Lynn & Ella Beedle
Carol & Don Healy
Virginia & Page Douglas
Jane & Roger Hildebrand
John & Virginia Beedle
Dick & Dorothy Beedle







John & Virginia Beedle


(Both Deceased)


                                 JonwFish.JPG (294357 bytes)        Virginia Beedle2.JPG (133544 bytes)    

                                                        John, age 10 to 12?             Virginia (Turner) age 12?


    JohnBeedle.JPG (59322 bytes)               JohninUniform.JPG (243767 bytes)  

                                                                                                  John during World War II


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                                                 VirginiaBeedle3.JPG (186521 bytes)

                                 Photos of John and Ginny about the time of their wedding. 


John Beedle andDonRoy.JPG (44180 bytes)

John Beedle and Don Healy, late 1970s.




John Beedle holding a picture of Sylvester C. Simpson.  At the time John Beedle was the Chief Financial Officer of the Coquille School District in Oregon.  Sylvester C. Simpson was the very first    Oregon State School Superintendent, serving from February 1872 until September 1874.



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