MARCH 27, 1916  TO  1966

Norman Falconer Swanson was born March 27, 1916 in Wilton, North Dakota.  His parents were Ida Daisy Swanson and Albert Lewis Swanson.  Here are some pictures of Norman.  The Swanson family left North Dakota around 1921 and drove in their Model T Ford west to Seattle.

Norman Swanson in Wilton, North Dakota
Norm on the right side next to Elizabeth his sister
Norman, Friend, Elizabeth standing in front of the Swanson Model T Ford
Elizabeth and Norman in Wilton, North Dakota

Norman had two older sisters.  Josephine (Larsen)  and Elizabeth F. Swanson.  When Norman was about 5 years old, the Swanson Family moved to Lake Forest Park near Lake Washington in Seattle.  Pictures show the family enjoying swimming, bicycling, playing with friends.  Norman attended Lake Forest Park School and enjoyed playing basketball and other sports. 

Norman living in Lake Forest Park
Elizabeth and Norman
Elizabeth, Josephine, Norman, Ed Larsen, Sr.
Norman and Daisy Swanson
Lake Forest School 1923
Lake Forest Park Basketball Team 1936
Graduation from Roosevelt High School

Young Adult Years

United States Army

Norm met Bettie Mae Mullikan from Louisville, Kentucky

Husband and Father Years – Seattle, Portland, Beaverton, Oregon, West Slope, Oregon

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