May 5, 1932 TO December 21, 2002


Parents: Josephine Larsen and Edward M. Larsen

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Brother: Alan Richard Larsen ('38)  6 years younger

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Lived: Seattle at 7019 14th Ave NE

School: Graduated UW in Journalism BA

Fraternity: Delta Sigma

Eddie was the first one from his family to graduate from college.

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   Eddie remained single, but enjoyed cousins and nephews, nieces

EALBillyElizAnn.jpg (41984 bytes)     AlaFamily3.jpg (40619 bytes)  Hunter.jpg (42125 bytes)  and HUNTER!

Career: Frederick & Nelson Advertising  MomG'paSwEddieFrederick.jpg (196363 bytes)

Cole & Weber

Stimpson Advertising – production manager

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Meeting Famous People & Collecting Autographs

Miss Americas – drove them around Seattle

Walter Pigeon, Peter Graves

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Elvis Presley – "At the World’s Fair"

King and Queen of Thailand - Anna and the King of Siam

Lucille Ball

Broadway Musicals

Eddie had hundreds of VCR tapes and recordings of every musical on Broadway.

Radio Shows:

Eddie copied thousands of shows on cassette tapes.

Mysteries, comedies, adventures, detective dramas,

Gourmet Cooking & Gourmet Restaurants

Italian cooking seemed to be his favorite!

He collected gourmet cookbooks from everywhere.


Traveling Widely:  EALTravel.jpg (442946 bytes)   TravelVenice.jpg (188883 bytes)   Travel.jpg (155299 bytes)


Europe – Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands


Hong Kong


Collecting Antiques:



Royal Doulton Figurines


Consummate Shopper:

Christmas Decorations, Santas, Ornaments, Wedgwood Plates, Clothing

Finding little Italian grocery stores.

Trader Joes, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, Liquor Store, Loews, Safeway, ….

Eddie liked to visit and shop for hours!


Gardening:  EALGardener1980.jpg (797716 bytes)

Neighbors remember Eddie gardening "everyday"! His yard showed his love of roses, fuchsias, geraniums, herbs…rosemary, parsley, oregano, thyme, and more.

Outside his yard was immaculately manicured and inside he loved his orchids.

Eddie had quite the "green thumb" with indoor and outdoor plants.

Feeding the Birds and Squirrels:

Eddie always had bird feeders filled with seeds. Squirrels would visit Eddie daily for their supply of peanuts.

Barb and Elizabeth Ann will always remember traveling with Eddie to visit Lynden for fresh bakery goodies and Canada for antiques. Eddie shared his love of the Snohomish Valley by taking us to pick blueberries, potatoes, beans, beets and sunflowers.

Eddie’s best friend however was Hunter! Hunter was a small 15-year-old dachshund that Eddie loved dearly.

Eddie would yell at Hunter constantly. Hunter seemed to have selective hearing loss. Hunter would respond to whatever Hunter wanted to. Mostly Hunter would curl up next to Eddie who he loved and respected. When Eddie had to be in NW Hospital, Hunter would search all over the house for Eddie. He would snuggle next to a blanket, a shirt or shoe that belonged to Eddie.

Neighbor Joan Houchen met Eddie in 1944 and remained his best friend through all the years. She remembers Eddie borrowing her typewriter in high school. How she would generously loan Eddie her typewriter so he could complete papers.

What happened when Eddie got his own new typewriter? Joan found out. She asked Eddie if she could borrow his typewriter and he said "NO".

Eddie was quite protective of his possessions.

Elizabeth Ann remembers when she was taken to Disneyland. She always thought that Eddie instigated the trip and invited her. Ha! Eddie told her the truth later on. Eddie only invited his grandparents (Daisy and Albert Swanson). His grandmother suggested that Elizabeth Ann sit on her satchel and when Eddie showed up for the trip… Grandma Swanson urged Eddie to take Elizabeth Ann! What a great trip!

Elizabeth Ann remembers Christmas and all Eddie’s efforts to decorate the house and gifts he generously gave to family. He made a wreath of pinecones one year that he collected around Green Lake and gave it to the Sipprell family. He shared his love of making ornaments with our mother.

Eddie was the first one in our family to go to college. He was a mentor to all his cousins.


Shelley Martin (Charles Moriarty Cancer Foundation Mentor) has many Eddie stories!

Eddie had quite the sense of humor and kept the doctors laughing. During the last few months of his life Shelley would accompany Eddie to the doctor’s. On one occasion said that Eddie complimented one of the younger doctors on his nice chest hair. What he meant to say was nice tie, but Eddie had a aphasia following brain surgery.

The words didn’t always come out the way he planned.

Barb and Elizabeth Ann will never forget shopping with Eddie. He would yell, "GO LEFT!" when he meant "GO RIGHT!" He would yell, "NO, NO, DIDN’T YOU UNDERSTAND!" He was quite protective of his kitchen. Only he could use the pots and pans properly. However it came to See’s Chocolates………..MMMMMMMM

He would smile and dive in. You had to hurry if you wanted a piece of chocolate.

Barb and Eddie would delight in sharing old radio tapes. Barb appreciated Eddie’s love of "Our Miss Brooks", "I Love Lucy", " Jack Benny", "Amos and Andy", "Red Skeleton", and many more. What a connoisseur of radio shows and theatre.

Eddie was a very intelligent and private man. In later life he could be best described as a recluse. He had a few neighbors and a few friends who he would let enter his life. He had smoked heavily earlier in his life and quit. He bravely battled lung cancer at the end of this life. Eddie had so much to share, so much wit, and a wonderful "Jack Benny" dry sense of humor, however few of us were fortunate enough to get to be part of Eddie’s life.


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