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                                        THE LYNN S. BEEDLE MEMORIAL PAGE


From Ella Beedle on December 12th, 2005:


The photographs below were included with Ella's Christmas card and are pictures of Lynn's tombstone.  What a wonderful tribute to Lynn and all that he accomplished during his lifetime!!!










                                 BeedleFamily SM.JPG (83775 bytes)       Dick Lynn Jane Mom SM.JPG (114784 bytes)       Ella Lynn Helen SM.JPG (81314 bytes)    






                               FamilyGroupingPeaIsland Sm.JPG (292106 bytes)        Laura Edward Lynn Jockeys Ridge SM.JPG (59922 bytes)        Liz and Lynn Hattaras SM.JPG (126770 bytes)



                                     Pictures from Family Reunion at Nags Head, N.C., June, 2003.




From David Beedle, November 1st, 2002:


Here are a couple photos of the "boy breakfast" that my dad's always talking about. My son Max, who's 7, thought the boys deserved equal billing, since there's often the occasional "girl breakfast" that my wife, Laura, and her friends have.

I've also attached a shot of Max doing his best "Tony Hawk."


                                          maxjump.JPG (128758 bytes)


                                          boybreakfast (1).JPG (156028 bytes)


Boybreakfast.jpg (from L to R): Dad, Lynn, Jack Keefe and his son Kieran, Lindy, Max, David, Jonathan and Joshua



                                           boybreakfast2.JPG (126569 bytes)

Boybreakfast2.jpg (from L to R): Lynn, Max, Dad




Lynn Provided these photos from the OPAL Awards ceremony that Carol, Dick, Dorothy, Jane, and Alissa attended in late April, 2002.  Lynn was presented with an OPAL Award.


OpalAwDickLynnDorAlySmall.JPG (274419 bytes)   Perhaps the only picture ever of Dick in a tuxedo.

Lynn and at OPAL AwardsSmall.JPG (225899 bytes)  Lynn & unknown associate.

Lynn and Marilyn Monroe    Lynn&MarMonroeSmall.JPG (348830 bytes) 

Lynn & Burt.     Burt & LynnSmall.JPG (332080 bytes)  

And the trip up the coast that followed,


                                            SherryMomJaneLynnSmall.JPG (394672 bytes) Sherry, Carol, Jane & Lynn in Mill Valley


          Sherry   SherrySmall.JPG (313966 bytes)       Carol, Lynn & Jane in Mill Valley   MomLynnJaneSmall.JPG (226449 bytes)


The OPAL Award presented to Lynn in April, 2002:

                                                           U.Lynn OPAl award note (2).JPG (1067693 bytes)


The Lynn & Ella Beedle Clan, Christmas, 2001.


family pic 1 (1).JPG (322214 bytes)          family pic 2 (1).JPG (332404 bytes)

                     First Row (Left to Right):  Evan, Julie, Joshua, Max, Kieran (Keefe)

                 Middle Row:  Helen, Hannah, Edward, Nancy, Laura, Torie, Lindy

                       Seated:  Lynn, Jonathan, Karen, Holly, Chelsea, Ella, David, Sandy, & Lynn Jr.

                     Standing (Back):  Leslie (Keefe), Samantha, Jack (Keefe)




Nag'sHeadSil.JPG (184911 bytes) 

Evening shot from Jockey's Ridge on Nag's Head.

The Lynn Beedle Family "summer home".


LynnBeedle.JPG (481701 bytes)


Lynn on top of building.

  Carol E. & Lynn S..JPG (86644 bytes)

Lynn Simpson and his mother, Carol Beedle.

HelenLynnJonDavid.JPG (669789 bytes)    Helen, Lynn Jr., David and Jonathan.  1961 or so.


Dick and Myrtle Stickel and Ella and Lynn, taken in Norfolk, VA during the war 

when Dick was stationed there for a short time.

LynnCollegeSurveyor.JPG (186671 bytes)  From Lynn's college days.


