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Kit & Melinda

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Here are some Christmas pictures from Kit & Melinda in North Carolina.

Dig those socks!!!


01BettinaAndMelindaWith MomsChristmasAndPresents-Dec2301 (1).JPG (62616 bytes)       06KitWithUnknownChristmasPresent-Dec2501 (1).JPG (56655 bytes)        09KitOpeningHisPresentsByTheFire-Dec2501 (1).JPG (58301 bytes)        12SocksSocksSocksFromMomBettinaMelindaKit-Dec2501 (1).JPG (60927 bytes)



Melinda and Kit at their almost completed "cabin" in North Carolina.  If you ever consider building a log cabin-type home, Melinda has created a how-to-do series of photos and descriptions that will take you from start to finish.


MelindaAndKit1-Nov1101.jpg (35263 bytes)



                BurleyKit.JPG (197418 bytes)  Melinda.jpeg (54929 bytes)  Cabin.jpeg (37000 bytes)  05BalconyKitPullingOutMelindasBadNail-Aug2701 (2).JPG (103354 bytes)

                            Kit & Melinda on cabin building worksite in North Carolina, 2001.