About 997 – After 1066

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Gytha Thorgilsdottir
born about 0997 Halland, Sweden
died after 1066 Flanders

*Thorgils “Sprakaleg” Styrbjornsson
born about 0970 Uppsala, Sweden

*Sigrid wife of Thorgils “Sprakaleg” Styrbjornsson
born about 0971 Halland, Sweden
(end of information)

*Ulf Thorgilsson born about 0993 Halland, Sweden
died 29 September 1027 Roskilde, Denmark
buried Hellige-Trefolg Kirken, Roskilde, Denmark
Eilif Thorgilsson born about 0995 Halland, Sweden died about 1020

*Godwin I Earl of Kent and Wessex
born about 0988 Wessex, England
died 15 January 1053 Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England

*son of Godwin I Earl of Kent and Wessex
*Harold II King of England
 born about 1019 England
died 14 October 1066 Battle of Hastings, Senlac Hill, Sussex, England
Edith Godwinsdatter born about 1020 died 8 December 1075
*Sven Godwinsson born about 1021 died 29 September 1052 Lycia, Constantinople, Byzantium
Tostig Earl of Northumberland born 1025/30 Wessex, England died 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge
Gyrth Godwinsson Earl of East Anglia died 14 October 1066 Battle of Hastings, Senlac Hill, Sussex, England
Leofwin Godwinsson died 14 October 1066 Battle of Hastings, Senlac Hill, Sussex, England
Wulfnoth Godwinsson
Elgiva Godwinsdottir
Gunhilda Godwinsdattir
 born about 1024 died 24 August 1087 Bruges, Flanders

children (possibly by Thyra Sveinsdottir):
Waeltheow of Wessex? died after 1066 in the prison of William the Conqueror
Morcar of Northumbria? died September 1066 in battle near York
Edwin of Mercia? died about 1067 Argyll, Scotland
Gytha (Edgyth) of Wessex?
Herbert Fitzgodwin?
Alfgar of Wessex?
 born about 1038?

biographical and/or anecdotal:

notes or source:
Note also that he was married to Thyra Svensdatter of Denmark who died in 1019.
Whether any children are attributable to her it doesn’t say in the record.
“Biographical Encyclopedia of the Kings & Queens of Great Britain” by Mike Ashley
only lists ten by *Gytha Thorgilsdottir

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