1616 TO June 29, 1686

From the notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson's Notes on Roosa, Pels, De Jongh, Du Truy and Groot:


1798-Evert PELS (Judge [VINK]) Van Steltyn [AlHx]

     b. 1616 in Stettin, Pomerana, Holland [LDSC]

     m. 15 December 1641 [LDSC] or 1642 [LDSC] in Kingston [LDSC] or Esopus

               (later Kingston) [LDSC], Ulster Co, NY, or in Holland [LDSC]

               1799-Janet/Jannetje [LDSC, UCHx, KMBR]/Jannatje [KiHx] Symons

               [LDSC]/Simons/Symens [UCHx, KMBR] Schepnoes [LDSC]/Schepmoes

               [KiHx]-see GROOT

               dau. of 3598-Symon Symorse and Rebecca (de TRIEUX) GROAT

     d. 29 June 1686 [LDSC] in Esopus (later Kingston), Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]



                                                                                            Kingston, New York

     ch.  m  Hendrick, b. ca. 1643/44 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m.

               (Indian) [LDSC]

          f  Jannetje, b. ca. 1646 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 21 October

               1663 [LDSC] Hendrick Cornelisse VAN NES, d. 16 November 1688 [LDSC]

          m  Evert Evertsjen, b. ca. 1648 [LDSC] in Papscannab NY [LDSC], m. 13     

             August [AlHx]/September [LDSC] 1670 in New York [AlHx], New York Co,

              NY Brechtj [LDSC]/Breechtje [AlHx] ELSWAERT [LDSC]/ ELSWAERTS

              [AlHx], d. bef. 30 May 1678 [LDSC]

          f  Clara, chr. 10 September 1651 [LDSC] in Greenbush NY [LDSC] or in

               New Amsterdam NY [LDSC], m. 1671/72 [LDSC] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY

               [LDSC] Gerrit Aartze [LDSC]/Aartsen [LDSC] Aertse [LDSC] VAN WAGNER

               [LDSC], d.in New York [LDSC]

          f *Maria

          f  Elizabeth, b. ca. 1657 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 1676

               [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church [LDSC], Kingston NY [LDSC] Joch

               ENGELBERTZ,  d. in Kingston NY [LDSC]

          f  Sarah, b. 3 July 1659 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], chr. 3 July

               1659 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 25 February 1677 [LDSC] in Old

               Dutch Church [LDSC], Kingston NY [LDSC] Jacob Aertsen [LDSC]/Aertson

               [LDSC] VAN WAGENEN [LDSC] or Artse JACOBSEN [LDSC]

          f  Rebecca [LDSC]/Rabecca [KBMR], chr. 13 November 1661 [LDSC, KBMR]

                in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Esopus [LDSC] or Kingston [LDSC] NY, m. 9

               April 1684 [LDSC] in Albany, Albany Co, NY [LDSC] Jeronimus Hans


          m  Symon [LDSC]/Symen [KBMR], b. 1665 [LDSC] in Esopus NY [LDSC],

               chr. 29 March 1665 [LDSC, KBMR] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston

               NY [LDSC], m. 1 January 1683 [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY

               [LDSC] Martie [LDSC] or Margetjen Hendrix AERTSEN [LDSC]


NOTE 1798-Everet Pels

     [SPHx] bought a house and lot in Fort Orange from Jan Labatie, patened to

          him 12 April 1650 and owned by him 4 February 1661 (Albany Co Records


     [AlHx] p 58 mentioned as having a yacht in Albany Court Records

     [AlHx] III: 153 Genealogies of first settlers of Albany:

               Pels, Evert Van Steltyn, settled in Rensselaerswyck in 1642; was a

               brewer and erected a brewery in the Colonie; lived on Mill Creek in

               Greenbush; also owned a sloop on the river and a lot in Broadway

               Manathans which he sold in 1656; in 1657 he sent down to new

               Amsterdam 2100 beaver skins; his son Evert Evertse m. Breechtje

               Elswaerts in New  York Aug. 13 1670.  

