4/21/1808 -?

On the back of the photo it says ‘Grandma Beedle  William H. Beedle Sr.’s Mother.  This was taken in Gardiner Maine in an Art Studio. No date. There is a copyright date  1889 for the cardboard type of backing. Its called a negative, 4″x6″ approx.

Photo and information below provided by Geri Masters

According to Hatch’s History of Industry, Maine, Sarah Greenleaf Collins, daughter of Lemuel Collins, was the fifth of fourteen children.  She was born in Industry, Maine on April 21, 1808 to Lemuel Collins and Sarah Greenleaf Collins.  She married Granville T. Beedle on June 7, 1832, and resided in Richmond, Maine, having six children.

(This history was published in 1893 and is accepted for its genealogy.  This information is found of pages 555 and 556 in said history.)

Marriage Records of Granville T. Beedle and Sarah Grennleaf Collins

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