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From Laurie Parker on February 1, 2003:


Hi Don and Liz,
Mom, Dad and Ian were down on the weekend of Jan. 18 and we went looking for the house on University Ave.  It is still there and appears to be in very
good shape.  So are the cute couple standing in front of it.  The address
now is 1021 University Ave., San Jose, California.
Thanks for this great site.


                1021 University.JPG (184252 bytes)                            1021 University 1-19-03.JPG (216966 bytes)


      Gin & Page Douglas in front of the house at 1021 University Avenue, that was originally 

      owned by John Dick Van Eaton, and later byLynn Carroll & Elizabeth Belle (Mammee) 

      Simpson.  Carol Enid (Simpson) Beedle was born in this house.




                                       LaurieP (2).JPG (205083 bytes)

              Here is Laurie at Halloween.  Quite the hat!  This was taken over at the
              District Office.  Halloween is also payday, so I had to pick up payroll.

                                         LParker.JPG (195141 bytes)

              Laurie Parker at John Allen Hires - Sarah Nicholson wedding on June 22, 2001

                                 Brad1.jpeg (169848 bytes)   Brad.jpeg (157370 bytes)

                                           Brad on a "Home Depot" mission on July 4th, 2001.

       Just one comment Brad: I hope you weren't planning on bringing home anything very large.