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Kirkland Westfield Frost


From Ellen Frost on September 24th, 2005:


Hi all:

Kirkland had his Eagle Court of Honor on September 10, 2005.  His Grandpa Douglas was here to give him his charge.  Kirkland presented Dad with a small eagle pin that can be worn anytime that dad wants people to know he too is an eagle. 

Enclosed is a picture of the three eagles  Page Douglas 1936,   Jeff Frost 1975, and Kirkland Frost  2005.


 We also displayed the three different badge sashes, from the different years
The middle eagle on the table is made from scout socks. When a kid has 18 pairs of them.  I could not resist.

 The black and white on the wall behind the badge sashes, are photos of dad at different times in his scout career, here is one of them, dad is left of center, if you cannot identify that Douglas look.


                                        Grandpa Douglas giving Kirkland his Charge






                                                  Kirkland; now an Eagle Scout.




Kirkland at Arlington National Cemetery. Kirkland was part of an honor guard in a ceremony laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


                         Kirkland sm.JPG (116572 bytes)                    


                                        Wiley and Kirkland sm.JPG (102714 bytes)

                                              Wiley Wolfe and Kirkland