JULY 26, 1877 TO OCTOBER 29, 1958


Born July 26, 1877 in Burlington, Iowa.

Died October 29, 1958 in Arlington, Washington

Albert Swanson was born in Burlington, Iowa. His mother Anna Anderson was born in Sweden. Details are sketchy. She spoke Swedish. His father was Charles Swanson. We found a picture of his sister, a couple of postcards and letters. Albert Swanson was not into talking about his family roots. He taught us a few sayings in Swedish, but preferred English.

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Anna Swanson                Ellen Swanson               Burlington, Iowa

ALSWANSONBIRTHCERT.jpg (303125 bytes)

Albert and Daisy Swanson (Ida Falconer) were married July 5, 1905 in Wilton, N.D. where he owned a menís clothing store for several years. Daisy and Albert had 3 children: Josephine, Elizabeth and Norman. Cousin Eddie speculated that the couple owned a theatre and restaurant while in Wilton. Daisy and Albert were married 53 years.

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Wilton,N.D.1905.jpg (288868 bytes)   Josephine Swanson+AlbertSwanson.JPG (229910 bytes)   Elizabeth&Albert.JPG (26428 bytes)   JosephineNormElizabeth.jpg (30352 bytes)

Wilton, N.D. 1905           Albert & Josephine     Albert &  Elizabeth   



They came to Seattle in 1921. The Swanson family resided in Lake Forest Park.

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Albert was a watchman in Seattle for Frederick & Nelson (Department Store) many years.

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  Clint Lundy an old friend of Normís told us about a scandal. Josephine who appeared to have had many suitors, one sailor not so appealing, tried to discourage the fellow. The belligerent "armed" suitor of Josephineís came to the Swanson residence in Lake Forest Park and confronted and threatened the Swanson family. Grandpa Swanson according to the record shot the fellow in self-defense. Evidently he was threatening not only Josephine, but also the family. Mr. Albert Swanson was never charged with criminal conduct as he was acting in self-defense. Evidently all the neighbors stood up for his fine character. Even Aunt Jean Quistorff remembered the famous incident. Grandpa was found not guilty.


In 1946 Albert retired from Frederick & Nelson.  Here is a picture of Elizabeth Swanson, Ed Larsen and Albert  working  at Frederick & Nelson's one Christmas Holiday.  Three generations working at F&N!

MomG'paSwEddieFrederick.jpg (196363 bytes)  Elizabeth Sipprell, Albert, Ed Larsen


The family moved to Arlington from 1950-1958 and lived at 509 Hillcrest, Arlington.

   Fam.57.JPG (37230 bytes) Xmas57.JPG (36195 bytes) Christmas at the Swanson Family Home

                                                                            Arlington, Washington

They enjoyed their grandchildren and neighbors. Gípa Swanson died at 81 suddenly from a heart attack.


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Memories of Grandpa from Eddie Larsen: Grandpa was particularly tall and thin.

Grandpa always complained that his stomach bothered him rather than spend money for expensive meals. Once on a trip to Las Vegas Eddie noted that if the food/breakfast was cheap Grandpaís stomach miraculously improved and he ate everything.

Eddie remembers helping Gíma and Gípa harvest fruit and vegetables from the Swanson garden in Lake Forest Park during the Great Depression.

Memories of Grandpa from Elizabeth Ann Sipprell:

Grandpa Swanson was always looking at ads in the paper. He would consult grandma before driving their old black Chevrolet to town for groceries.

He taught me to say "Father is getting old in Swedish" "Four Honey Segamma." He didnít want us to talk Swedish.

What a sense of humor. He would tease us saying, "smell this" and tweak my nose with his middle finger and thumb.


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