1645 TO  ?


From VAN EATON & Allied Families, by Steven Earl Coulter, 1974:

Arie Roosa, son of Aldert Heymanse Roosa & Wyntje Allard; b. 1645 in Holland;

immigrated to New Netherland with his parents in 1660. Took the oath of allegi-

ance in Ulster Co., N.Y., Sept 1, 1689; served as captain of a foot company of

Ulster militia in 1700. In 1686, Arie Roosa, Jan Eitinge, Gerrit Aartsen, Hen-

drik Kip, and Jacob Kip were granted a tract of land in Dutchess Co., N.Y.;

called the "Arie Roosa Patent," it embraced 1,500 acres opposite Rondout Creek,

near Kingston, and extended along the bank of the Hudson River. Arie settled

upon this grant and lived there his remaining life. Many of his descendants

became prosperous farmers and merchants in Dutchess County.

Arie Roosa married at Kingston, N.Y., Maria Pels, dau of Evert Pels &

Jannetje Symens. Evert Pels was one of the first 3 schepens, or magistrates,

of Wiltwyck in 1661. He was also schepen in 1665, and in 1669 was appointed

grain measurer, with headquarters at the Rondout. Evert & Jannetje Pels had at

least 2 other children besides Maria: Rebecca, bpt Nov 13, 1661 at Wiltwyck;

& Symen Pels, bpt March 29, 1665 at Wiltwyck.

Arie Roosa & Maria Pels had 7 children:

1. Jannetje Roosa, b. about 1670 in New York; d. before 1731; m. about 1690,

Jan Van Etten, son of Jacob Van Etten & Annetje Arians (see p. 11)

2. Evert Roosa, bpt Oct 26, 1679 at Kingston, N.Y.; m. Tietje Van Etten, dau

of Jacob Van Etten & Annetje Arians

3. Weyntie Roosa, bpt June 4, 1682 at Kingston, N.Y.

4. Engeltie Roosa, bpt Sept 3, 1685 at Kingston, N.Y.

5. Annetje Roosa, bpt Dec 22, 1687 at Kingston, N.Y.

6. Arien Roosa, bpt June 3, 1694 at Kingston, N.Y.

7. Mary Roosa, bpt Aug 28, 1698 at Kingston, N.Y.

Roosa references: New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, vol 31, p. 163-

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1900, by Holdridge Ozro Collins. "Olde Ulster," An Historical & Genealogical

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manse Roosa." Ulster Co., N.Y. Probate Records, vol 2, 1906, p. 166. "Jacobus

Jansen Van Etten," by Eva A. Scott, 1950, p. 133-134.




From Notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson's Notes on Roosa, Pels, De Jongh, Du Truy and Groot:

898-Capt. [OTGe, VINK] Arien [LDSC, UCPR]/Arian [LDSC]/Ariaan [LDSC]/Ari

               [OTGe]/Ary [LDSC, UCBR, KMBR]/Arien/Arie [OU12, NYSo, UCPR, 

                VINK, EASc, VEAL] Hymanse [LDSC]/Heymansse [UCBR, KMBR]/H.

                ROOSA Son of 1796-Albert Heymans and Wyntie Arens (De JONGH)


     b. 3 June 1643 [LDSC] or 1645 [UCPR, OU12, EASc, VEAL] in Herwynen,

                Gelderland, [LDSC] Holland [EASc, VEAL], chr. 3 June 1643 [LDSC]

                in Herwynen, Gelderland, Holland [LDSC]

     m. ca. 1668 [LDSC]/ca. 1669 [LDSC] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC,

               VEAL] 899-Maria PELS [OTGe, OU12, KMBR, EASc, VEAL]-see PELS

               dau. of Judge Evert and Janetje Symons/SYMENS [VEAL]       


     d. 1699-1700 [LDSC] in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch.  f *Jannetje

          m  Aldert, b. ca. 1674 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC]

          f  Arrantje, b. 1676 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 1693 [LDSC]

               Teunis OSTERHAUT

          f  Rebecca, b. 20 March 1678 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], chr. 20

               March 1678 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 4 May 1701 [LDSC]

