ABOUT 1866 TO ABOUT 1937

John V. Van Eaton was born about 1866 in Placerville, El Dorado County, California, to John Dick Van Eaton and Jane Stuart McCallum.

Per Jane Hildebrand, Uncle John Van Eaton worked for the San Francisco Chronicle and later moved to New York as a Chronicle representative.

From The Argent Castle, the Newsletter of the Clan MacCallum/Malcom Society, issue date recent but unknown.

John V. Van Eaton graduated from the College of the Pacific, worked for the San Francisco Chronicle, then moved to New York, where he was special correspondent to the San Francisco paper, as well as to several other large newspapers across the country.  He was said to be a very handsome and charismatic man, but that his "fatal attraction for women proved his undoing"; his wife Nellie divorced him, he lost his job and started editing small-town newspapers.  Later he married Clyde, a widow who "kept him in line" and took care of him in old age.

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                 Letters from John V. Van Eaton to Carol (Simpson) Beedle, in 1915 and 1921.

              John V. Van Eaton was Carol's Uncle.




                 A history of the Bailey Family, by Henry Bailey


Includes recollection by Henry Bailey of John Dick Van Eaton, Harriette Ellen Bailey, John V. Van Eaton and Elizabeth (Belle) Simpson.



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