About 1282 – ?

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John Chudleigh
born about 1282 Chudleigh, Devonshire, England

*John Chudleigh
born about 1257 Chudleigh, Devonshire, England
(end of information)..



*Thomasine Prouse (Prowse, Prouz)
born about 1286 Asheton, Devonshire, England

*John Chudleigh
born about 1307 Chudleigh, Devonshire, England
died Broad Clyst Manor, Devonshire, England

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Ashton Oxenden was born at Broome Park, Barham on 28th September 1808, the son of wealthy parents Sir Henry Oxenden and his wife Mary, nee Graham, the owners of Broome Park. 

Ashton Oxenden would appear to have derived his name from Ashton in Devon.  His grandmother’s maiden name was Chudleigh, the daughter of Sir George 4th Baronet Chudleigh of Ashton.  Burke in his “Extinct and Dormant Baronetage” (1841) commences his account of the family of Chudleigh with the following words: “This family was of long continuance in Devonshire, and flourished for several generations at Broad Cleft in that county, frequently serving the office of sheriff, in the reign of Richard II., Henry VI. and Henry VII. Ashton in the same county, anciently called Asscriston and Asheriston, came with other lands to the Chudleighs so early as the beginning of the fourteenth century, by the intermarriage of John Chudleigh with Thomasine daughter of Richard son of Sir Richard Prous, Knt., when they were conveyed by deed (dated 1320), from Richard Prous and Margaret his wife to John Chudleigh  and his heirs. From John and Thomasine descended Sir James Chudleigh, Knt., of Ashton and from there to Sir George Chudleigh, the fourth Baronet of Ashton.

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