1.  Which branch of the family descended from French Huguenots that were driven out of France by religious persecution.  Answer


2.  Which ancestor was a lawman who was place "undercover" in a jail cell with robbers to help solve the "Great Bullion Bend Robbery".  Answer


3.  While most of our predecessors were upstanding folk, we had few who tested the limits of the law.  Which ancestor was accused and found guilty of "selling brandy to the savages".  Answer


4.  Which ancestor built one of the first steamboats to ply the Willamette River above Oregon City, Oregon?  Answer


5.  According to family legend, this ancestor was born in Scotland about 1731 (1739), and came to America as a young man, leaving behind a valuable estate in Scotland which he was unable to claim later because the family papers proving his claim were destroyed by fire?  Answer


6.  This ancestor was a prominent man in public affairs, was a selectman in Newbury, MA, a Captain of the Militia in 1689, wounded in battle, and known as "the great Indian fighter"?  Answer


7.  Which relative of a direct ancestor wrote the poem "The City that Is To Be"?


8.  This coat of arms belongs to which family line? 


9Several of our early family members held the title of "Earldorman". What was an "earldorman"?              ANSWER