The photos on this and the following pages came from a family scrapbook in the possession of Jane Hildebrand.  They cover the history of the Granville and Carol Beedle family in Los Angeles from 1924 until the late 1930s.

Our first home in Los Angeles, September 1, 1924
Jane with new doll
Mill Valley, Jan. 1-6, 1926. We made a flying trip home during Granville's vacation.
John at 16 months of age at 863 N. Normandie, Hollywood, CA
John at 16 months of age at 863 N. Normandie, Hollywood, CA
Lynn, Carol, Jane and Virginia at Uncle John's home 73rd St. Los Angeles.
John and Carol S. Beedle at 2100 Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles, Sept. 1924
Mammee, Gin,John, Carol
Mammee, Gin and John

2100 Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, September 1924

Jane, Lynn, Gin & Carol, November 1924 in backyard at 2100 Mariposa Ave.
See what Santa Claus brought Gin, Carol & Lynn, 1924.
Lynn, six years old, December 7, 1924, taken at 2401 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA
Virginia, 1925
John and Jane, summer 1925 at 803 N.Normandie at our first Hollywood home.
"Mrs. Thorp & Dorothy visited at our home in Hollywood", May, 1925
"Mrs. Thorp and my children, May,1925."
"Three old friends in Gaviota Pass, May 1925"

“We spent the Summer of 1925 at home and these pictures were taken during the Summer.  Lynn and Carol and school children now.”

“Spring, 1927, Lynn, Carol and Margaret Kay took part in a Spring festival at Ramona school.”

"John's first errand. He bought a bunch of carrots at Safeway store, just before he was three."
"Mother and Dad (Lynn C. and Mammee) on their wedding anniversary, 1927."

 “Mill Valley, 1927.  Home for a week, September, 1927.  Oh the beauty and peace.  It is hard to leave.”

“Carol Elizabeth, Rally Day, 1927.”

Virginia, November 22, 1927.
Carol, 1927
Jane, December 22, 1927.
Lynn on his fifth birthday.
Lynn Carol Simpson (Dad) with John.
"John as Little Jack Horner in a play at the Mt. Olive Sunday school, Christmas, 1927.
Jane; Mammee and Dad bought the coat and hat I wanted." 1927
Carol E. Simpson Beedle and Richard.
"Mammee and Richard. Five weeks old. April, 1928"
"Richard at eight months."
Carol and Dick, "He had his daily sun bath."
Granville, Richard and Lynn, Fall of 1928.
Carol E. and Dick, 1928.
Granville and Dick, 1928.
John, December, 1928.
Dick, Spring, 1928.
Gin and dog.
Mammee, January 1, 1929.
John and Dick, Easter, 1929.
Lynn, 1929.
Lynn, Carol, Jane and John, 1929.
Gin , Easter,1930.
"One of the bright spots is Sunday at the beach." Carol E., Lynn, Carol, and Jane, 1930.
Granville and Clarence on tetter-totter.
Lynn, Carol, Gin, Jane, John & Dick.
John & Clarence.
"Jane's Class - Ramona School, 1931."

Home again after four years absence, Mill Valley, 1931.

"On Top." (Mt. Tamalpais)

Carol on graduation day.

Carol at graduation in cap and gown.
Juanita, Virginia and Richard. Jane is in the car.
Family group, 1935.
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