Edward Martin Larsen

                                    1905 to 1951


Born: 1905   EdMartinLarsen6mo.jpg (51835 bytes)


Died: 1951 46 years old

Married: Josephine Swanson

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Career: Fireman for Seattle 24 years

Backseat Driver in an Aerial Truck

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Served: Navy - South Pacific WWII

EMLarsenNav.jpg (150490 bytes)   EMLarsenNavy.jpg (101214 bytes)    EMLarsenNavy-Training.jpg (150766 bytes)

Hobbies: Fishing for salmon at Hope Island

Description: Big, muscular guy

EMLarsen&boat.jpg (38568 bytes)   Alan+Father.jpg (24334 bytes)

                    Alan and his father


Joan Houchen (a neighbor and friend of Eddie’s) remembers when she was sent to Firlands for TB. She called home, cried, and pleaded for help.

Ed showed up. He picked her up and said, "We’re going home."

He carried her out and took her home!

Ed Larsen ( son ) was only 19 years when his father was accidently electrocuted while building their summer cabin on Camano Island.

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