The photos on this and the following pages came from a family scrapbook in the possession of Jane Hildebrand.  They cover the history of the Granville and Carol Beedle family from 1924 until the late 1930s.

    First home in Los Angeles, 9 1 1924.JPG (657566 bytes)                                        Jane Lynn Virginia at GPs house Chapala St SB 1924.JPG (555060 bytes) 

Our first home in Los Angeles,                                           Jane, Lynn and Virginia at Mother's

September 1, 1924                                    (Mammee) on Chapala in Santa Barbara, 1924


Jane Santa Barbara 1925.JPG (610608 bytes)                                                           Jane and new doll XMAS 1925 Snata Barbara.JPG (296827 bytes)    

Jane, Santa Barbara, 1925                                                                                            Jane with new doll

                                        Mill Valley Jan 1 to 6 1926.JPG (353106 bytes)

              Mill Valley, Jan. 1-6, 1926.  We made a flying trip home during Granville's vacation.    

                John 863 No Normandie.JPG (300699 bytes)      John 863 No Normandie 2.JPG (222236 bytes)     John 16 mos old.JPG (182229 bytes)

                                  John at 16 months of age at 863 N. Normandie, Hollywood, CA



                                          Lynn Carol Gin Jane at Uncle Johns House 1924.JPG (512608 bytes)

                       Lynn, Carol, Jane and Virginia at Uncle John's home 73rd St. Los Angeles.

John at 2100 Mariposa Ave LA Sept 1924.JPG (551616 bytes)                                                                        

Carol, Carol and John                   John and Carol S. Beedle at 2100 Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles, Sept. 1924

     Mammee Virginia Carol John Oct 1924.JPG (779105 bytes)                                Mammee Virginia John Oct 1924.JPG (435481 bytes) 

Mammee, Gin,John, Carol                                                       Mammee. Gin & John


        2100 Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, September 1924        


          Jane Lynn Carol Gin 2100Mariposa LA Nov 1924.JPG (693879 bytes)                                      XMAS Sant Barbara 1924Lynn Carol Gin.JPG (601169 bytes)

Jane, Lynn, Gin & Carol, November 1924                           See what Santa Claus brought Gin, Carol & Lynn, 1924.

in backyard at 2100 Mariposa Ave., Nov. 1924

                    Lynn Beedle 6 yrs old Santa Barbara.JPG (1000028 bytes)                           Lynn Dec 7 1924 Santa Barbara.JPG (692922 bytes)        

                     Lynn, six years old, December 7, 1924, taken at 2401 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA

 Gin on Mammee's porch 2401 Chapala.JPG (523708 bytes)

           Virginia, 1925                                                                             Virginia helping at Mammee's, 1925

Gin helping at Mammees 1925.JPG (337420 bytes)
John & Jane, Summer of 1925, 803 N. Normandie, our first Hollywood home.
Text Box: John & Jane, Summer of 1925, 803 N. Normandie, our first Hollywood home.

John Jane Summer 1925 803 N Normandie.JPG (462469 bytes)                                                   Mrs Thorp and children May 1925.JPG (88619 bytes)

John and Jane, summer 1925 at                                                   "Mrs. Thorp and my children, May,1925."

803  N.Normandie at our first Hollywood home.

      Mrs. Thorp Dorothy and kids May 1925.JPG (159754 bytes)                                               3 old friends Gairota Pass May 1925.JPG (95562 bytes)   

"Mrs. Thorp & Dorothy visited at                                               "Three old friends in Gaviota Pass, May 1925" 

our home in Hollywood", May, 1925.




"We spent the Summer of 1925 at home and these pictures were taken during the Summer.  Lynn and

Carol and school children now."


                        Gin 1925.JPG (417953 bytes)    

                     Lynn                                  Carol                                  Virginia


                                         Jane                                                                   John



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