1761 – 1845

Information gathered by Lynn Beedle on September 8, 1972:

Samuel Van Eaton was born in 1761, in New York. He married Ruth Neely and their eldest son was John (1792 to  ?) who married Lydia Lowry in 1820.  Samuel died in North Carolina on March 5, 1845.

From: “A Van Etten – -Van Eaton Genealogy” by Kitty Bell Van Eaton Ruggles:


Samuel, the son of John and Margaret LeFevre Van Etten, was born in 1776 or 1777 in Rowan Co., North Carolina. He married Ruth Neeley in Salisbury, North Carolina. The nine children of Samuel and Ruth Neeley Van Eaton are:

1. John born December 7, 1792, married Lydia Lowry. Their
children are:
a. William

b. Franklin
c. John Those names in bold type are our predecessors.
d. Margarite

e. Rebecca
f. Samuel
g. James

h. Nathan
i. Barton

2. Richard (called Colonel) married Betty March. Their children are:
a. Betsy
b. Samuel
c. Charles
d. Ely
e. Richard
f. Pliny
g. Nancy
h. James K. Polk

3. Abraham born October 19,1813, died November 14,1852,
married Barsina Bean who was born March 24, 1816, and
died February 20, 1864. Their children were:
a. McDonald
b. Benjamin LaFayette married Rachel Elmira Huie and had nine children:

1. Alice
2. Nettie Barsina
3. Joseph McDonald
4. DeWitt Clemons
5. Laura Elizabeth
6. Minnie Lee
7. Lula
8. Howard Austin
9. Marion Arthur

c. Francis Marian
d. Foster Harrison
e. William Sexton
f. Richard Munford
g. Doctor Samuel

4. Betsy married Emmerson.
5. Nancy married Henly.
6. Margarite married Mason.
7. Polly remained single.
8. Hannah married Ed Brinsger.
9. Sarah married Emmerson.

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