Josephine Ann Swanson Larsen

                          May 21, 1906 TO April 28, 1995

Born:  Wilton , North Dakota    May 21, 1906

Died:  April 28, 1995  

Married:  Edward Martin Larsen 

               Cliff Wescott (divorced)  Son Kenny Wescott

Lived:          Wilton , North Dakota

   Lake Forest Park  

                    7019 14th Ave. NE   Seattle

  Worked:  United Motors Service (secretarial) 

William Volker & Co.

  Hobbies:  Reading , cooking, collecting antique crystal, figurines, Toby mugs

                   Camano Island Cabin Get Away

  Children:  Alan  and  Edward

  Grandchildren:  William (Billy)  Robert & Eddie O’Neal


 Josephine's Childhood Years in Bismark, North Dakota 1906


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Young Adult Years in Lake Forest Park, Seattle  1920's

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Josephine and Edward M. Larsen Married  1933

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Josephine as a mother to Alan and Eddie

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Josephine married Cliff Wescott with son Kenny

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Josephine as a Grandma to Billy, Bobby, Eddie


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Josephine with Grandma Swanson

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