[ArCa] The Argent Castle, Newsletter of the Clan

               MacCallum/Malcolm Society (dates to be


          [CMMS] Letter/Notes from Clan MacCallum/Malcolm

               Society recd 09/1997

          [EMGe] Genealogy by Eleanor McCallum

          [EEMc] Letter from Edward E. McCallum,

               descendent of Neil McCallum, mailed 15 October

               1998.  Includes a family chart, letter to "Virginia"                [JMKC], and a hand written note to me

          [JHLe] Letter from Jane Hildebrand to Margaret


          [JMKC] Family chart of ? Neil McCallum showing

                relationship to Cole Porter, sent to me by

                Edward E. McCallum (see [EEMc]) originally

                compiled by John M. Knight, Rt 1, PO Box

                236AA, Vevay (Long Run), Indiana

          [LBLe] Letter from Lynn Beedle to Margaret Hulbert

                19 July 1977

          [LSBR] Family Record by Lynn Beedle


Switzerland County, Indiana, Index of Persons and

Firms, compiled by Tom Bloomfield, Mildred Hamilton, and Juanita Broodhead, County Historical Indexing Project, Family History Section, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis 1980

          [SAGA] The MacCallum Saga by Katherine Ainsworth


       [DOSC] History of Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland


       [DUFR] Swiss Settlement in Switzerland County,

                 Indiana by Perret Dufour

         [SCMa] Switzerland County Marriages, 1814-1925 by

                 Wanda L. Morford

         [SCML] Marriage Licences in Switzerland County,


         [SWCI] Switzerland County, Indiana Cemetery

                  Inscriptions 1817-1985 by Wanda L. Morford



         [CPDi] Directory of City of Placerville, 1862


         [ECHS] El Dorado County Historical Society-card files





     SCOT Clan Map of Scotland

          Ordinance Survey: Lochgilhead

          Perthshire: No day is Long Enough

          The Story of the Tartan

          Pictures and pieces of MacCallum tartan

          Pictures of Duntrune Castle

          Articles Re: MacCallum

          Scottish phone books re: MacCallum

          Letter from JRT to Margaret Hulbert/Betty Tillotson 

               from Scotland



          Pictures of Vevay IN

          Pictures of Long Run IN

          Maps and Brochures of Vevay and Switzerland   

               Co, IN


          Pictures: Harriet Van Eaton, Amy Van Eaton, House

               in San Jose, John Van Eaton, Rebecca Van

               Eaton, ? Belle Van Eaton, Lynn Simpson

               "Mother of Harriet Ellen Van Eaton"

                Drawing of John Dick Van Eaton



     Daisy MacCallum and the MacCallum House in 


           BEEDLE-References and Sources

                Ancestor Charts

                Lists of Names

                Notes from Old Times, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 2

                List of descendents of Granville Leo Beedle and

                     Carol Enid Simpson

                Advertisement for CD by Helen Beedle

                Miscellaneous letters from Lynn Beedle to JRT

                Miscellaneous Articles about Lynn Beedle Re: Tall Buildings, Lehigh U






    [DUFR] Perret Dufour: Swiss Settlement in Switzerland 

          County, Indiana, Indiana Historical Collection V 13,

          Indianapolis Historical Collections, 1925, 446pp. (In

          (IN Vevay Library and Referenced in The McCallum


    [DOSC] History of Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland

          Counties, F.E. Weakley & Co., Chicago, 1885,

          1282pp. (In Vevay Library) [DOSC] (In Vevay


    [SAGA] Katherine Ainsworth: The MacCallum Saga: The

           Story of the Founding of Palm Springs, The Palm

           Springs Desert Museum, 1973 (see p 48 for

           references for Neil and Duncan)

    [SWCI] Wanda L. Morford, Switzerland County, Indiana

          Cemetery Inscriptions 1817-1985, Cincinnati, Ohio,

          1986. (In Vevay Library) [SWCI]




     1   Clan Map of Scotland

     2    Map of Lochgilphead

     3    Pictures of Duntrune Castle

     4     Misc. notes about Clans McCallum and Malcolm-5  


     5     Mc Callum Tartans

     6     Telephone Books

     7     DUFR Defour, Swiss Settlements of Switzerland

           County p74, 83-4

     8     DUSC History of Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland

           Counties, p 1007

     9     SWCI Switzerland County Cemetery Inscriptions

     10    Pictures of Vevay and Long Run Indiana

     11   MCBK Books in VeVay Libray on McCallums

     12   MCLB Other information in Vevay Library, RE:


     13    Maps and brochures from Vevay IN-6

     14   VEVE Perth to Vevay in 10 (1984-1994) and 200

           (1794-1994) Years  A commentary on my trip to

           Vevay in October 1994

     15   Picture of Jane Stuart McCallum Van Eaton

     16   SAGA Notes from MacCallum Saga

     17   Printed notes re: Palm Springs

     18   Letter from Jane Hildebrand-5 pages

            MCFR MacCallum Family Record ? by Lynn Beedle

     19   Daisy McCallum and McCallum House, Mendocino CA

     20   JTLe My letter to Margaret and Mom from Scotland

     21   Advertisements for MACALLAN, The Single Malt



OREF: Other available references not searched