Sacramento, Orland, San Francisco and Mill Valley, California

1915 to 1920

Last Orland Residence 521 2nd Street
Carol Beedle and Lowry, 1916
Carol Beedle and Lowry, 1916
Guthrie 1917
Carol, Lynn & Lowry, December 1918
Lynn, December, 1918
Lowry, 1918 or so.
Carol, Carol Elizabeth, Lowry, Orland, CA 1919
Carol on Birthday, March 2, 1920
Carol on Birthday, March 2, 1920
Lowry & Carol, September, 1920
Mammee & ?
Ray Simpson, 1917
Ray Simpson & Navy friends in 1918
Lynn C. Simpson, Lowry, Carol, Lynn, Ray Simpson, Mammee 1918

1921 TO 1924

Lynn 4th Birthday, 1921

Mill Valley, California, between 1922 & 1924

Lynn, Carol Beedle, Jane, Gin, and Carol (Healy)


Lynn, 6th Birthday, 1923
Taken 9/29/23, just as we were leaving Santa Barbara for Mill Valley. Carol, Gin, Carol, Jane and Lynn.
Lynn, Gin & Jane, 1924
John & Granville, Santa Barbara, CA, 1924
Lynn, 7th Birthday, 1924

803 North Normandie Blvd, Hollywood, CA, 1925 to 1928

803 Nth Normandie Blvd., Hollywood, CA
Gin, Carol, Jane, John & Lynn, July 19, 1925.
Jane, Gin & Carol

803 North Normandie Blvd, Hollywood, CA, 1925 to 1928

Gin, Lynn, Carol, & Jane, just home from Sunday School.
Lynn & Carol.
Jane? & John?

1426 North Normandie Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 1928 to 1932

Mammee and Dick, April, 1928.

Glendale, California, 1933 to 1937

Pictures of home at 1636 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale. California.  Granville & Carol upper left.  Dick, John and Dan Schuler upper right.

Carol, 1937
Jane & Gin 1933 to '37
John with fish.
Dick & John
December 18, 1934
December 18, 1934
Jane and Virginia
Big Basin, CA 1936
Hiking Expedition
Mount Diablo, CA


Family Home at 1611 Spruce, Berkeley, California

The War Years

Dick & Lynn when both were in the Navy. An inspecting officer, demanded that Dick remove this photograph from the inside of his locker. He did so temporarily.
Dick, Carol & John
Dick Beedle, age 16 or so.
Dick Beedle in U.S. Navy
Bill & Ray Simpson
Bill Simpson
Ray Simpson during WW II
Carol Healy
Donald L. Healy
Carol Healy, 1944
John Beedle
Dick and Myrtle Stickel and Ella and Lynn Beedle, taken in Norfolk, VA during the war when Dick was stationed there for a short time.

The 1950s And Later

Family Photo 1957
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