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"Mother (Mammee) in the garden."                                                "One of the bright spots is Sunday ? at the beach."


                "Clarence and his lady friend, Ruth Beamer, came calling on August 31, 1930."


Granville and Clarence on tetter-totter.    Lynn, Carol, Gin, Jane, John & Dick.             John & Clarence.




                                             "Jane's Class - Ramona School, 1931."




                                                      "On Top." (Mt. Tamalpais)

                                 "Home again after four years absence, Mill Valley, 1931."


"We stopped for a drink of crystal             "A swim in the stimulating Pacific          "Virginia in the foreground."

 clear ice water at this natural spring."      rested and refreshed us."                        




                                                                       Carol on graduation day.



"We had Sunday dinner at Jewel's the                                                      Between 1933 and 1937.

next week.  Juanita, Virginia and

Richard.  Jane is in the car."



Pages 1, 2, 3, or 4  of Jane Hildebrand's Family Scrapbook

                                   or Home Page.