1798 – 4/10/1878

From the notes of James Tillotson:

   Jim Tillotson’s Research Notes on the McCallum Family (large file).

   Jim Tillotson’s Index to References

31-Helen GUTHRIE

      Daughter of John and Sarah (DAVIS)


  1. ca. 1798 [C850(IN), EMGe. MCFR-age 52 in

         1850] or est. 1802  [LDSC]/1808

         [MCFR]/ca. 1816 [OTGe, based on age and

         date of death] in Meadville[AGAF]

         Pennsylvania [C850(IN), EMGe,


  1. Duncan McCallum [RoGF, AGAF]-see


  1. 5 [OTGe]/10 [EMGe] April 1878 in Vevay,

            Switzerland Co, IN [OTGe,  EMGe], age

            62 yrs 7 mo [OTGe]

  1. 4 children [RoGF, AGAF]-see 30-Duncan



The name of the wife of Duncan MacCallum has been assumed to be Ellen based on other sources but with the Guthrie Family information it appears to be Helen.  Ellen could perhaps be a nickname for Helen or there may be an error in one or the other records.


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