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From the notes of James Tillotson:

John MacCallum of Perthshire, Scotland, was the father of three sons, John, Neil and Duncan, all of whom emigrated to America, and one daughter, Elinor or Eleanor, who is only known of from a family bible owned by a descendent of Neil MacCallum.  Little else is known with certainty about John MacCallum.  However, Jim Tillotson’s research has uncovered numerous possibilities as listed below:

Jim Tillotson’s Research Notes on the McCallum Family 

Jim Tillotson’s Index to References

Possible parents of 60/61-Duncan; 120/121-Neil/John/Elinor [LDSC, LDSC(BI), LBSF(Perth)]:

John MacCallum m. Janet Kennedy (no John) [LDSF(Perth), [LDSC(BI)])

        Ch.  Duncan, chr. 14 December 1792 in Killin

             Duncan McCallum m. Janet McDonald (D) or

             Janet  McDiarmid (J1) or Jannet McDearmid

             (J2) ([LDSC(BI)])

        Ch.   Duncan, chr. 15 April 1794 in Killin [LDSC]

            John, chr. 14 September 1798 [LDSC]

            John, chr. 14 August 1798 [LDSC]

 Malcolm McCollin m. Mar. Fletcher ([LDSC(BI)])

       Ch.  Duncan, chr. 7 August 1794 in Killin [LDSC]

John MacCallum m. Margaret Mc Gregor ([LDSC],


       Ch.  Duncan, chr. 20 August 1794 in Fortingall,

             Perthshire John, chr. 15 October 1796 in

             Fortingall, Perthshire

John McCallum m. Margaret Fletcher [LDSF(Perth)]

       Ch.  Duncan chr. 20 August 1794 in Fothergill, Perthshire

Dond. McCallen m. Betty McIntyre ([LDSC(BI)])

      Ch.  Duncan, chr. 28 September 1794 in Killin [LDSC]

John MacCallum m. Mary McKay ([LDSF(Perth)], [LDSC],                              LDSC(BI)])

      Ch.  John, chr. 1 August 1789 in Killin, Perthshire

             Duncan, chr. 14 October 1794 in Killin, Perthshire

John MacCallum m. Janet (no John) [LDSC]

             [LDSF(Perth)], [LDSC(BI)])

      Ch.  Duncan, chr. 3 December 1794 in Comrie, Perthshire

Donald MacCallum m. Jean ([LDSC(BI)])

      Ch.  Duncan, chr. 25 May 1795 in Killin

            John, chr. 11 August 1788 or 11 September

            1788 or 26 May 1791 in Killin

Donald McCallum m. Susan McGregor ([LDSC(BI)])

      Ch.  Duncan, chr. 1797 in Killin [LDSC]

Mal. MacCallum m. Kat. Mc Farland ([LDSC(BI)])

      Ch.  Duncan, chr 21 May 1798 in Killin [LDSC]

            John, chr. 5 May 1796 in Killin [LDSC]

John McCalum, b. ca. 1760 in Easdale, Kilbrandon Argyl Scotland,                 m. Jean (Janet) MacLean (b. 1760 in Scotland) ([LDSC(BI)])

      Ch. Archibald, b. 1788 in Scotland

            John, b. 1794

            Catherine, b. 1795 in Scotland

John MacCallum m. Susanna McKay (LDSC(BI)]

       Ch. John, b. 26 July 1796 in Killin, Perthshire [LDSC]

Dugal Mc Callum, chr. 1792, m. Janet Buchannan, son of                                    George McCallum [LDSC]

      Ch.  Eleanor/Elinor chr. 25 May 1805 [LDSC(BI)] lists no                              Neil/Niel or Eleanor/Elinor


GEN  [MH] “Some of the Scottish families claimed kinship to Sir Walter Scott.”  Lynn Beedle believes tie to Mary Queen of Scots must have come from Aunt Belle (letter dated 19 July 1977, also ? tie to clan-Stuarts, Campbell) Jane’s middle name suggests McCallums may be related to Mary Queen of Scots,  Any way the “blot on the blood” makes an interesting story.  Hal talked of the “Stuart Taint” and how could we escape it when both Mary and Darnley were Stuarts.

[HSB1] Page 1/2 The McCallums are probably the most aristocratic of the lot.  Like all McCallums, particularly those who emigrated from Scotland, John McCallum traced his linage back to McCallum More, Duke of Argyle, head of all the Campbells.  The first Duke was raised to that august rank after he married the illegitimate daughter of James VI of Scotland, and when we wished to irritate Aunt Belle, who took this genealogy business seriously, we always referred to “the blot on the blood.”  If the McCallum claims are correct, royal blood, well diluted flows through our veins, but at least we escape the Stuart taint, as we entered the line through Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, husband of Mary Queen of Scots.

None of the Scotch jokes apply to the McCallums.  Of all those I have known, or known about, owners of bookstores, artists, singers, none had any respect for money.  They practiced with abandon all the extravagances that make my really Scotch soul shiver.  They ride in taxicabs, use the long distance phone with the slightest excuse, belong to country clubs, and are always going out to dinner. Page 1/5


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