1/26/1769 – ?

It is believed that Walter McFarland was born in Scotland on November 17th, 1766.  Walter married Sarah Mitchell (Elias) McFarland.  Sarah was born on January 26th, 1769.  A copy of several pages of material containing records of births, deaths and marriages of the McFarland clan, but otherwise unlabeled, provides the following list of births that appear to be the children of Walter and Sarah:

Mary McFarland:  June 15th, 1793.

Sarah McFarland:  November 30th, 1795.

Hannah McFarland:  June 11th, 1798.

Rebeckah McFarland:  June 28th 1800.

John Joseph McFarland:  December 12th, 1802.

Emma McFarland:  November 15, 1806.

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