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From Christopher Hildebrand on June 24th, 2003

Hello all, here are pictures of the beginning of my most recent art
project that I've been brainstorming about for about two years and
finally figured out how to do in the last month.  I thought you might
enjoy seeing it, I am really excited by it.

Business is going well and the house is still in the process of being
sold, the closing should occur by the end of august and we will be
moving down to Richmond, VA. then.

I hope you all are well,


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From Peter Hildebrand on 4/17/01

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We're fine, recently went to Berkeley for the installation of Christopher's

first sculpture in the garden that used to be my Grandparents. the new owner

has turned a nice area that used to be covered with vines into an

amphitheater and has installed Christopher's sculpture up near the top. The

attached three small JPEG files from the occasion give a glimpse of the