October 23, 1892 TO April 27, 1977

Carol was born on October 23, 1892, in San Jose, California, to Lynn Carroll and Elizabeth Belle (Mammee) Simpson.  Dr. Sue Gallimore (?), who was a childhood friend of Mammee’s, and one of the first female doctors in California, delivered her at home at 1021 University Avenue, San Jose, CA.

Carol was a tiny infant, weighing less than three pounds at birth, but was healthy nonetheless. Ray Venti Simpson, her brother was born in 1898 or 1899 (?). A sister Jane, born between Carol and Ray died at childbirth.

Carol lived in San Jose and San Francisco, moving frequently because Mammee had asthma and felt that moving into a recently cleaned home was easier on her asthmatic condition. Carol attended Hester School in San Jose for elementary school and Girls’ High School, in San Francisco, graduating in 1913. Carol attended the University of California for one year, until she had to return to Sacramento to work for the Sacramento Union newspaper that her father, Lynn C. Simpson, was part owner of.  Carol covered the drama and music events for the Sacramento Union.

Met Granville Beedle at a picnic and dance in Fair Oaks, in Sacramento County.



On the back of the photo above on the left is written, Carol 17 years old, 1906 of 1907,  San Jose, CA.   Below in Carol’s writing:  “This house belonged to Elizabeth Gallimore, our doctor’s niece.  Dr. Gallimore was one of the first women doctors in California.  She took care of mother  (Mammee) when I was born.  She and mother were girls together.  The Gallimore’s home was on  the corner of the Alameda and University Avenue.  They owned a large ranch where Moffett Field now stands.”  Below that is a note from Carol B. Healy, “Mom used to tell us stories about her horses.   I think she had one when quite young – a pony.”  

As a child, Carol took both voice and elocution lessons, and sang in church choirs, occasionally as a soloist, in Orland and Hollywood. She was a member of the Women’s Club of the Mill Valley Community Church.

 House at 1616 “H” Street, Sacramento, CA where G. L. Beedle and Carol Simpson where married. Home of Mammee and Lynn Carroll Simpson.  House is just across the street from the Governor’s Mansion.  The owner of this home was one of the owners of the Mentor-Leavitt Company by  whom Granville Beedle was employed.

Wedding Announcement of Granville & Carol Beedle indicating their new residence of 2021 F Street, Sacramento, CA.
Carol with children in May, 1922. Lynn Simpson Beedle, 4 years, 5 months old; Carol Elizabeth Beedle. 3 years, 2 months old; Alive Virginia Beedle, 1 year, 7 months old; and Jane Roby Beedle, 5 months old.

She was quite healthy until she contracted diphtheria in 1924. She had to endure a throat lancing and the long-term damage to her heart required lengthy periods of bed rest. She would bear up very well during crises, but pay the price immediately thereafter. 

With five children at home, being bedridden for weeks to months at a time was quite an experience for the entire family. She remained very busy, even during these spells of confinement, on one occasion making three Easter dresses, three-tiered, for the three girls. Carol Healy recalls, “she couldn’t spank, but she sure could talk” during those periods. If she need assistance or wished to correct the childrens’ behavior when they were playing outside, she would rap on the window with her wedding ring.

When Lynn and Carol were five to seven years old, Carol E. would occasionally send the children to the store to buy groceries. The children are not certain to this day if the trip was really necessary, or just to keep them busy. In Los Angeles, she would make the children memorize the grocery list; not allowing them to rely on a written list. This was training to improve the memory skills.

Letter from Carol Beedle to Mammee about her visit with Granville's relatives when Lowry was an infant.
A wonderful love letter from Granville to Carol, after Carol survived diphtheria. Dated October 17, 1924.

This letter,  written by Carol to Granville, is a classic.  A young mother, very much in love with her husband, enduring the frustration of raising young children during a very hot summer in Orland, California. 


1. 1021 University Avenue, San Jose

2. San Francisco, many

3. Sacramento, 1913

4. Married in 1915, Sacramento until 1917.

5. Orland, 1917 to 1921.

6. San Francisco, 1921 to 1922, Geary Blvd,

7. Mill Valley, 29 Renz Road, 1922 to 1924.

8. Los Angeles, 1924 to 1925 South Mariposa

9. Hollywood, 1925 to 1928, 803 North Normandie

10. Hollywood, 1928 to 1932, 1426 North Normandie

11. Glendale, 1932 to 1937, 1636 North Verdugo Rd.

12. Berkeley, 1937 to 1938, 1611 Spruce Street

13. Berkeley, 1938 to 1940, 1505 Arch Street

14. Mill Valley, 29 Renz Road

15. Mill Valley, 25 Renz Road

1636 North Verdugo Road home.

Berkeley, 1937 to 1938, 1611 Spruce Street.

Berkeley, 1938 to 1940, 1505 Arch Street.

Contemplation at Mill Valley, 29 Renz Road.

When we lived in Hollywood, Mom insisted we all take naps. One time, we got to horsing around. Mom suddenly appeared at the door. Because we had been warned numerous times, that getting out of bed could be fatal to her, we quickly dove for our beds crying out “Mommy, don’t die, Mommy don’t die. We’ll be good.” She then went back to bed … no harm done.

In the same bedroom, Lynn was suddenly inspired that all of us should experience total darkness. So he herded us all into the bedroom closet and closed the door, with Lynn inside also, and the doorknob fell off. Shortly after this time, Pop returned home, and Mom told him, “it’s been awfully quiet in the front bedroom, would you please see what the kids are up to.”


Letter from Carol to Cousin Pearl McCallum. Pearl's father was the founder of Palm Springs, CA



Letters from Bessie Healy to Carol Beedle just after Don and Carol Healy were married and Carol had just met her new inlaws.

Carol Beedle on right, her mother Mammee on left. Circa 1950s.
Granville and Carol's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Letters from Carol E. Simpson to her mother and father shortly after she left home to attend the University of California in 1914.

Letters from Granville Beedle to Carol E. Simpson shortly after they met in 1915 to Christmas, 1925.

Letters from Mammee and Lynn C. Simpson to daughter Carol.

Letters from Carol E. Simpson to Granville Beedle beginning in 1915

Letters from Granville Beedle to Carol E. Simpson shortly after they met in 1915 to Christmas, 1925.

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