: Third Creek & Back Creek area of Northwestern Rowan bordering Davie County

Knox, John: 80 A, 1 WP, 1 BP

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