JANUARY 19, 1849 TO ?

Sarah Elizabeth Beedle was the sister of Charles Wesley Beedle, Granvill L. Beedle’s father.

Funeral notice copied from Mary Holmes Beedle’s scrapbook:


The following obitnary of a well-known
lady, formerly a resident of Richmond, and
daughter of Granville and Sarah Beedle, we
find in the Brooklyn times of Nov. 20th, 
which we publish by request:
      Mrs. Sarah Lizzie Parsell. wife of J. M.
Parsell, who occupies a responsible position
in  the establishment of Messrs.  Tiffany  &
Company in New York, died early on Tues-
day morning, Nov. I8th, after a painful ill-
ness.  The death of this lady in the bloom 
of early womanhood, will be sincerely regret-
ted by a large circle of friends to whom she
endeared herself by many lovely traits of
character.  She was not so demonstrative in
the expression of friendship, or religious
feeling as some are, but those whose good
fortune it was to know her intimately, could
not fail to be impressed with her equable
temper and sweetness of disposition; espe-
ciall was this noticeable during the last three
years of her life, for, although, almost con-
stantly suffering physical pain, she bore it
with remarkable patience.  During the past
summer, the disease made such rapid prog-
ress that the best medical skill could not im-
pede its march and when informed that she
would soon have to bid adieu to those to
whom she fondly clung, the intelligence was
received with composure and perfect submis-
sion.  She was perfectly conscious up to the
moment of her departure, and whispered in
the ear of her husband, who unweariedly and
tenderly ministered to her,
           "Jesus can make a dying be
           As soft as downy pillows are."
Mrs. Parsell's maiden name was Sarah Liz-
zie Beedle and she was a sister Mrs. Dan-
iel Allen of Rondout.   Mr. and Mrs  Parsell
were members of St. John's Methodist Epis-
copal Church and Sabbath school in Brook-
lyn.   The funeral took place on Thursday af-
ternoon November 20th from her late resi-
dence at 176 Bedford avenue, Brooklyn, and
was largely attended.
Rev. Dr. Peck, her pastor, was unavoida-
bly absent from the city, but his place was
supplied by Rev. J. Hyatt Smith, who kind-
ly responded to a request to conduct the ser-
vice.  He delivered a beautiful and appro-
priate address, after which the remains were
conveyed to Cypress Hill Cemetery.            


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