One of Emily Levesque's paintings on exhibition in Amsterdam  Emily's Picture.JPG (741371 bytes)


From the Douglas Clan reunion in California at Brad and Laurie Parkers, June, 2002

flowers.JPG (104766 bytes) Gin Douglas, Grant, and Ian Douglas      100-0066_IMG.JPG (106679 bytes)  The Douglas Clan, June, 2002.


                                  Jean Frost1.jpg (37045 bytes)     Jean Frost, 2002


Curt&David.JPG (404910 bytes)  Curt Haldorson & David Healy, Muir Woods, July 2002. 

                               Garrett Beedle, Jessie Haldorson & Alec Beedle, July 2002. GarrettJessieAlecinTub.JPG (327250 bytes) 

                          JessTeresaAirblower.JPG (253442 bytes)  Jessie & Teresa Haldorson, July 2002, "chillin out".


Shots taken during Lynn Beedle's visit after the OPAL Awards May, 2002:

DonJessieLynnMom.JPG (538590 bytes) Don Healy, Jessie Haldorson, Lynn Beedle & Carol Healy  


                                     LynnTeresaCurtMoniqueMomJesLizMar.JPG (467962 bytes)

Lynn Beedle; Carol Healy; Teresa, Jessie & Curt Haldorson; Liz Healy; Monique & Marilyn Ramirez.   


Dan Hildebrand and Thatcher Healy on Renz Road, Mill Valley, CA, in photo taken by David

Healy during Dan's visit in March of 2002.


Dan_Tam (2).JPG (130531 bytes)


Some Christmas photos from the Lynn & Ella Beedle Clan:


family pic 1 (1).JPG (322214 bytes)          family pic 2 (1).JPG (332404 bytes)

First Row (Left to Right):  Evan, Julie, Joshua, Max, Kieran (Keefe)

Middle Row:  Helen, Hannah, Edward, Nancy, Laura, Torie, Lindy

Seated:  Lynn, Jonathan, Karen, Holly, Chelsea, Ella, David, Sandy, & Lynn Jr.

Standing (Back):  Leslie (Keefe), Samantha, Jack (Keefe)




Here are some Christmas pictures from Kit & Melinda in North Carolina.

Dig those socks!!!


01BettinaAndMelindaWith MomsChristmasAndPresents-Dec2301 (1).JPG (62616 bytes)       06KitWithUnknownChristmasPresent-Dec2501 (1).JPG (56655 bytes)        09KitOpeningHisPresentsByTheFire-Dec2501 (1).JPG (58301 bytes)        12SocksSocksSocksFromMomBettinaMelindaKit-Dec2501 (1).JPG (60927 bytes)



Some Haldorson - Healy - Ramirez Christmas Photos.


greatG'ma.jpg (58512 bytes)          slipper.jpg (79473 bytes)          CurtTeresa.jpg (62377 bytes)  

  moniqueallissa.jpg (43401 bytes)         MarilynMonique.jpg (44930 bytes)          LizDonSmall.jpg (47780 bytes)




Here is a photo of Garrett and Alec taken this
fall. Thanks!

All else is going well around here. We are about as ready as one can be for
Christmas. With reduced airfares etc. I am going to be planning a visit in
your direction very soon.

Love Kirk

A&G_fall01.jpg (230395 bytes)


On November 23rd, Gin, Page, Ian, Penny, Christian, Grant, Pat, Bill, Marilyn, Monique, Carol and Don gathered at Ian & Penny's home in Puyallup, Washington, to celebrate Gin's 81st birthday.  Page treated to a wonderful dinner at "The Old Spaghetti Factory" in Tacoma, and a great time was had by all!


GinPage81st.JPG (201326 bytes)    Gin'sDinner.JPG (197852 bytes)    Gin'sDinner2.JPG (151443 bytes)




Here are some photos supplied by David Healy on 11/19/01, of the family gathering at David's and Sherry's home in Mill Valley, during Lynn Beedle and Carol Healy's visit during their 60th college reunion trip.

wpe1.jpg (34259 bytes)                      wpeA.jpg (32806 bytes)   

Kirk, Ryan, Laurie, Brad, Lynn, David, Carol, Sherry, Kelley (in white)

Ownyn, Thatcher, Alec, and Garrett.