          III: 198 1652 patented to William Frederickse Bout; 1655 Evert

               Pels; 1661 Jerimaih Van Rensselaer; 1667 Theunis Dirkse lot on east

               side of Broadway, south of Division street to River (Patents 760;

               Albany County Records 292, 293)

               1652-5-67 patented to Sander Leendertse Glen; 1655 Evert Pels; 1661

               Jeremiah Van Rensselaer lot adjacent to above (Patents 492; Albany

               County Records 217, 293)

          III: 248 offered surity for Evert Nolden on 27 April 1659 [UCHx]

          p 39 Evert Pels among those who precipitaed First Esopus War

               his son (not named) taken captive, adopted by Indians and may have

               married and stayed with Indians with descendents

          p 44 had a trading house near fort in Wiltwyck in 1661

          p 45-46 appointed as schepen with Elbert/Albert Heymanse Roosa and

               Cornelis Barentsen/Barentse Slecht

          p 47 Pels and Slecht were old settlers.  Pels lived on Mill Creek

               (now Greenbush), opposite Albany in 1641.  When the exodus from that

               neighborhood took place, he joined in and squatted on the north side of

               the Rondout or Ponckhochie Creek.  He came from Settin Germany and

               took for his spouse Jannetje Symens.  Kept a store in Wiltwyck for a few

               years and then moved again for Ponckhockie where he continued trade. 

               He left that for Albany.  By definition of the name is furred coat or

               petticoat.  It is anciently quite fashionable to trim coats and the

               bottom of petticoats with fur, hence Evert de Pels.

          p 48 List of Old Lots in Wiltwyck 1661: Evert Pels

               (Albany Rec xvi. 155, 157)

          p 61-62 Taxed to pay for parsonage for Kingston Church 1660:

                    tax of one rix dollar ((2 1/2 guilders)/morgan, payments

                         made in wheat, total cost 1202.96 dollars

                                                  mor  gl.  sw.

                         Evert Pels             36   90   00

          p 62 15 April 1661-received as members by attestation coming

                                   from Fort Orange

                         Evers Pels, removed

                         Jannetje Symens, his wife, r'm'd

          p 62 24 June 1661-members received      witness

                    Maritje Symens, removed       Jannetje Symens

          p 63-64 General Assembly delegates elected 31 march 1664

                    signed by Evert Pels

          p 66 Juriaen Westphael, Evert Pels and Nicholas Wilhelmus

                    Stuyvesant, son of Peter Stuyvesant, had occupied some land

                    claimed by English in Marbletown in 1670

          p 69-70 names of Male Inhabitants of Ulster Co in 1689

                    Those that did not appear for oath

                         Pelce          Euert


NOTE 1798-Everet Pels (continued)

          p 485 Pells: The Pells family find their ancestor in Evert

                    Pells.  He came to Albany in 1642.  He purchased land in Esopus in

                    1654 and within a few years thereafter settled upon them.  He

                    married Jannatje Schepmoes

     [KiHx] p 27 Evert Pels, Cornelis Barentse Slecht and Elbert Hymans

                    Roosa were by charter designated as the first board of schepens

     [FILB]Arrived New Netherlands 1620-1664      Ref  9135 page 10

                    New York State 1642                8360      137

                    New York,New York 1642  

                      with wife and several children   1898      426

                    New York, New York 1642 with wife  6306      440

                    New Netherlands (NY, NY) 1642

                      with wife and servent

     [NYHC] p 143-5 on 1 November 1651 the farm of Annetje Jans in New

          Amsterdam (Manhattan) was let to Evert Pels for 6 years from 1 May 1651 to

          1  May 1658, for a rental of 225 guilders and 30 pounds of butter


NOTE 1798/1799

     [KMBR] Baptisms

          2/10      Rebecca 13 November 1661

          4/55      Synen 29 March 1665


Pels-unclear which Pels

     [RiHx] Pells mentioned as one of Pioneers of "ye olde town" of Rhinebeck

          Pels also mentioned as one of the early sloop captains