Lauren Christina Haldorson



From Don Healy on May 30th, 2005:


On Friday evening we all got together at Curt and Teresa's to celebrate Lauren's second birthday.  Because the day was warmer than usual, Lauren was attired in her most formal diaper.  Here are a few pictures of the occasion:







From Liz and Don Healy on August 24, 2003:


Lauren Haldorson can now smile, and here's the proof:


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Here's Lauren at one month, and already up to nine pounds!!!!


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From Don Healy on May, 27th, 2003:

Earlier this evening, about 8:07 P.M. , Lauren Christina Haldorson made her grand entrance into the Curt, Teresa and Jessica Haldorson household.  Lauren weighed in at 6 lbs. 12 oz., and measured 19".  Apparently she is a keeper as her mother said she was "precious".  Mother and new daughter are doing very well.


When Teresa called to let us know, she talked to 4-year old daughterJessica who asked: So Mom, how's the baby doing?  I want to talk to her?"


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Lauren Christina Haldorson


 Oh, Lauren Christina you’ve made our day,

On this, the twenty-seventh of May.

As the sun slowly slid from the western sky,

You graced our lives with your smile so shy.


Lauren Christina, you’re a gift straight from heaven,

When you made your grand entrance at 8:07 .

Your head was covered with hair so fine,

Weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces, ‘long a 19- inch line.


Snuggly wrapped in your blanket, sleeping  you lie,

Quiet breaths, almost silent, an occasional sigh.

With skin so soft and a pleasant demeanor,

If you only remain so when you are a “teener”!!!


You met your sister, gripped her finger so tightly,

Making Jessica glow as she beamed at you brightly.

Two darling sisters, each a bundle of treasures,

Who together can share their woes and life’s pleasures.


Yes, Lauren Christina, you’re a joy to behold,

We all want to welcome you into the fold.

Your mother, and father, and sister, and cousins.

You have relatives, dear, by the dozens and dozens.


We’re all here to help you and guide you along,

To play with you gently, or sing you a song.

There’s so much to show you and so much to see,

You’re a glorious addition to our family.


 Grandpa Healy, June 2003



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