BORN APPRX. 1636


Anthony Jansen Westbroek, possible son of Jan Teunisen, probably born in West-

broek, Holland. When the English gained control of the Dutch colonies in 1664,

Dutchmen of similar names were required to adopt surnames--oft en the names of

their birthplaces'-to distinguish one person from others of the same name. An-

thony Jansen, one of five men of that name in the area, took the name Westbroek.

In about 1658, Anthony Jansen married Orrseltie "Ursul" Dircks. Ursul Dircks,

a young daughter from Hamburg, living at the "Leuvenhaven," was first married to

Jan Hendricksen, a young man, at Hillegersberg, near Rotterdam, on Oct 25,

1653, after the marriage banns were published on Sept 21. On Aug 29, 1655,

publication was made of the intended marriage o.f Tuenis Jacobs, a young man

from Beeckum, living at the Pannekoestratt, and Orsel Dircks, widow of Jan

Hendricksen, living at the Nieuwe Gogelsang. Widowed a second time, Ursel

Dircks, from Holstein, with two children aged 2 years and 10 months respective-

16, boarded "De Moesman," (The Market Gardener), and landed in New Netherland"

first at what is now New York City, and finally at Albany on May 1, 1658. While

enroute to join her intended third husband at Albany (the old colony of Ren-

sselaerswijck), Ursul Dircks ordered some new clothes from Antony De Lorme,

corner of Goldweighers and Broad Streets, New York, on April 23, 1658, and

received an advance of money in silver and gold.

Anthony and Orrseltie operated a tavern and resided at Flatbush (also

called Midewoudt--now part of Brooklyn) on Long Island, and at Albany, New

York--commuting up and down the Hudson River Valley between the two places.

The site of Anthony Jansen's tavern at Albany is described as a house, lot and

garden on the south side of State Street, east of Broad way. They belonged to

the Dutch Reformed Church of Albany, where they had two small children buried;

Antonis Jansen paid for the use of a small pall on Nov 30, 1662, and again on

June 11, 1664.

On May 11, 1672, Anth, Jansz Westbroeck mortgaged his residence in the town

of Midewoudt for 400 guldens--the price of 100 schepels of rye he had received

from Oolf Stevensz Cortlant. (schepel - an old Dutch unit of dry measure equal

to about 3/4 bushel) Shortly before his death—probably in 1672--Anthony lost

all his property. Later his widow Orrseltie appears in Kingston, New York, re-

siding with her daughter (from a previous marriage) and son-in-law. Anthony

and Orrseltie had at least 2 sons who reached adulthood: Johannes & Dirck.




From the Notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson's files on Westbroek, Tunisen and Decker.



900-Anthony Jansen [OTGe, We64, We71, EASC] WESTBROOK (Anthony Janz VAN

          WESTBROOK [EASc])

     Possible [VEAL] son of 1800-Jan and Eychgan (BOSCH) TUENISEN

     b. 1618 in probably [VEAL] Westbroek, Utrecht, Netherlands [LDSC, VEAL]

     m. ca. [We71, VEAL] 1658 [VEAL]/1658-1659 [LDSC, We71] in Albany [LDSC] or

           Flatbush NY [LDSC] 901-Orrseltie [We71, WeFH, WE64, EASC, VEAL] “Ursal”

           [VEAL] DIRCKS [OTGe, We71, WE64, EASC] from Holstein [We71, VEAL]

           (dates and places of m. listed for 901-Orselter, not for 900-Anthony Jansen,

            as m1. and m4. [LDSC])

                 b. 1620 in Holland [LDSC]

          m1. 25 October 1653 [We71, VEAL] in Hillegersberg [We71, LDSC,

                       VEAL], near Rotterdam [We71, VEAL], Zuid [LDSC], Holland (first

                       publication of intended marriage 21 September 1653 [We71, VEAL])

                      Jan HENDRICKSEN, young man (d. bef. 1655 [We71]) (chm1. f  Anna

                      (sometimes indicated as Anna WESTBROECK/WESTBROOK-apparently

                      came to America with mother and considered step daughter of

                      900-Anthony Jansen, m. Michael DE MODT)

            m2. September 1655 [LDSC] in Netherlands [LDSC] Tuenis JACOBS

                      [WE71, VEAL] of Beeckum [WE71, VEAL] living at the Pannekoestratt

                     [VEAL] (publication of intended marriage 29 August 1655 [We71,

                     VEAL]) ([VEAL Orsul DIRCKS living at Nieuwe Gogelsang at time of


            (chm2. ?  age 10 months on 1 May 1658 [We71]/on disembarking for NY

                      [VEAL]; ?  age 2 years on 1 May 1658 [We71]/on disembarking for NY


              m3. Anthony Jansen above

              d. prob. in Kingston NY [LDSC, WeFH]


     d. 1727 in New York [LDSC]


     ch.  f  Ante [LDSC]/Ann [WeFH], b. 1656 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC],     

                 m. 1676 [LDSC]/1678 [WeFH] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] Michael

                      DE  MOTTE (came from Holland in 1665 or earlier [WeFH]) (probably

                      same as chm1. of 901-Orselter DIRCKS and Jan HENDRICKSEN) (see

                     [We71, WeFH] for details)

                           m  Dirch [LDSC]/Dirck [We71, WeFH]/Dirrick [We71]/Kirch

                               [LDSC], b. ca. 1660 [LDSC] in Albany, Albany Co, NY [LDSC],

                               m. 25 August 1693 [LDSC]/1695 [We71] in Kingston NY [LDSC]

                               Catherine [LDSC]/ Cathatina [We71] OSTERHOUST

                               [LDSC]/OOSTERHOUT [We71]/OSTERHOUT [WeFH] (see   

                               [We71 page 4 for details of life and children)

                           m *Johannes [We71, WeFH] [WE64] 3 children