These photos were taken by Lynn Carroll Simpson using a camera that produced the negative on a 5" by 7"glass plate.  It is estimated that the earliest pictures were taken in 1908 or so.  These plates were quite underexposed, so the quality is not very high.  However, much of the subject matter is not present in the existing picture collections, so we have provided them here.  Very likely, L. C. Simpson was not satisfied with the quality of the negative, and chose not to create a print.  L. C. Simpson was highly regarded for his expertise in photo composition.  These examples represent an experiment to see if a computer scanner could handle the plates, so we started with eight plates, of which five are presented here.  There are possibly hundreds of these plates held by various family members.

GlassPlate1.GIF (169807 bytes)  Carol, Mamme, and L. C. Simpson.

Ray & Carol Simpson swimming.  GlassPlate4.GIF (213628 bytes)

GlassPlate7.GIF (224529 bytes)  Carol, Carol, Lynn & Lowry.

?, Carol, Ray & Mamme at beach.  Assembled6AB.JPG (84422 bytes)

GlassPlate5.GIF (183129 bytes)  Mammee, Ray, Carol & Granville.


From Peter Hildebrand:


                                      At the Beach Small.JPG (343323 bytes)  Click to Enlarge.

a) in 'At the Beach' a number of the ladies, presumably from our family, at a California Beach, probably in the Bay area.


                                       Carol & Friends Sailing Small.JPG (190657 bytes)  Click to Enlarge.

b) in 'Carol and Friends', your grandmother and two other young belles,
enjoying  a sailboat ride.


                                        The Piedmont Small.JPG (343013 bytes)  Click to Enlarge.

c) in 'The Piedmont', one of the San Francisco Bay ferries.