January 19, 1868 To March 21, 1951

Elizabeth Belle Van Eaton was born January 19, 1868, in San Jose, California, and 

died March 21, 1951, at 29 Renz Road, Mill Valley, California.


Mammee1920.JPG (153283 bytes)  Mammee, 1920

From Jane Hildebrand:

Her mother, Jane Stuart McCallum, died when Elizabeth Belle (Mammee to the family in later life) was eight. When she was a teenager (I'm guessing about her age), she went to church one Sunday and since the program included the baptizing of parishoners, she decided to do so also. When she was asked to give her name she said  "Elizabeth Belle".  Her father was very disappointed  when she told him because her parents had named her at birth "Lizzie Isabella".  She thought that it was just a family nickname. Too bad it's charming , musical.


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Pictures of the house at 1021 University Avenue, that was originally owned by John Dick Van Eaton, and later by Lynn Carroll & Elizabeth Belle (Mammee) Simpson.  Carol Enid (Simpson) Beedle was born in this house.


   LetMammeetoMary11171892.JPG (253520 bytes)  11/17/1892         LetMammeetoMary1892.JPG (244963 bytes) 12/18/1892

Letters from Mammee to her mother-in-law, Mary McFarland Simpson in 1892.

LetMammeetoMaryS381893.JPG (191667 bytes)

Letter from Mamme to Mary Simpson. dated March 8, 1893.


              A history of the Bailey Family, by Henry Bailey


Includes recollection by Henry Bailey of John Dick Van Eaton, Harriette Ellen Bailey, John V. Van Eaton and Elizabeth (Belle) Simpson.


   Poem written by Mammee on March 8th, 1925.

The earth has been refreshed,
And Nature's garb is all so green.
The Flowers bloom upon her breast,
So we who follow in her wake
Have never a thot to make us forsake
The Faith that comforts us so soon,
And gives to one and all, the courage
     to face life's hardest call,
And live to give to those whose
     strength is small
The courage to pursue an upward course,
Where sits enthroned The Ruler,
By whose love we learn Life's lesson,
And, learning our own, our strength renew.
Written by Mother (Mammee), March 8, 1925, Santa Barbara.



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50th Wedding Anniversary articles for Mamme and Lynn C. Simpson.

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Mammee's funeral announcements.


                           Elizabeth Belle Simpsons grave stone.  mamie.jpg (134718 bytes)