Lynn's Junior High School Graduation Article.  LynnBeedleJrHighGrad.JPG (127261 bytes)

















                  Biography of Lynn Beedle, Sr.


Lynn S. Beedle (genealogical sketch)


I was born in Orland, California, December 7th, 1917. Lived in Sacramento, San Francisco, Berkeley, Mill Valley, and then to Los Angeles and Hollywood where I attended grade school. Then to Glendale for high school.


Attended U.C. Berkeley (1936-1941) where I studied civil engineering with a minor in architecture.


During WW II I was in the Navy, stationed at PG School at Annapolis, then to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard where I was O-In-C of Underwater Explosions Research (we tested the torpedo-protection spaces of aircraft carriers).


In the second phase of my navy experience, I participated in the atomic bomb tests in Bikini (1946).


In 1947 I came to Lehigh University where I've been ever since, first as an Instructor (doing graduate work and getting PhD in 1952). I was Director of Fritz Engineering Laboratory for 25 years, Director of the Structural Stability Research Council for a similar period, and starting in 1969 I became director of the Council of Tall Buildings  and Urban Habitat. All of these organizations are at Lehigh. Eventually I became what they called a University Distinguished Professor. In 1988 I became Emeritus. As of Dec 31, 00 I finished my duties with CTBUH, then continued as coordinator of the Fazlur Rahman Khan Chair, a work that started in 1982.


On the Beedle side, my father was Granville Leo Beedle, preceded by Charles Wesley Beedle, preceded by

Granville Temple Beedle, preceded by John Beedle (which is as far as Iíve been able to go.


On the Simpson side, my mother was Carol Enid Simpson, preceded by Lynn C. Simpson, Sylvester Confucious Simpson,  Benjamin Simpson (led "our" wagon train from Hannibal, MO to Salem, OR in 1846), William, then Thomas, then Richard,  then Thomas, and finally immigrant Richard (to Maryland in the 1600's).


In 1946, while in the Navy, I married Ella Marie Grimes of Portsmouth, Virginia.


I have 5 children born between 1949 and 1959. Lynn, Jr., Helen, Jonathan, David, and Edward. Fortunately they all live in the area. In turn we have 9 grandchildren. "The lights of our lives." None of the Grandchildren are married  (as of October 2000), but one is engaged.


102 Cedar Rd.

Hellertown, PA 18055

Tel: 610/838-8350

Fax: 610/838-1022

email: lsb0@lehigh.edu





Structural Stability Research Council

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  2000 Annual Technical Session and 

          Meeting, Memphis, TN

The 2000 Annual Technical Session and Meeting was held from July 24-26 in Memphis Tennessee.  A total of 60 attendees presented 32 papers.  These papers will be published in the Session Proceedings and will be available to purchase by December.

The Finance Committee and Executive Committee met on Sunday, July 23 for the spring meeting.  Finance Committee Minutes and Executive Committee Minutes, available in Adobe Acrobat format.

On Monday, 15 task groups met for their annual meetings.  Check back for meeting minutes to be posted.

4 Ph.D. students presented papers for the Sarada M. and Raju A. Vinnakota Award with Mr. Brian Chen, a student of Prof. Joseph Yura receiving the Award. 

A special session, dedicated to Dr. Lynn S. Beedle was held on Monday.  Dr. Beedle was presented the first Lynn S. Beedle Award for lifetime achievement.  The Executive Committee and Beedle Award Committee are busy developing guidelines to make this award a yearly event.

9 members were awarded Life Membership and 10 new Members-at-Large were inducted.

Memphis provided an excellent opportunity for the group to get out of the hotel for socialization.  Members were attracted to Beale Street with its world-famous blues clubs.

Below is a collection of photos from the conference.  Click on the photos to enlarge.  If you attended the conference and have photos that you would like to add to the collection, please send them via email or postal services.


LynnBeedle1956.JPG (358665 bytes)

1956 newspaper article on Lynn Beedle.