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From Kirk Beedle on May 31st, 2005:


Over the Memorial weekend Alec, Garrett and I went camping in the Sierra foothills. We camped at the Indian Grinding Rock Historical State Park. It is the adjacent to where the Miwoks lived for 2000-3000 years until the 1850's and gold rush. There is a round house and several huts that are still used several times a year for events. The most interesting thing was the grinding rock that is marbleized limestone that has 1,185 mortar holes from acorn being ground over those thousands of years. There are also 383 petroglyphs dating back the same.


In the fall is a very large gathering called 'Big Time'. As outsiders we'll be allowed to view some of the rituals, games and sample native foods. I want the boys to observe this as it is a way of life that has existed for thousands of years. There also is a very nice museum dedicated to the Miwoks and their way of life.


Along with that we toured the Black Chasm cave in Volcano and the Sutter Gold Mine just north of Sutter's Creek. In the gold mine we were 550 ft underground.


Fun stuff for the weekend!









From Kirk Beedle on December 19th, 2004:


The boys and I wanted to wish all of you and yours a wonderful holiday season


Garrett, Alec & Kirk



From Kirk Beedle on November 8th, 2003:

It seems that a parent can hold out for only so long before he caves into his kids request for a pet. Alec 'won' a hermit crab (Mr. Crabs) last summer at a nearby festival. Then we adopted a kitty (Serena) from the Humane Society in September and now Garrett has a tortise (Jack) for his 'pet'. At least they are low maintenance!


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                                              Carol Stoye and Kirk at the 

                                                                             Virginia Douglas Memorial                            


From Kirk Beedle and the boys on March 20th, 2003:


Hi folks,

First, please send my hellos to Jane.

We are getting settled quite nicely. The house is centered between the boys
school and my work....1.5 miles each direction! I have been hard at work
doing improvements and have finally reached a stopping point...for the
moment. Attached are some images of what I've been doing. Boat  R/V parking
and replacing a retaining wall and fence.

Garrett is reading at mid grade 1 level and I just got Alec signed up for
kindergarten....where does the time go.....

Thanks for the reminder about the folks bio's.

Love, Kirk and the boys

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From Kirk Beedle, via Lynn Beedle on January 25th, 2003:


Hi Lynn,

Looks like a book I'll have to add to my collection on CA history. I guess
you know that our family plot in San Jose is adjacent to William Eddy's of
the Donner party incident. I've a book on history of El Dorado County
(Placerville/Hangtown) that has a page or two about a constable Van Eaton
and his involvement in the pursuit of a bandit in that area.

I think I may have sent you the attached before. It is of the Van Eaton
marker in San Jose. Mamie's is there as well as a couple of others.


                   jd_vaneaton.jpg (191705 bytes)                mamie.jpg (134718 bytes)


All is well around here. After church tomorrow the boys and I are headed to
a huge sport and boat show in the east bay. Should be fun. I need to leave
the credit cards at home...this shows are hard on the wallet if your not

Our best to all,
                        Love, Kirk


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                                    Garrett & Alec, December,2001

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                                         Alec, Kirk & Garrett

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                  "Hey Dad, only 12 more years 'til we get to drive this."