               Laurence LDSC]/Laurens [LDSC] OSTERHAUT, d. in Rhinebeck NY


          m  Evert, b. 26 October 1679 [LDSC] in Hurley NY [LDSC], chr. 26

               October 1679 [LDSC, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church

               [KBMR], Kingston NY LDSC, VEAL], m. 1700 [LDSC] Trintje

               [LDSC]/Tietje [LDSC, EASc, VEAL] VAN ETTEN (m1

               Jacobus [EASc], dau. of Jacob VAN ETTEN and Annetje ARIANS), will

               dated 5 March 1727 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC]

          f  Wyntie [LDSC]/Wentie [LDSC]/Weyntie [EASc, VEAL], b. 4 June 1682

             [LDSC] in Hurley NY [LDSC], chr. 4 June 1682 [LDSC, EASc, VEAL] in 

             Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m. 22 March [LDSC] 1707 [LDSC] in

             Kingston NY [LDSC] Nicholus DUPUIS [LDSC]/DUPUY [LDSC]/DU PUE


          f  Engelitie [LDSC, EASc]/Engeltie [KBMR, VEAL]/Engeltje

             [UCPR]/Eneitje [LDSC], b. September 1685 [LDSC] in Rhinebeck,  

              Dutchess Co, NY [LDSC], chr. 3 [LDSC, EASc]/20 [UCPR, LDSC, VEAL]

              September [KBMR] 1685 in Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m. 25 

              [UCPR]/27 [LDSC] November 1711 or 19 December [LDSC]

               1711 in Kingston NY Cornelius [LDSC]/Cornelis [LDSC] Barentsen

               SCHOONMAKER (bap. 15 January 1682 [UCPR], d. 14 October 1757

               [UCPR], son of Jochem and Petronella {SLEGHT} SCHOONMAKER

               [UCPR]), d. 21 January 1778 in Kingston NY [LDSC]

          f  Annetie [LDSC]/Annetje [KBMR, EASc, VEAL], b. 1687 [LDSC]/ca.

               1697 [LDSC] in Rhinebeck [LDSC] or Hurley [LDSC] NY, chr. 22 

               December 1687 LDSC, KBMR, EASc, VEAL]/1697 [LDSC] in Old Dutch

               Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m. 19 December 1715

               [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY [LDSC] Johanes 


          m  Arien [VEAL] (Ary) Albertson [EASc], b. 3 June 1694 [LDSC] in Hurley

               NY [LDSC], chr. 3 June 1694 [LDSC, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch

               Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m1. 4 December 1713

               [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY [LDSC] Johanna de

               HOOGES, m2. 9 February 1721 [LDSC] Gertrude OSTRANDER

          f  Marytjen [LDSC]/Mary [KBMR, EASc], b. 28 August 1698 [LDSC] in

               Hurley NY [LDSC], chr. 28 August 1698 [LDSC, KBMR, EASc] in Old

               Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 31 January 1717

               [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY [LDSC] Gerrit VAN KAMPEN


NOTE 898-Arie [EASc] "A Rool of the names and surnames of them that haue

           takin oath of Allegience in ye country of Ulster by order of his Excely,

           Ye Governor; ye first day of September Anno Qe Domini 1689" and also

            upon " a list of the Freeholders of the town of Kingston: Aldert

            Roosa, AARIE ROOSA.  On the former list appeasrs the names of Jacob

            Van Etten and his son Jan, Johannes Westbrook and Evert Pels.  In 

            1668, Arie Roosa, Jan Eltinge, Gerrit Aartsen, Hendrick Kip, and Jacob

             Kip were granted a large track of land in Dutchers County.  This tract

             or grant is called "Arei Roosa Patent" and it embraced about 1500

             acres opposite Roudout Creek )Rondout) near Kingston and extending 

             along the bank of the Hudson River.  Arie Roosa settled upon this   

             grant and lived there through the remainder of his life.  Many 

            descendents are now found in Dutchers Co. as properous farmers and 



     [EASc] New York army list for 1700-Province of New York In another foot

            company of Militia-Arie Rose, Capt; John Rose, Lieut.; Arie

          Gerrittse, ensign.


     [EASc] References cited:

          Reciords of Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY p 12 # 196

          Hoe's Register p2 #10, p1 #55

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          Olde Ulster Vol 7 p 28, 239-Roosa Family Bible

               Jennetje Roosa, her bible-1744-was in possession of John P

                Roosa of Hurley NY in 1911


NOTE 898/899

     [KMBR] Baptisms

          12/196    Evert 26 October 1679

          24/426    Engeltie September 1685

          30/544    Annetje 22 December 1687

          42/785    Arien 3 June 1694

          54/1056   Mary 28 August 1698