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From David Healy on May 29th, 2005:


We just saw Oklahoma at the Mountain Play today and I shot a few clips so here is a
portion of the finale. I sampled it down rather dramatically but the sound comes through.

Oh, and I included a few stills too.  (Here are the stills)






From David Healy on September 14th, 2003 (We're waiting for the announcement that David will be the Vice-Presidential candidate):


This last weekend Sherry and I participated in a Howard Dean for
event at a very nice compound of buildings in a grove of
Redwood trees in Central Marin. About 100 people were gathered at this
two day event. On Saturday evening after a nice steak dinner Howard
Dean gave an inspiring  speech. Literally, a stump speech, from atop a
big redwood stump.

Attached is a picture of me distracting the next president and another
of him signing my Dean T-shirt.

                                     DeanSignsMyShirt.jpg (172799 bytes)





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                          Pictures from Family Reunion at Nags Head, N.C., June, 2003.




From David Healy on December 8th, 2002:


                            OandTonTrampoline2.JPG (34088 bytes)  


Onwyn and Thatcher on trampoline at their Uncle Darren's in Ataskadero, CA a
couple of days after Thanksgiving.




From David Healy on November 5th, 2002:



Here are some pictures from the kids at their Halloween birthday. I also included the invitation and a shot of the kids in a pool at another birthday party.


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                   OnwynCake.JPG (191206 bytes)           OTatAnotherBDayParty.JPG (93091 bytes)


From David Healy, 1/20/2002:


At 8:30 yesterday (Saturday) morning we (Sherry, Thatcher, Onywn,
Onwyn's friend, Elena and me, David, oh and the dogs) piled into the car
and went down to meet up with Elena's parents and go out to the south
end of the Tam High Track field.

A crowd had already gathered there where you can cross over from the
bike path to Miller Avenue for the Olympic Torch relay. A lady named
Maryann Nugent (that may not be her first name) was the torch bearer for
the next segment of the Olympic Torch run.

Commercialism permeated the event with red Olympic run flags with "Coca
Cola" emblazoned on them being passed around. Also a line of the
Chevrolet line of cars were sandwiched between the media trucks for
commercial exposure.

Maryann told us that every runner has the option of buying the
particular torch they run with for $350 which she had certainly opted to

Attached is a picture of the approaching runner coming up the bike path
from Sausalito, a picture of Mrs. Nugent running up Miller and a picture
of the Thatcher, Mrs. Nugent, Onwyn and Elena with Thatcher firmly
grasping the torch after Mrs. Nugent had completed her run.

It was an exciting event on a beautiful day.


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                                          The Healys go to France in 2001.


Here are Ownyn and Thatcher's observations about France:


Differences between Paris & Mill Valley

•They let dogs in restaurants

•They don't clean up after their dog's poop

•They drive very fast

•They eat frog legs, snails, horse and rabbit

• Once I saw where you can get food, I saw a cow head with blood on it

• I saw a lot of food with blood on it in the outdoor market.

•I saw an Octopus with one eye on it.

•I saw a shrimp's brain.

•They drive very fast and crazy. They go before the light turns green.

•They don't stop for pedestrians.

•They love their cigarettes.

•A lot of people died in France from cars and cigarettes.

•They have lots of pet stores with dogs.

•They have a different schedule. When they are awake, we are asleep.

•They go on strike a lot.

•They make really good desserts!!!



                              DavidSheryTwins.JPG (205459 bytes)  And this from some years ago.