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                     Photos from the Family Reunion at Nags Head, N.C., in June, 2003.



The following is a review of the CD "When The Galop Was The Rage" by 

Helen and Jonathan Beedle:

When the Galop Was the Rage
Helen Beedle, piano; Jonathan Beedle, guitar and vocals. 1997. One compact

The fifteen numbers presented on this CD, primarily piano works but a few
songs as well, explore mid-nineteenth century music-making. Using Louis
Moreau Gottschalk as its departure, this carefully constructed program
includes works typical of both concert hall and parlor. Helen Beedle, the
pianist, wisely avoides Gottschalk's flashiest works in favor of the more
sentimental "The Dying Poet" and "The Dying Swan." Her performance of "The
Banjo" could use more dash and abandon, although the concluding paraphrase
of "Camptown Races" does achieve the appropriate textural shimmer. A
contemporary diary reference to Gottschalk's "The Tournament Galop" prompted
the title of this disc. Two arrangements by Sigismond Thalberg complement
the Gottschalk selections, an excerpt from "The Last Rose of Summer" and
"Home Sweet Home." What the virtuoso scale work in the latter lack in
sparkle is made up for in attention to the cantabile melodic line.

The strength of this CD is its evocation of music in the home. A variety of
songs are performed with combinations of piano, guitar, and voice. Jonathan
Beedle, the guitarist, also has a pleasant tenor voice that makes it easy to
image a family gathered in the parlor to enjoy J.P. Webster's "Lorena" or
George F. Root's "The Vacant Chair." This CD also includes two dances by
women composers: Ellen Morant's "The Wheatland Polka" and Jane Sloman's "The
Ericsson Schottisch." The admirable and succinct liner notes by the pianist
establish a historical context amplified by explanations of each piece. The
cover photo and sound quality suggest that a period piano was used to make
this recording, but no other indication is given. For further information,
please contact The Galop, 102 Cedar Road, Hellertown, PA 18055, Tel: (610)
838-8350, Fax (610) 838-1022.
--Orly Leah Krasner
Boston University


The following are descriptions of videos created by Jonathan and David Beedle 

for clients:  The first is an award for their production, the second a description 

of a video they produced that is housed in University of Chicago Library.

Program: Forging A Framework of Excellence
Company: GPU Energy
Award: Bronze (Internal Communications)
Writer: David Beedle
Producer: Barry V. Sell
Director: Jonathan Beedle
Program Notes: The intent was to tell employees that we had many
accomplishments in the past. However, our greatest challenges were yet to
come. We need to prepare for the competitive changes in our industry. The
final message was that the future is in the hands of every employee.
Audience: Upper level management/motivational open for management
meeting/projection TV
Origin: Reading, PA
Length: 2:35 minutes

Videos | Videorecordings held by the University of Chicago Library: 7.
Science and Medicine.
Guide to Videorecordings held by the University of Chicago Library
compiled by Frank Conaway.
Sources in Social Sciences in the University of Chicago Library, 9
University of Chicago Library.
Chicago, Illinois 2000

1457. Tall buildings 2000 and beyond. Beedle, Jonathan; Beedle, David J.,
and Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, producers. Bethlehem, PA:
Atmospheres; 1991. 1 videocassette (40 min.); sd., col 1/2 in.
Note: "Taped in Hong Kong at the Fourth World Congress on Tall Buildings
held by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat." The urban
environment -- Population density and the success of Hong Kong -- Influences
on architecture -- Life safety -- Shaping the city -- How tall? --
Flexibility and change: into the 21st century. Sci VidCass TH6057.T23T36
Tall buildings/ Architecture and society.