SEPTEMBER 17, 1880 TO MARCH 9, 1978


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Daisy was born September 17, 1880 in San Francisco, California.

Her father was Judge Samuel Falconer and mother was Josephine Beckman. Her father Samuel immigrated to the Dakotas from Canada.   Grandma Swanson preferred to be called "Daisy", rather than Ida.  Daisy had four brothers - Alexander Falconer, Frank Falconer, Manley Falconer and Howard Falconer.  She had one half-sister Lily Von Steiger (Baroness)  and one half-brother William "Willy" Beckman (Musician). 

Grandma Swanson as she was known to her grandchildren did not talk much about her "roots".   However, she did tell us about  Manley who chopped off her two fingers by accident. She was holding a piece of wood and Manley missed with the axe.  Grandma mentioned brother Frank and Howard who stayed up in Alberta, Canada. Grandma visited Frank and his family in Athabasca, Alberta.  

1905-1921 Wilton, North Dakota

Daisy and Albert L. Swanson married in Wilton, N. D. in 1905 and were married for 53 years.

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The Swanson children included Josephine Larsen, Norman Swanson, Elizabeth Sipprell and a baby Herbert who died.

Judge Samuel A. Falconer lived with Daisy and Albert the last 10 years of his life.

Lily Von Steiger and also a cousin Charolette also lived with the Swanson family part time. Details are sketchy.

Ed Larsen speculated that the family owned a Theatre and Restaurant, also a Men’s Clothing Store, even a Boarding House.  Grandma and Grandpa Swanson always said that Wilton, N.D. was a good place to be FROM. The winters were severe. The summers harsh.

1921-1950 The Swanson Family lived in Lake Forest Park.

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The Swanson children enjoyed Lake Forest Park - swimming, picnics, neighborhood gatherings. 

Louis Bender describes the Swanson Family in her book on Lake Forest Park.

Growing Up With LAKE FOREST PARK    By Barbara L. Drake Bender

SWANSON, Albert L. and Ida "Daisy" ... 1923-?

The Swansons bought the home built for the Harold F. Stetson family on Central Drive about 1923 (Lot 7, Block 9, L.F.P. Addition). It is said that a Mr. Bissell, a builder, lived there earlier while building his own home near Gardner Gwinn's place.

  Mr. Swanson was a security guard for Frederick & Nelson Department Store in Seattle.  The Swanson children included Josephine, Elizabeth (1928 L.F.P grad) and Norman (1930 L.F.P. grad).  The family aided in fund-raising for both the school gym and the beach clubhouse.

Elizabeth married Art Sipprell who moved to the Park with his family in 1930.  At last information, Josephine, the only surviving family member ....


Grandma Swanson was well known for her fabulous cooking and gardening.

1950-58 Albert and Daisy moved when Albert retired to live at 509 Hillcrest, Arlington, Washington.


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Grandma loved all her grandchildren.

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Alan Lars

and Great Grandchildren Billy, Bobby and Eddie Larsen

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Daisy moved to Everett, Washington after Albert died.


Memories of Daisy:

Elizabeth Ann Sipprell Healy: I remember visiting Grandma Swanson’s for Sunday dinners, all holidays and even times when I had the chicken pox and measles .  We were always welcomed!  I remember Grandma Swanson giving me soda baths to stop the itching when I had the chicken pox.


Eddie Larsen told me a story about one summer when he asked my grandparents to go on a trip. When he arrived to pick them up I was sitting on my satchel hoping to go along, too. Grandma Swanson asked it it was okay for Elizabeth Ann to go on the trip to California, too. Eddie choked out a yes, I guess so. Evidently he hadn’t planned to take me on this trip at all. I always thought it was "his" idea.

On the trip I remember driving to Bryce Canyon. We had to get up very early 4AM to travel a long way to our next destination. Grandma always thought of everything usually. But this one morning we traveled about an hour and Grandma remembered that she left her false teeth in a glass of water near the bed. Oh no! We had to go all the way back.

Boy did we laugh about this in later years.

I remember how hard my grandma worked in her garden raising healthy vegetables and flowers. Whenever I see begonias, gladiolas, purple lilacs I think of Grandma’s beautiful garden. I remember a little mongrel dog named Snapper. I remember Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg’s chicken yard in the back of Grandma and Grandpa Swanson’s. We went to visit the Kellogg’s often.

Grandma’s cookie jar was always filled with "rock cookies" and/or orange slices.

Grandma and Grandpa’s house always had wonderful odors… freshly baked rolls, fried chicken, creamed onions, vinegar w/tomatoes and cucumber slices, fruit salad with whipped cream, and don’t forget the freshly made cinnamon rolls, …

Grandma would rise early to make turkey stuffing…I can remember her grinding up the giblets. Crying over the onions. Mashing the fluffy mashed potatoes and that delicious gravy.

Eddie later told us that Grandma and Grandpa lived off very little from Social Security. I remember Grandpa sitting on a tall kitchen stool figuring out the best grocery buys. He would drive off in the old black Chevrolet shopping at Safeway usually …coupons in hand. Grandma never drove, never wore pants, only wore tailored dresses. She loved all her grandchildren very much!

Barb remembers if we stayed overnight we had to hurry to sleep, because Grandma snored a bit loudly.

TV was new thing! Favorite shows included Lawrence Welk, Wrestling, As the World Turns (Soap Opera), Days of Our Lives, News, … black and white, but full of life!

Grandma moved to Everett when Grandpa died. She lived in a small apartment in the north part of Everett.

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G'ma Swanson driving up to WWSU with Grandaughter Elizabeth Ann

Daisy enjoyed spending time in Portland to be with Norm, Bettie, Bill and Jim.Daisy7BillJim.jpg (30574 bytes)   dinnertable.JPG (91915 bytes)   GrandmaSwanson.JPG (51360 bytes)   GmaSwanson.JPG (50212 bytes)

She helped take care of our mother (Elizabeth) when she was diagnosed with Polymiacitis.

Grandma Swanson was a caring, generous, thoughtful, loving

wife, mother and grandmother. In those days Grandma didn’t worry about telling us all about the family roots. She was close to her brother Frank in Athabasca, Alberta.

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Daisy & Frank              Jean,Grant,Doris Bolton                      Frank Falconer Family

We never heard much about the family history. We were probably too busy playing and having fun. Now I would like to know more about her mother and father and what she and grandpa did in Wilton, N.D.

Daisy did talk about the family farm in Kearney, Nebraska. She kept the farm and raised different crops – wheat, oats, sorghum,…

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When Grandma died she left the farm to her children and their children.

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